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In this series of videos we will address basic topics, such as why to give, as well as updates on Nazarene Israel and our work.

Chapters of Discipleship the Kingdom and You:

Beit Din structure, Five-Fold ministry, Torah government, kingdom structure

The Beit Din Structure

“The Beit Din Structure” shows us how ancient Israel was organized both before and after Yeshua’s coming–and it asks if we are organized the same way today.

Norman Willis – 15/12/2023

tithes, the three tithes, tithe system, discipleship

Why Three Tithes For Today?

This video shows why, as disciples, we should be keeping the whole Torah (including the tithe). We show that a disciple is someone attempting to truly be conformed to Yeshua’s walk and to do everything the…

Norman Willis – 15/12/2023

The Third tithe

The Third Tithe For Our Poor

“The third Tithe for Our Poor” talks about why the third tithe described in Devarim (Deuteronomy) chapter 26 and Ma’asei (Acts) 6 is still an important and vital commandment for today, in order to take care…

Norman Willis – 15/12/2023

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