Chapter 1:

What Was the Original Faith?

Do you want to keep the faith the Messiah taught His apostles to keep? Some people are quick to claim that the Messiah’s disciples were all “Christians,” but is this really what the Biblical record shows? What if the Bible showed that the Messiah and His disciples thought of themselves as Nazarene Israelites, and the […]

Chapter 2:

Why the Same Days of Worship?

The Roman ‘Christian’ calendar tells us that the day begins at midnight (i.e., the ‘witching hour’). Scripture, however, tells us that the day begins at evening. B’reisheet (Genesis) 1:31b 31b So the evening and the morning were the sixth day. Leviticus 23:32 confirms that Yahweh defines a day as lasting from evening to evening (i.e., […]

Chapter 3:

Reclaiming Your Israelite Heritage

After the reigns of Kings David and Solomon, a tragic split took place within the nation of Israel which led to the formation of two separate kingdoms. The nation of Israel has been divided ever since that time, and unless we realize the split that took place we cannot understand the Messiah’s mission to bring […]

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