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About the Barley

Talking About the Barley with Messianic Sister Becca Biderman

“Talking About the Barley” was a recorded talk with Messianic sister Becca Biderman, who lives in Israel, and has been researching the barley intensely. Ideally we want at least two (or ideally three) witnesses to the…

Norman Willis – 15/12/2023

SHATTERED Barley in Migdala

Becca Biderman: SHATTERED Barley in Migdala (19 March 2021)

SHATTERED Barley in Migdala: On 19 March 2021, some 16 days before the Karaite Wave Sheaf Offering date, sister Becca Biderman inspected a barley field near Migdala, Israel. Much of the barley was already shattered and…

Norman Willis – 15/12/2023

Becca Biderman's Barley field, aviv barley, Rosh HaShanah, Torah Calendar, Firstfruits calendar

Video Interview: Becca Biderman’s Barley Field Confirmed. 24 December 2020

This is an interview video with barley inspector Becca Biderman. In this interview, we will confirm aviv barley in Becca Biderman‘s barley field near Poriya Illit, Israel. (And we will explain why we do not believe…

Norman Willis – 15/12/2023

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