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Set-Apart Communities: Part 1

In this 12-part series, we discuss what set-apart communities are, the history of set-apart communities in Scripture, and why set-apart communities remain a very important thing for us and our families today. At this time in history, there are many of the house of Judah and the house of Ephraim living out in the Dispersia, under a Babylonian rule. And even the land of Israel, in its current state, is under a state of Babylonian government system. This means that the majority of Yahweh’s people, whether ‘scattered’ throughout the nations or living in the land of Israel, are all living daily life under Babylonian authorities. And this creates an obstacle in our daily walks with Elohim.

Importance of set-apart communities

Yahweh’s plan for mankind has always been for man to be His family. And He created man with social tendencies. In general, we are social beings who seek social relationships with others. And Yahweh provided a land for our Israelite ancestors where they (all 12 tribes) could live set-apart lives unto Him as His people and as a set-apart nation.

The problem is that our ancestors were unfaithful to the Elohim of Avraham, Yitzak, and Yaakov. And as a consequence, our Jewish ancestors were taken away into Babylonian exile and our Israelite ancestors into disperision, which is where many of us remain until the ingathering. And living in exile or dispersion causes a conflict that many of Yahweh’s people struggle with.

Because we are still social beings, but we are no longer in a set-apart nation where social relationships are all centered around Elohim. Rather, we are now faced with the dilemma of how to live and interact in the world without becoming part of the world. If you have ever wondered, how do Yahweh’s people do that? You are not alone.

We have received many questions from Nazarene Israelites about how to apply biblical standards to their every-day life. For example, how does one make biblical relationships in Yahweh when they are living among people of other beliefs and practices? How does one function with the Babylonian system and the people he/she encounters while remaining set-apart in Elohim? How do parents raise their children in a world of diverse beliefs, practices, and Babylonian systems while faithfully raising their children in the ‘way that is right’ before Yahweh? How do parents help their children build spiritually healthy relationships in Yahweh?

And how do we maintain the standards in our daily walks that are pleasing unto Yahweh while living in an environment where that type of walk is a minority? In other words, how do we retain a set-apart lifestyle while in the midst of other religions?

Nazarene Israel has many studies on how to walk out the original faith in our daily lives. And while Nazarene Israelites are scattered all over the globe, it is important to know that we are not alone in the original faith. Many have questions about how to apply the original faith to their daily life. And we believe that knowing about set-apart communities is going to help clarify these things. This is a very, very important teaching and it will be a very important series.

Things discussed in Set-Apart Communities part 1

What is the meaning of the name “Philedelphia” and why is it important for set-apart communities?

Where are we in the Revelation and End-time prophetic period? (For more on this topic specifically, please watch Revelation Simplied or read Revelation and the End Times.)

What is the meaning of Daniel 12:7, and why will set-apart communities be important during this prophetic time period?

How to know that the leadership of your set-apart community is teaching Yahweh’s truths. (For more on leadership, please read Torah Government and Beit Din Structure.)

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