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Why Three Tithes For Today?

“Why Three Tithes For Today” is the second segment in our video series Discipleship, the Kingdom, and You. In this series, we are talking about how to scripturally define discipleship, and why as disciples, we should be keeping the whole Torah (including the tithe). We will explain how the majority of ministries today incorrectly apply discipleship as simply believing in Mashiach Yeshua, often choosing which parts of Torah to keep. We show why this is not an accurate application of discipleship. And why we define a disciple as someone who is attempting to truly be conformed to Yeshua’s walk and to do everything that the Torah says to do.

Defining Discipleship

People usually get excited to hear about the benefits the kingdom offers to them, and what promises are given to them. And it is generally easy to get people to keep commandments that they enjoy. For example, believers generally like to rest and read on the Shabbat, because it feeds them and gives them rest. But is that true discipleship? And what about all of the other things Yahweh commands His people to do? Is it okay to pick and choose which Torah commandments make us feel good, and to do away with the rest?

In this series, we will talk about what is expected with true discipleship, and how real discipleship means being committed to doing everything that the Torah says. We will specifically talk about the tithe, which is usually either ignored or misused in ways that Yahweh never desired. And the true purpose of the tithe system in establishing Yeshua’s kingdom.

We will see that real discipleship requires a much deeper commitment and a more sacrificial lifestyle. Because it is no longer about us and what we get. Instead, it becomes about servant-leadership and about centering our lives around Elohim and the things He wants. And how caring for one another in the body is part of establishing Yeshua’s kingdom on earth.

Spiritual growth leads to discipleship

Just as we all begin as newborn babies, (and someone else feeds, cleans, and cares for us) this is also how we each begin in our spiritual walk.

As we grow older in a physical sense, we begin to take care of our own responsibilities, and then responsibilities that help support others. And eventually, once we reach adulthood, it becomes our job to now take care of others who are not able to take care of themselves. We take care of the elderly, and we take care of children.

The same kind of growth takes place in the spiritual realm. First, as newborn infants in the Scripture, somebody else is feeding us, cleaning us, and taking care of us. But as we learn and grow spiritually, we need to come to the place where we are learning to take care of others. When we begin to take care of others the commandments take on whole new importance and a whole new form. And, as we will see, Yahweh’s Torah shows implements the way to provide for all kingdom needs, through the tithe system.

Is the Torah (and the tithe) done away with?

Some groups teach that the Torah is completely done away with. Other groups believe that the Torah still applies, but that we can pick and choose the parts we want to keep, and ‘do away with’ the parts we do not want. We will see that people will often keep the parts of Torah that benefit them, and ‘do away with’ the parts of Torah that do not seemingly benefit them, such as the tithe. In this video, we will discuss the problem with selecting what parts of Yahweh’s Torah to keep, and the effects that has on building Yeshua’s kingdom the way He wants it.

The tithe and a global, unified kingdom

We will also talk about the problem with the Messianic Model, as well as specifically the Prosperity Doctrine Model. And how these types of ministries corrupt the use of the tithe, using it to grow their own kingdoms, rather than for the purpose that Yahweh Elohim established. We will explain why, if we are not helping to build a unified, global ministry kingdom for Yeshua, the way He wants it built, then we are actually working against Him, building aternate kingdoms that He has not asked for.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd tithes

Additionally, we will explain the specific purpose for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tithe. We will see why Yahweh’s tithe system is part of His plan on how to care for His people as a nation, as well as how to build His Son’s kingdom the way He wants it built. And how, when applied correctly and put to correct use, the 3 tithes provide for those ministering in Elohim’s global, unified kingdom, those of the body in need, and the entire nation of Israel.

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