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Read this if you want to understand Revelation in a very simple, easy-to-understand way. It breaks Revelation down, and makes it simple, and shows where we are on the prophetic timeline.

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Chapters of Revelation & the End Times:

Charts of the Revelation Story

Most passages in Revelation belong to a chronological sequence of events, which we call the storyline. We show the storyline in white on the following charts. In addition to the storyline, there are also parenthetical chapters…

Norman Willis – 07/01/2020

The Four Horses of Revelation

Revelation is often thought of as a complicated and hard-to-understand book, but once we understand what we are reading, while the storyline is complex, it is also fairly straightforward. The first key is to realize that…

Norman Willis – 24/01/2020

The Great Shaking at Seal Six

When the fifth seal is opened, the souls of the martyrs under Elohim’s throne are told to wait until the number of their fellow servants and brethren (who would be killed as they were) was completed.

Norman Willis – 25/01/2020

The Anti-Messiah’s Temple

After the nuclear war in the Middle East at seal 6, the UN will probably come in and enforce peace. Jerusalem will be made into an international city. The Temple Mount will likely be given to…

Norman Willis – 25/01/2020

The 144,000 and the Great Multitude

After the nuclear conflict at seal 6, there are 144,000 believers sealed (i.e., protected from harm) from all the tribes of Israel. Hitgalut (Revelation) 7:1-8 1 After these things I saw four angels standing at the…

Norman Willis – 26/01/2020

The First Four Trumpets

Earlier we showed why there will likely be an engineered nuclear war at seal 6. The purpose of this war is to convince people to support a one world order (and a one world religion), in…

Norman Willis – 26/01/2020

Trumpets Five and Six

Men do not repent during the first four trumpets. Therefore, Yahweh has to turn up the heat. This is why the last three trumpets (5, 6, and 7) are all described as woes.

Norman Willis – 26/01/2020

The Two Witnesses

Before we read about the third woe (trumpet 7) and the cup judgments it introduces, we will meet Yahweh’s two witnesses. They minister during all three woes (trumpets 5, 6, and 7). This is also called…

Norman Willis – 26/01/2020

Trumpet 7: The Turning Point

Sadly, many of us will die before we reach trumpet 7. Yet if we make it that far, trumpet 7 is the turning point. That is when Babylon falls, and Yahweh’s government is set up.

Norman Willis – 27/01/2020

Revelation 12: Israel in the Wilderness

Chapters 12 through 15 are inset chapters that will give us more information about detailed topic areas. When we rejoin the storyline in chapter 16, we will be able to make better sense of the story.…

Norman Willis – 27/01/2020

The Five Beasts of Daniel

As we will see, a beast is a Babylonian empire system. Revelation 13 will introduce us to several beasts which also show up in the book of Daniel. Since it is essential that we know who…

Norman Willis – 27/01/2020

The Beasts of Revelation 13

In the last chapter we saw how King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed of a statue which represented a series of five empires (Babylon, Medea-Persia, Greece, and Rome), with the final empire being a spiritual one (Christianity and Islam…

Norman Willis – 27/01/2020

The Mark and Number of the Beast

We also saw a governmental beast (representing the UN) coming up from the land. The UN will tell all those who dwell on the earth (or perhaps all who dwell in the land of Israel) to…

Norman Willis – 27/01/2020

The 144,000 and the Grapes of Wrath

Revelation 14 describes three harvests. First comes the harvest of the 144,000 (the firstfruits). Then comes the grain harvest. Finally comes the grape harvest. These latter two harvests may also be the harvest of the great…

Norman Willis – 27/01/2020

The Cup Judgments

While the seals play out over hundreds of years, and the tribulation takes approximately seven years, the bowls are poured out in about 30 days. We might visualize a fireworks display which starts slowly, builds, and…

Norman Willis – 28/01/2020

The Harlot’s Judgment

We can better understand how end time events play out, if we realize that the material world is a reflection of the spiritual world. Things first take place in the spiritual, and then over time they…

Norman Willis – 28/01/2020

Come Out of Her, My People

Revelation 18:2 tells us that Babylon the great is fallen. As we have learned, this takes place in the heavens at trumpet 7. However, it takes time for this to play out on earth.

Norman Willis – 28/01/2020

Armageddon: The Wedding Feast

Earlier we saw that Babylon is judged at trumpet 7, and then her punishments are poured out during the cups. At cup 6, three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouths of the dragon…

Norman Willis – 28/01/2020

About the Rapture

Scripture does teach the concept of a rapture, but what Scripture teaches is very different from what the popular culture teaches. To know what the rapture truly is (and isn’t), let us study this term, both…

Norman Willis – 28/01/2020

The Ingathering and the Millennium

In Revelation 19, we saw how Yeshua arrives with His army of saints at Armageddon, and then smites the armies of Gog and Magog. Now, in Revelation 20, a messenger (angel) comes down from heaven, binds…

Norman Willis – 28/01/2020

The Second War of Gog and Magog

In Revelation 16, Babylon fell, and three unclean spirits like frogs came from the mouths of the dragon (Satan), the beast, and the false prophet. These three spirits then went to marshal all of the armies…

Norman Willis – 28/01/2020

The Judgment and the New Earth

In the last chapter we saw that Yeshua comes back to earth at the end of the millennium (about the 7,000 year mark). After He destroys the armies of Gog and Magog a second time, He…

Norman Willis – 28/01/2020

The Flock and Her Shepherds

The Revelation story has given us a rich perspective from which we can analyze the trends affecting us today. Yet, to see the big picture and analyze the trends most effectively, let us review from the…

Norman Willis – 29/01/2020

Avoid the Early Ingathering

There may be what we call the Early Ingathering to the land of Israel. This Early Ingathering will consist of a group of believers who go home too soon who, for one reason or another, mistakenly…

Norman Willis – 29/01/2020

The Dry Bones and the Two Trees

Ezekiel 37 contains two prophecies over the return of the house of Ephraim (Israel). In the first half of Ezekiel 37, the house of Ephraim is revived from a valley of dry bones. (In the following…

Norman Willis – 29/01/2020

Restricted content

At the time of this writing in 2019, the world has seen an attempt to restore an Islamic Caliphate (or an Islamic State) in the Middle East.

Norman Willis – 29/01/2020

Fear Yahweh, and Him Only

The tribulation is on the way. World leaders are openly advocating a new world order and a one world religion. Yet in all of this, our Elohim tells us not to fear any conspiracy, so long…

Norman Willis – 29/01/2020

America, Land of Babylon

Genesis 49:26 tells us that Joseph’s descendants were to occupy the richest of all the lands. However, this land was also to be attacked and bitterly grieved by archers. As we will see in a moment,…

Norman Willis – 29/01/2020

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