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This Video Serie explains how Scripture says to establish the head of the year. The key is to offer the very first available firstfruits of aviv (medium dough) barley on the day of the Wave Sheaf Offering.

Chapters of Establishing the Head of the Year:

Aviv Barley, anti-messiah, Rosh HaShanah, Yeshua our firstfruits, Karaite doctrine, leaven of the sadducees,

Aviv Barley Simplified

Aviv Barley Simplified explains why we should declare the new moon of the aviv when we know we will be able to bring a sheaf of aviv barley to the priesthood 15-21 days after the first…

Norman Willis – 24/04/2021

First Fruits? Or False Fruits

First Fruits? Or False Fruits?

In “First Fruits? Or False Fruits?” we explain why the Wave Sheaf Offering should consist of the very first full sheaf of barley that comes ripe in the land of Israel. We also explain why Yahweh…

Norman Willis – 30/04/2021

Deuteronomy 16:9

Let’s Not Break Deuteronomy 16:9

The video “Let’s Not Break Deuteronomy 16:9” is part of the Establishing the Head of the Year series. It explains why we should not use the Aviv Karaite barley sightings to declare Rosh HaShanah (the head…

Norman Willis – 07/05/2021

where is spring commanded

Where is Spring Commanded?

“Where is Spring Commanded?” explains how four calendar systems (the Rabbinic Jewish, the Equinox, the Lunar Sabbath, and the Karaite calendars) all want to begin their calendar year after the Spring Equinox–and how this requirement does…

Norman Willis – 14/05/2021

The Equinox

Where is the Equinox Commanded?

“Where is the Equinox Commanded?” shows how the equinox is not found in Scripture. And why many Karaites and Messianic believers are unwittingly practicing sun worship by “waiting for spring” before keeping the Passover, even when…

Norman Willis – 21/05/2021

Josephus, the Talmud and the Omer

Josephus, the Talmud and the Omer

“Josephus, the Talmud and the Omer” is part 6 of the Establishing the Head of the Year series. It explores why Josephus disagrees with the Talmud regarding the Wave Sheaf Offering (or the Omer), as well…

Norman Willis – 28/05/2021

harvestable fields

The Error of Harvestable Fields

This video explains the error of havestable fields doctrine. It is part of the video series Establishing the Head of the Year. And in this section, we explain how the (Karaite) doctrine of “Harvestable Fields” is…

Norman Willis – 04/06/2021

Did Ancient Israelites QUALIFY Their Barley Fields?

Did Ancient Israelites QUALIFY Their Barley Fields?

The video “Did Ancient Israelites QUALIFY Their Barley Fields?” shows how some Messianic aviv barley search groups follow a false doctrine of “qualifying their barley fields”, and why this doctrine is wrong.

Norman Willis – 11/06/2021

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