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Read this to understand how Scripture says we are to relate to Yeshua, to our spouses and family members, and also with each other at the assembly level. Also covers divorce and remarriage.

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Chapters of Covenant Relationships:

Imagine Yourself a Prince

Imagine that you and your family are at dinner in your home. A strange man lets himself into your house, sits down at your table, and starts eating your food. When you ask him what on…

Norman Willis – 03/01/2020

Heart of Wisdom

Moshe’s prayer was that Yahweh would teach us to number our days, so we might gain a heart of wisdom. But what did Moshe mean by this? How will numbering our days lead us to gain…

Norman Willis – 04/01/2020

Got Brokenness?

Yahweh commands us to afflict our souls at Yom Kippur. Although there are other methods, most people choose to fulfill this commandment by abstaining from food and water for a day. But is that all Yahweh…

Norman Willis – 05/01/2020

Don’t Quench the Spirit

What does it mean, not to quench the Spirit? Originally, Adam and Havvah (Eve) lived in Yahweh’s favor (grace). However, at first Yahweh did not give mankind His Set-apart Spirit; He only gave man the breath…

Norman Willis – 06/01/2020

Gender Roles in the Kingdom

Yahweh created woman as a corresponding helper to man, and at this time established gender roles for man and woman which we will explore in this study.

Norman Willis – 07/01/2020

Abstinence, Celibacy, and Nazirites

Numbers 6 gives us the instructions (Torah) of the Nazirite—one who is separated from normal daily life to serve Yahweh and His people. In Hebrew the term Nazirite is Nazir (נְזִיר). The first use of the…

Norman Willis – 08/01/2020

Polygyny, Concubines, and Kingship

In ancient times it was considered perfectly acceptable for a king or a wealthy man to have more than one wife. Let us consider the example of Elkanah.

Norman Willis – 09/01/2020

Yahweh’s Heart in Marriage

This chapter explains how Yahweh looks at marriage and divorce, from Scripture. Gives historical reference to the errors in Talmud.

Norman Willis – 10/01/2020

About Forgiveness

Our religion is also a spiritual path. In addition to the physical rites and rituals Yahweh tells us to perform, He also wants us to refine ourselves spiritually. One of the ways He wants us to…

Norman Willis – 12/01/2020

Lashon Hara: The Evil Tongue

Traditional Judaism teaches a doctrine against lashon hara (“La-shone Ha-rah”), or the “evil tongue.” As we will see, if this doctrine is applied in a spirit of love, it can be very good. However, if it…

Norman Willis – 13/01/2020

The Matthew 18 Process

The Matthew 18 process is extremely powerful, and should only be used with the utmost of care. We need to remember that the goal is not to punish, but only to help a sinning brother repent.…

Norman Willis – 14/01/2020

Adultery and Matthew 18

Yeshua tells us that He did not come to do away with even the least part of the Torah (the Laws of Moses). Rather, He says that whoever teaches against even the least of the commandments…

Norman Willis – 15/01/2020

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