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divine name
This series shows the true names of the Father and the Son, explained from the Hebrew. It is recommended to understand the meaning of the Name of our Elohim and of our Messiah.

Chapters of The Divine Names Yahweh and Yeshua:

divine name

The Divine Name

In this study on the divine name, we will discuss how to pronounce Elohim’s name, what Scripture says about using the diven name versus man’s traditions, and why using substittutions in place of the diven name…

Norman Willis – 21/12/2023

Messiah's name

The Messiah’s Name v1

This video explains how the Jewish Messiah’s name is both spelled and pronounced, including the Hebrew and Greek references. And if you find this topic of interest, you may also want to watch our study on…

Norman Willis – 21/12/2023

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