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Matthew 18 and Adultery Part 2

“Matthew 18 and Adultery part 2” is the second segment in the 3-part mini-series, inside the larger video series Set-Apart Communities. In this series, we have been talking all about set-apart communities, what they are, why are they so very important, and why Elohim effectively expect us all to live in set-apart community and to partake of the activities of a set-apart-community.

One of the things that we have seen is that when human beings live in community, there is a definite need for order and the application of Elohim’s laws. Yeshua gives us a specific process for this called the Matthew 18 Process. In “Matthew 18 and Adultery Part 2”, we are going to take a look and see how the Matthew 18 Process is utilized under the Levical order (inside the land of Israel), specifically in cases of adultery.

Then, in the next segment “Matthew 18 and Adultery part 3” we will see how the Matthew 18 process is utilized under the Melchizedekian order (outside the land of Israel, in the dispersion), specifically in cases of adultery.

Building Yeshua’s global unified kingdom

In the previous segment on “Matthew 18 and Adultery part 1”, we saw that just as the physical or the nuclear family is considered to be the basic building block of secular society, so are set-apart communities considered to be the basic building blocks of Elohim’s Kingdom. And that by living in set-apart communities, we effectively help to build Yeshua’s Kingdom. That is why it is Elohim’s will for us to live in set-apart communities.

How set-apart communities work

Set-apart communities work by the local servant eldership conducting evangelization and outreach to the local outside community, which attracts those who respond to the word. And then working together, they continue to evangelize and conduct outreach to the local community. In this way, servant eldership provides a rich spectrum of services to the local community.

But then, there is also a need to tie all the assemblies together globally because this is what makes Elohim’s Kingdom. (Several fragmented communities all doing their own thing does not build Yeshua’s global unified kingdom. It is necessary to have global coordination.)

Not only do the assemblies need to be linked together globally, but they also need to be ordered appropriately, both globally and especially at the local level. We know this because Yahweh tells us that he is an Elohim of order and not of disorder.

Qorintim Aleph (1 Corinthians) 14:33
33 For Elohim is not the author of confusion but of shalom, as in all the assemblies of the saints.[There is no way to get shalom unless we keep to His order.]

Working together at the eldership level and also at the priesthood level is going to become even more important after the tribulation, after Armageddon and the ingathering, once our global headquarters is relocated to Jerusalem. Because this network is going to be part of how we are to rule and reign over the nations with Yeshua’s rod of iron.

Matthew 18 and Adultery under Levitical order

The specifics of how we walk out the Torah can change depending on whether we are living inside the land of Israel (under the Levitical Order), or whether we live outside the land of Israel (under the Melchizedekian Order). While the specifics can change, the principles and the precepts remain the same, both inside and outside the land of Israel, under both the Levitical and the Melchizedekian Order.

One of the principles that remains the same, both in and outside the land, is that the camp needs to remain pure. Meaning, anytime sin is encountered, it needs to be put outside the camp, so that there can be a safe environment to raise families and to keep the camp pure.

Torah under Levitical order vs Melchizedekian order

The only thing that changes between the Levitical Order and the Melchizedekian Order is the way that we put sin outside the camp. We will take a look at some of the following topics.

Inside the land of Israel (Levitical order)
  • Sin is put outside the camp through stoning (or at least, that is the rule of the judges).
  • Yahweh holds at very high standards if we are born into the nation of Israel.
  • Four degrees of separation exist.
Outside the land of Israel (Melchizedekian order, in the dispersion)
  • In renewed covenant times, outside the land of Israel, sin is put outside the camp through expulsion and then shunning.

We will talk in more detail about what takes place outside the land of Israel in the next chapter, “Matthew 18 and Adultery, Part 3”. But for the rest of “Matthew 18 and adultery part 2” we will focus on what takes place inside the land of Israel under Levitical Order.

We hope “Matthew 18 and Adultery part 2” was a blessing for someone. Click here to go to “Matthew 18 and Adultery part 1 and part 3”

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