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Dear brother or sister, we are called to restore the Tabernacle of David, which has fallen down (Acts 15). For this, we need to hear from true disciples, with true disciples’ hearts (i.e., the fourth kind of soil). We need to work with those who have ALREADY sat down, and counted the cost, and no longer care about their own lives in the world, but have made their greatest desire to do all they can to help build their Husband’s kingdom in truth.

If that is not honestly you, we kindly ask that you use the search tool at the upper right corner of this website to get your questions answered. Our team work to produce studies that will benefit the entire flock. 99% of the questions we receive are answered in the studies, which are all accessilbe for free on the website. Thank you for understanding that our time is very limited, and it is important for us to use the time we do have to properly support those disciples who are ALREADY dedicated to serving our Husband. The harvest is so enormous, and the workers are so few, and we must all study to show ourselves approved.

Due to severe time and budget constraints, we ask everyone please to follow the time-honored principle of asking your questions where you give back to the Great Commission. This will allow us to spend what limited time we have serving the needs of those who are trying to help build our Husband’s unified global kingdom.


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