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Set-Apart Communities Part 2

Set-Apart Communities part 2 is the second part of our 12-part series. In this series, we discuss what set-apart communities are, the history of set-apart communities in Scripture, and why set-apart communities remain a very important thing for us and our families today. At this time in history, there are many of the house of Judah and the house of Ephraim living out in the diaspora, under a Babylonian rule. And even the land of Israel, in its current state, is under a state of Babylonian government system.

This means that the majority of Yahweh’s people, whether ‘scattered’ throughout the nations or living in the land of Israel, are all living daily life under Babylonian authorities. And many Nazarenes want to know how they can live set-apart lives unto Yahweh’s while in the midst of the Babylonian systems we currently live in. And that is what this set-apart communities series is all about.

Set-Apart Communities Part One Recap

In part 1 of this 12-part series we discussed the “duck test”. What is the duck test? The duck test is when you have a specific thing, and you want to determine whether or not that thing is genuine or whether it is a counterfeit (or a substitution).

And the way one determines whether that thing is genuine or counterfeit can be referred to as the duck test, because if something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is probably a duck. But if that thing walks only a little bit like a duck, and does not sound exactly like a duck, but something is a little bit different, then it is probably not a duck (even if it looks or sounds very similar).

Duck Test and set-apart communities

Why is the duck test important for set-apart communities? Today, just as Scripture foretold, there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing. There was a great falling away from the original faith (Jude 3), which eventually led to many different versions of look-alike faiths today, especially in the Christian world. And there are many Christian ministries that might look similar to the true faith, but the reality is much different from the faith that Yeshua HaMashiach and His disicples taught in the first century.

And that is why the duck-test (or as 1 John 4 calls it, testing the spirit) is so important. Because if we want to be in a set-apart community that is truly walking in Yahweh’s commandments and listening to and obeying His voice, then we need to know how to recognize a truly set-apart community (and truly set-apart leadership) from a counterfeit. We will talk all about how to recognize a true set-apart community in this chapter of set-apart communities part 2, as well as in later sections.

Purpose for set-apart communities

We are hoping to establish set-apart communities around the world, in order to help people both survive the end-times and also fulfill the will of our Father in Heaven and His Son. Once we understand the role of the set-apart community, we then realize just how important it is to live in a set-apart community, and that it is Yahweh’s will for His people.

So if we want to please Him and to be found pleasing on the day of judgment, this is something we need to do. As we study more and more into this topic, we will find that set-apart community (like the two houses or the ancient Hebrew wedding ceremony) is a topic built right into Scripture. Or ‘baked right into the cake’, so to speak.

Things discussed in Set-Apart Communities part 2

Is the faith that many Christians practice really the faith once delivered to the saints (by Yeshua and His first-century disciples)? How do we really know?

Should not the faith once delivered to the saints look like the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints? (Should our walk pass the duck test?)

What types of set-apart communities are found in Scripture?

What type of leadership should exist in set-apart communities, and what is the role of each leadership role?

We will talk about these topics and more here in Set-Apart Communities part 2.

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