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This video series deals with how we are to govern ourselves, both in the land of Israel and in the dispersion following Yahweh's commandments. It pertains to relationships in the land and in the dispersion, and leadership issues.

Chapters of Set-Apart Communities:

set-apart communities

Set-Apart Communities: Part 1

Set-apart Communities Part 1 talks about how set-apart communities are an integral part of the Great Commission, and establishing Yeshua’s kingdom worldwide. This first part is an overview of the subject, to prepare for more in-depth…

Norman Willis – 01/10/2021

set-apart communities part 2, leadership, global unified kingdom

Set-Apart Communities Part 2

In Set-Apart Communities Part 2, we answer important viewer’s questions about what the requirements of set-apart communities look like, and how they play out in specific cases.

Norman Willis – 08/10/2021

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Am I My Brother’s Keeper? helps answer questions about set-apart community. But in order to answer those questions, we first need to understand the spirit behind set-apart community. Because there is a certain Spirit of Elohim…

Norman Willis – 15/10/2021

Matthew 18 process

The Matthew 18 Process: Part 1

“The Matthew 18 Process, Part 1” is part four in our series on set-apart communities. It talks about what Scripture says to do, for when a fellow disciple falls into sin and must either voluntarily correct…

Norman Willis – 22/10/2021

Matthew 18

The Matthew 18 Process Part 2

In The Matthew 18 Process, Part 2, we explore the importance of speaking the truth in love when helping a brother or a sister repent of their sin and turn back to Elohim.

Norman Willis – 29/10/2021

Matthew 18 and Adultery

Matthew 18 and Adultery Part 1

Matthew 18 and Adultery Part 1 explains the principles and precepts of set-apart Hebraic community relationships and how set-apart communities should be organized. It explains how to deal with adultery in Israel under the Levitical order…

Norman Willis – 05/11/2021

Matthew 18 and Adultery Part 2

Matthew 18 and Adultery Part 2

In Matthew 18 and Adultery Part 2, we show how cases of adultery are to be handled when we live in the land of Israel, under the Levitical order. This information will show us how to…

Norman Willis – 12/11/2021

Matthew 18 and Adultery Part 3

Matthew 18 and Adultery Part 3

In Matthew 18 and Adultery Part 3, we show how cases of adultery are to be handled when we live in the dispersion, under the Melchizedekian order. This information shows us how to handle cases of…

Norman Willis – 19/11/2021

selecting elders

Selecting Elders Part 1

In Selecting Elders part one, we discuss how important it is to select congregational elders who have a heart to do everything according to Elohim’s word.

Norman Willis – 26/11/2021

Selecting Elders Part 2

Selecting Elders Part 2

In Selecting Elders part 2, we discuss the selection requirements the apostolic priesthood uses to select righteous congregational elders.

Norman Willis – 03/12/2021

Selecting Deacons

Selecting Deacons (part 1)

“Selecting Deacons” is the eleventh chapter of our Set-Apart Communities series. In “Selecting Deacons”, we want to talk about the selection requirements that congregational elders use to select deacons who serve the people. And it is vitally important…

Norman Willis – 10/12/2021

End-Time Concerns

End-Time Concerns

End-Time Concerns speaks to the various threats and challenges that the New World Order will throw our way, and why it is important to overcome them as a team (so that we can build Yeshua’s kingdom).

Norman Willis – 17/12/2021

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