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Christianity: The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
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Latest Content

Ancient Hebrew Marriage, Part One

This chapter explains the importance of following the ancient Hebrew model of kingdom marriage.

Why Weaning (and not a Bar Mitzvah)?

This chapter explains the superiority of the ancient Hebrew celebration of childhood weaning, and why it is so preferable to the modern Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

Why We Do Not Use the Mezuzah

This chapter explains why the rabbinic mezuzah is most likely an adaptation of the ancient house amulet, and why it is an incorrect application of the metaphorical command to write all of Yahweh's words and commands on all of our gates.

A set of tefillin
Why We Do Not Bind Tefillin

This chapter shows why tefillin (phylacteries) are probably an adopted pagan Greek practice, and why Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) probably did not wear them, and would not approve of them.

Head Coverings for Men and Women

This chapter explains what the Renewed Covenant truly says (and does not say) about head coverings for men and women.

Answering Questions About Garments

This chapter answers many questions about the ancient Israelite garments, and also suggests how to restore the original styles of four cornered garments that Yeshua wore in the first century.

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Welcome to the new discipleship website. For the next two months we will be adding introductory videos to the front page, which will explain more about the discipleship program. If you are interested to be Yeshua’s disciple, please check back. 

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