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Latest Content

Parasha Behar: The Year of Jubilee, The Year of Redemption!

In parasha Behar, we analyze, the year of jubilee, the year of redemption, and how this reflects the love, kindness and mercy Yahweh wants us to demonstrate toward one another.

Where Do Rabbis Come From?

Originally, Elohim gave Israel His Torah at Mount Sinai, through His servant Moshe (Moses), and the Levites taught His words to the people, so that all would keep Elohim's laws. Today, the Rabbis now teach the people their opinions, but where did Elohim command this change?

Parasha Emor: Walking in love, requires being Set-Apart

In parasha Emor, we ask the question, are you truly walking out The original faith in love? Because if you are, then you should be walking as Yeshua walked. And Yeshua was Set-Apart. To walk in love, is to obey the torah in The Spirit of Yeshua.

Parasha Kedoshim: Freedom in Messiah, What does it mean?

In parasha Kedoshim, we will sift through the book of Galatians, and determine from the apostle Paul's words, what true freedom in Messiah look like.

Parasha Tazria/Metzora - Spiritual and Physical Purity

In Tazria/Metzora, we will explore the dynamics of how spiritual purity affects physical cleanliness. And if we are focused on Yeshua we can be made pure.

Parasha Shemini-Living Intentionally

In parasha Shemini we will analyze the thought-provoking deaths of Nadab, Abihu, and Uzzah. It is in these examples where scripture unequivocally declares that even with the seemingly boring, and monotonous aspects of our lives, if they are not done with the correct intention and careful consideration for Yahweh's desires, we can yield undesired consequences in our lives.

virgin birth
The Virgin Birth! Wow! Is Yeshayahu 7:14 Possible?

Can Elohim (God) cause a virgin to conceive? Elohim, He who created the heavens and the earth? He who parted the Reed Sea? Who formed man from the dust and woman from Adam’s rib? Is anything too difficult for Him?

Torah Calendar News
Torah Calendar News! (2023)

Nazarene Israel's Torah Calendar News gives important updates for the Hebrew Biblical year. Find updated reports, explanations, and news from the land of Israel, pertinent for the true timing of Rosh HaShanah and all of Yahweh's appointed feasts.

Parasha Tzav-What do the burnt offerings really symbolize?

Have you wondered why Yahweh gave the specifics of the burnt offerings and how they really point to Yeshua? In this week’s parasha Tzav, we will take a deeper dive into last week's study, "Forgiven and covered by Grace" and how the burnt offerings really symbolize deep repentance, trust and faith in Yeshua.

Why Must All Christians Die? (2,000 years after Yeshua-Jesus)

Daniel 9:25 says Mashiach came in the year 3786 (26 CE, 2000 years ago! So, why do Orthodox Jews pray for Christians and non-Orthodox to die, as Yeshua was murdered?

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