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Nazarene Scripture Studies 5 is a collection of important detailed studies that show how we are to walk and to worship today. Read these after the Nazarene Israel study, to understand specific topics.

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Chapters of Nazarene Scripture Studies Vol. 5:

Wanting What Yeshua Wants

Explains why it is so important to want what Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) wants.

Norman Willis – 01/08/2018

How to Walk in the Spirit

Explains in practical terms what it means to walk in the Spirit. References the Hebrew.

Norman Willis – 02/08/2018

Case Study: Incest

This is a case study analysis of what happens in cases of incest in the dispersion, according to the Bible.

Norman Willis – 03/08/2018

Divorce, Remarriage, and Leadership

Explains how divorce and remarriage affect possibilities for leadership, according to the Bible.

Norman Willis – 04/08/2018

Why a Hebrew or Aramaic Inspiration?

This explains from history and the Bible why the Renewed Covenant (New Testament) was written in Hebrew or Aramaic, and then was soon translated to Greek.

Norman Willis – 05/08/2018

Love Means Committed Affection

This article explains what love is, from a Hebraic biblical perspective.

Norman Willis – 06/08/2018

Breathing in the Fear

This article explains why Yeshua the Messiah’s (Jesus Christ’s) favorite practice was to breathe in the fear of Elohim, and the advantages of it.

Norman Willis – 07/08/2018

Differentiating from Babylon

This article shows how to identify Babylonian versions of Christianity, so we can come out of Babylon, as commanded in Revelation 18:4.

Norman Willis – 08/08/2018

Differentiating from Babylon, Part 2

In part one of this article, we saw that Babylon (or Bavel) is a demonic spirit which subjugates the people for the benefit of the elites. We also saw that Babylon is an economic, political, and…

Norman Willis – 09/08/2018

What is “The Way” of Acts 24?

This article explains why “the way” of Acts 24 refers to the halacha, or “the way you should walk.”

Norman Willis – 10/08/2018

The Ahab and Jezebel Spirits

Explains what the Ahab and Jezebel Spirits are, and how to identify them. Also explains how they relate to narcissism.

Norman Willis – 11/08/2018

Building Yeshua’s House

Explains Nazarene Israel’s long term strategic plan for re-establishing the original first century faith worldwide.

Norman Willis – 12/08/2018

What Does Matthew 16:19 Really Say?

Greek scholars tell us that Matthew 16:19 is typically mistranslated because it is translated in the (simple) future tense, instead of the future perfect tense. Here is how Matthew 16:19 (incorrectly) reads in the New King…

Norman Willis – 13/08/2018

The Torah and Garments, Part One

This chapter explains why the Melchizedekian order does not need to wear a uniform, and yet why we still need to wear certain garments that are commanded by the Torah.

Norman Willis – 14/08/2018

The Torah and Garments Part Two: Tzitzit (Tassels)

This chapter explains what Scripture actually says about the tzitzit (tassels). It shows why rabbinical teachings on this subject are in error. It also shows why the Murex Trunculus sea snail dye theory is in error.

Moisés Pérez – 15/08/2018

Answering Questions About Garments

This chapter answers many questions about the ancient Israelite garments, and also suggests how to restore the original styles of four cornered garments that Yeshua wore in the first century.

Norman Willis – 16/08/2018

You Are What You Eat

If you have a car, do you put good quality oil and gas into it? Or bad quality oil and gas? It is kind of a silly question, because most of us realize that if we…

Norman Willis – 17/08/2018

The Torah Diet

Explains from the Bible why it is important to eat healthy, the way our Creator intended.

Norman Willis – 18/08/2018

Head Coverings for Men and Women

This chapter explains what the Renewed Covenant truly says (and does not say) about head coverings for men and women.

Norman Willis – 19/08/2018

Why We Do Not Bind Tefillin

This chapter shows why tefillin (phylacteries) are probably an adopted pagan Greek practice, and why Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) probably did not wear them, and would not approve of them.

Norman Willis – 20/08/2018

Why We Do Not Use the Mezuzah

This chapter explains why the rabbinic mezuzah is most likely an adaptation of the ancient house amulet, and why it is an incorrect application of the metaphorical command to write all of Yahweh’s words and commands…

Norman Willis – 21/08/2018

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