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Latest Content

Parasha Mattot/Massei - The Full Armor of Elohim

In parasha Mattot/Massei, we will analyze and take a deep dive into what the specific spiritual pieces of Elohim's armor represent, and how we are meant to apply them in our fight of faith.

Parasha Pinchas - The Virtues and Zeal of Yahweh

In Parasha Pinchas, there two parts that we will analyze, first the zeal demonstrated by Pinchas pertaining to Israel's worshipping of Baal, and the second part with the sermon of the beatitudes, which can be defined as the virtues of Yeshua or Yahweh. And if you’d like to learn more about these two things, and how it’s imperative that we have a proper balance of both, please join me as we study Yahweh’s word.

Parasha Balak - Avoid The Error of Balaam!

The error of Balaam is every where today amongst believers, and this is has led to the perversion of Yahweh's grace and the abandonment of the original faith, if you'd like to learn more, please join us as we study Yahweh's word

Parasha Chukat - The Details Matter

In parasha Chukat, we will overview, what happened at the waters of Meribah with Moshe and Aharon, and as we rundown, what happened, we can, learn from their mistakes so we do not repeat them, because the consequences for such mistakes could prove to be drastic.

Parasha Korach - Pride Will Get You Killed

Parasha Korach, is famous for his rebeliion against Moshe, but why did Korach rebel against Moshe? And was his dissatisfaction with Moshe, or was it with Yahweh? These are questions we will be addressing in this parasha.

Parasha Shelach-Be Strong and Very Courageous

In parasha Shelach, we discuss what it means to be strong and courageous, because we all have giants in our lives that we must conquer, but it's only when we have faith, that we have the strength and the courage to do so

Parasha Beha'alotcha-What is your desire?

In parasha Beha'alotcha, we ask, what is your desire? In this parasha, we analyze and determine what are a good desires and bad desires according to scripture

Parasha Nasso - The Vow of the Nazir

In parasha Nasso, we will study the vow of the Nazir, which is commonly translated as the vow of the Nazirite, and we will analyze many of the profound principles of the vow and how they correlate to being a disciple of Yeshua

Parasha Bemidbar - Building the Body, Building the Army

In Parasha Bemidbar, Yahweh takes the children of Israel from being slaves into their own nation, and today is no different. Yahweh is taking us who were slaves to sin, and forming us into the spiritual nation of Israel, so that in the future we may be the physical nation of Israel.

Parasha Bechukotai - Blessings and Curses!

In parasha Bechukotai, we analyze how it is that the blessings and curses spoken of in scripture apply to us today, and how they tie into Yahweh's plan of redemption for His people.

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