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In this series, we discuss spiritual issues and matters of the heart related to marital and personal relationships from the point of view of Yeshua and the Torah. Covers topics central to our spiritual walk.

Chapters of Spirituality and Heart Matters:

Accepting Yahweh’s Forgiveness

This chapter talks about the importance of accepting Yahweh’s forgiveness, so that we can extend this forgiveness to others.

Norman Willis – 10/06/2021

Testifying Yahweh’s Forgiveness

In this video we will see that as servants of Elohim, we should not hide our faults. Rather, we must confess our faults to one another and help each other to walk better. This also helps…

Norman Willis – 15/06/2021

When Your Spouse Does Not Believe

This transcribed video shows the biblical roles of husbands and wives, and what to do when we find ourselves unequally yoked in marriage.

Norman Willis – 21/06/2021

Safe With Him

This study is a reminder of how we should all place our trust in Yeshua Messiah, and not loose sight of Him, ever. Many things happen in our lives, and distract us from our abiding relationship…

Norman Willis – 28/06/2021

The Torah and the Testimony

This video (transcript) shows what the true definition of the Torah is (and why most people get it wrong).

Norman Willis – 02/07/2021

Hearing Yahweh’s Voice

This study shows how we are commanded to hear and obey Yahweh’s voice, and also gives practical advice on how we can do that.

Norman Willis – 09/07/2021

The Two Types of Prophecy

This study describes the two different types of prophecy: foretelling (where a prophet foretells the word of Yahweh that is to “come to pass”), and forthtelling (where a prophet speaks words of wisdom from Yahweh), and…

Norman Willis – 16/07/2021

Awake, You Who Sleep!

AWAKE, You Who Sleep! is a “wake up call” which shows how Yeshua expects His people to wake up out of their spiritual slumber, and to work together to build Him a single ministry worldwide, based…

Norman Willis – 23/07/2021

Prophecy and Bodily Unity

This study explains the essential role the gift of prophecy plays in unifying Yeshua’s body, and why it is not possible to unify Yeshua’s body without it.

Norman Willis – 30/07/2021

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