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Selecting Elders Part 1

Selecting Elders part 1 is the first of a two-part sub-series in our Set-Apart Community series. In this part, we want to talk about one of the central keys of establishing Yeshua’s kingdom globally. And how leadership is a large part of establishing Yeshua’s global kingdom the right way.

One Body

The priesthood is what ties all the congregations together worldwide. Because just like a physcial body, you cannot have a spiritual body all moving in different directions, every member doing it’s own thing. And having different leaders all doing different things is why there is so much fragmentation in Yeshua’s body today (something that should never be). In Selecting Elders part one, we want to talk about the selection requirements for righteous (Yahweh-obedient) congregational elders.

Because without the congregational elders there really is nothing to tie set-apart communities together worldwide. And if the congregational elders are not walking right before Elohim, then the congregation is not going to have the necessary leadership to walk right before Elohim. It is the righteous congregational elders that truly build Yeshua’s kingdom, and without righteous congregational elders, effectively, Yeshua’s kingdom does not get built.

Importance of selecting elders

Early in this series, we learned about the duck test and why it is so important to differentiate between set-apart communities (and leadership) that walk out Yahweh’s commandments in truth, and a counterfeit look-alike. Both the Tanakh (OT) and the Brit Chadasha (NT) describe false teachers, and warnings about spiritual wolves (Acts 20:28-30) who would teach doctrines of men rather than sound doctrine (2 Timothy 4:3-4), and that many would be drawn away after them.

This is why it is so vitally important for the Priesthood to select the right leaders over set-apart communities, following how Spirit directs and what the Scripture says. Because while it may take several dedicated leaders to gather a flock, it only takes one wrong leader to lead a flock astray. And where the shepherd goes, the sheep follow.

Qualifications for elders

The Priesthood is responsible for choosing congregational leaders. In turn, congregational elders must also know how to correctly select leadership under their own supervision. And in turn, all leadership is responsible for guiding the flock in the way that is right.

We have all heard the joke about what happens when everyone stands in a long line. And the first person passes a message along to the next person. Once you reach the end of the line, the message is often very different from the message the first person told. This gives an idea of how important it is to choose the right elders, who are all listening and obeying in the Spirit, in order to build Yeshua’s global kingom the one and only way He desires it to be built. Because if all the leaders are listening and obeying in the Spirit, the message will remain the same. In this section, we will talk all about qualifications for selecting elders.

Listening and obeying in the Spirit

There are two main factors in how the Priesthood selects elders. One necessity is for the priesthood to listen and obey in the Spirit at all times. Even if a person seems right for the role in every logical way, the priesthood should never select someone for a leadership role if the Spirit is directing otherwise. It is also important to follow the qualifications listed in Scripture. While someone may have all well-meaning intent, there may still be areas of their life in which that person must have further spiritual growth before being qualified for leadership.

We will talk about all of these things and more in this video on Selecting Elders part 1, as well as in our following segments, “Selecting Elders part 2“, and “Selecting Deacons“.

An Important Role

Again, sheep follow a shepherd. And in order to grow Yeshua’s global kingdom the way He wants it, it is vitally important for the priesthood and all leadership to select other leadership wisely and carefully, in the Spirit. Leadership is an exemplar, challenging, service-oriented job. It takes total and complete dedication. First and primarily to Yahweh Elohim, and then also to Elohim’s people. If you want to know more about how the priesthood selects elders specifically, this sub-series is for you.

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