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This book explains the first Passover in Exodus, and also Yeshua's Passover (aka the Last Supper), and how we are to perform the Passover ritual in the dispersion, after Yeshua has risen.

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Chapters of Nazarene Israel Passover Study:

Passover in the Original Covenant

At the time of this writing, Nazarene Israel is in the dispersion. Since neither the Tanach (“Old” Covenant) nor the Brit Chadasha (Renewed Covenant) address what to do in the dispersion, it can be difficult to…

Norman Willis – 03/01/2020

Passover in the Renewed Covenant

In this study we will examine passover in the renewed covenant, as this affects us significantly at the present time.

Norman Willis – 31/01/2020

Passover Seder Recommendations

In this study we give recommendations for the Passover Seder today, showing the differences between Christianity and Orthodox Judaism.

Norman Willis – 05/02/2020

Determining the Passover Dates

We also saw that the first new moon day of the year is called Rosh HaShanah (or the Head of the Year). The Head of the Year is a very special day, because the entire rest…

Norman Willis – 06/02/2020

Ancient Circumcision

Ancient Circumcision (Information only)

Disclaimer: This chapter “Ancient Circumcision” is offered only for information value. It is not offered as medical advice. We strongly recommend that you hire an experienced medical professional for any physical circumcision procedures that might be…

Norman Willis – 06/02/2020

Unleavened Bread Recipes v4.1

A collection of Matzah (Unleavened Bread) Recipes

Norman Willis – 06/02/2020

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