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This is an advanced, high-level book of applied theory. Read this book to understand why Melchizedekian priesthood is structured the way it is, and how it relates to the Levitical order.

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Chapters of Torah Government:

Our Husband the Prince

As we saw in Nazarene Israel, Yeshua (Jesus) told us to go into all nations, and make more disciples. This is often called the Great Commission. Mattityahu (Matthew) 28:19-20 19 “Go therefore and make disciples of…

Norman Willis – 01/12/2019

Toward a Torah Government

There are three primary offices (or roles) in Israel: The king (head of the physical army) The priest (head of the spiritual army) The prophet (one who hears from Yahweh) In general, the prophet serves as…

Norman Willis – 02/12/2019

The Levitical Order & its Parallels

In the first chapter we saw that Yahweh’s ultimate goal is for us to spiritually conquer and subdue the earth for His Son. When Yeshua returns, He expects us to hand over the reins of an…

Norman Willis – 03/12/2019

How Yahweh Provides for His Feasts

In the last chapter we saw that Elohim commands us to give a tithe to the priesthood, to fund their work. We may not use any part of the first tithe for ourselves. In this chapter…

Norman Willis – 04/12/2019

How Yahweh Provides for His Poor

Yahweh favors capitalism because it fosters ingenuity, self-reliance, and economic success. But capitalistic societies tend to be hard on the poor. So Yahweh put safeguards in place to make sure that the poor always have a…

Norman Willis – 05/12/2019

The Internal Melchizedekian Order

Earlier we saw how Yahweh took Israel from a single family patriarchy in which all three government offices were filled in house, to a single family patriarchy that gave tithes through Melchizedek. Then we saw how…

Norman Willis – 06/12/2019

Priests, Disciples & Believers

Jeremiah tells us that our hearts are desperately wicked and deceitful. Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 17:9 9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” Our flesh wants to do its desire,…

Norman Willis – 08/12/2019

Yeshua’s Definition of Belief

Imagine it is the first century, and that you are one of the twelve disciples. You have gladly laid down your life in exchange for the privilege of helping Yeshua further His kingdom in any way…

Norman Willis – 09/12/2019

The Unified Melchizedekian Structure

Babylonian governments use pyramidal hierarchies, which normally have a power elite at the top. In contrast, Yeshua told His priesthood that whoever would be great in His kingdom had to make himself the servant of all.…

Norman Willis – 10/12/2019

Yahweh’s Seminal War Strategy

Yahweh is a man of war. Shemote (Exodus) 15:33 “Yahweh is a man of war; Yahweh is His name.” Scripture is the story of how Yahweh made us to worship and serve Him. When an enemy…

Norman Willis – 11/12/2019

Vision and Mission

Phase 1: Establishing the Foundation

Yeshua trained His disciples to lead His spiritual army, and then gave them standing orders to go forth and raise up a worldwide body of disciples for Him. Mattityahu (Matthew) 28:18-20 18 And Yeshua came and…

Norman Willis – 12/12/2019

Phase 2: The Babylonian Foundation

We have learned that a living temple is built on a foundation of apostles and prophets. To do their jobs, the apostles and prophets must put their own thoughts, feelings, and egos aside. They must submit…

Norman Willis – 13/12/2019

Phase 3: The Red Horse Rides

Earlier we saw how the apostles submitted first to the Spirit of Truth, and then to one another in that Spirit. By giving themselves over completely to the Spirit of Truth, the apostles could serve as…

Norman Willis – 15/12/2019

Phase 4: Restoring His Order

Earlier we saw how mankind rebelled against Yahweh. However, Yahweh is not mocked, so He set forth a multi-faceted, multi-phase campaign to bring a remnant of us back into joyful, eager submission to His authority. The…

Norman Willis – 16/12/2019

What the Prophecies & Trends Say

Yeshua wants us to fulfill the Great Commission for Him. This will not be easy, as many factors work against us. As we saw earlier, three Babylonian religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) secretly collaborate to establish…

Norman Willis – 17/12/2019

Why Yahweh Loves Volunteerism

Why does Yahweh love volunteerism? And if we want to be Yeshua’s bride, why do we need to actively volunteer to further the Great Commission as best we can? To answer these questions, let us look…

Norman Willis – 18/12/2019

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