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Nazarene Scripture Studies 6 is a collection of important detailed studies that show how we are to walk and to worship today. Read these after the Nazarene Israel study, to understand specific topics.

Chapters of Nazarene Scripture Studies Vol. 6:

Breathing and His Spirit

Explains the relationship in the Bible between breathing and the Spirit.

Norman Willis – 29/03/2020

Getting Our Prayers Answered

Explains from the Bible how one can make one’s prayers heard and answered better.

Norman Willis – 29/03/2020

Cannabis and the Bible

Explains when and why the Bible says cannabis (marijuana) and other psychoactive substances were used in biblical times.

Norman Willis – 29/03/2020

About Medicine

This explains when and why medicines are acceptable from a Biblical point of view, and when they are not.

Norman Willis – 04/03/2021

Double Mindedness: Schizophrenia

This article explains how biblical “double mindedness” relates to schizophrenia.

Norman Willis – 05/03/2021

Building Your Immune System

This chapter speaks about physical and spiritual factors which can boost your immunity naturally in the end times.

Norman Willis – 06/03/2022

THE Faith Once Delivered

This chapter explains why Yeshua wants us to practice not just any faith in Him, but THE faith in Him, which Scripture identifies as the Israelite sect of the Nazarenes (i.e., Nazarene Israel).

Norman Willis – 07/04/2022

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