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The Original Faith is a short introduction to Nazarene Israel. It parallels the first three chapters of the Nazarene Israel study. It is perfect for newcomers who want a short read.

Chapters of The Original Faith:

What Was the Original Faith?

Do you want to keep the faith the Messiah taught His apostles to keep? Some people are quick to claim that the Messiah’s disciples were all “Christians,” but is this really what the Biblical record shows?

Norman Willis – 02/01/2020

Why the Same Days of Worship?

Scripture says that Yahweh will do nothing without telling His servants the prophets. Are you sure you are celebrating the days of worship that the Father left His people? For more information, read this study

Norman Willis – 02/01/2020

Reclaiming Your Israelite Heritage

This is a basic study to discover your heritage in Israel and in the Elohim of Israel and His Son.

Norman Willis – 02/01/2020

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