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When Priesthoods Change

Do we know what happens when priesthoods change? Do we know that when priesthoods change, the way we celebrate Yahweh’s feasts also changes? And that this is why we keep the Passover differently today (under the Melchizedekian order) than when we are in the land of Israel (under the Levitical order), or when we first left Egypt (and there was no priesthood). Join us for this segment in the Feast of the First Month video series as we explain what happens when priesthoods change.

Keeping Yahweh’s feasts

A lot of people do not know how to celebrate the feasts or why to celebrate them. And it is a problem because there are all these different voices out there. There are a whole lot of people teaching things that are either passed down through certain sects of Christianity or simply through gentile misunderstandings of the feasts.

And then you have other things that are taught from the rabbinic aspect. There is a lot of bad scholarship, a lot of confusing voices out there, and a lot of people trying to drink from every fountain. And people do not understand that if you are going to drink from polluted waters then you are going to get sick.

So, here in Nazarene Israel, we are trying to explain to people what to do with the feasts. We are trying to explain how to keep the Torah, how to please Yahweh, and how to please Yeshua.

Melchizedekian Order in Dispersion

In this study we want to show how the feasts have changed over time. From the time when Israel had no priesthood, then through the Firstborn priesthood, then Israel coming under an organized Levitical Order, and then to now under an organized Melchizedekian Order.

We will see that, today, we have what is called the Melchizedekian Pesach, the Passover that we are supposed to keep when we are in the dispersion, under Yeshua’s renewed Melchizedekian Order. That is distinct from the Passover feast that you would keep if you were in Jerusalem going up to the feast three times a year under Levitical Order. And it is also distinct from what they did for the very first Pesach in Egypt when there was not any priesthood.

We are going to see that the reason it is different is that the priesthood changed each time. And whenever the priesthood changes the feasts also change because the priesthoods are all different. So, we want to talk about what happens when the priesthoods change, how that affects the Passover, and how you as a believer in Messiah Yeshua should celebrate the Passover under Yeshua’s renewed Melchizedekian priesthood if you want to please Him.

The true definition of the Torah

When we suggest that the priesthood has changed some people freak out. They call you a heretic or all sorts of names because they do not understand what the Torah is. Most people have a misunderstanding of what the word Torah means, what it is, and how it is actually applied. We are going to talk about a lot of things. We are going to talk about what the Torah is and how the Torah differs from most people’s conceptions.

Ivrim (Hebrews) 7:11-12
11 Therefore, if perfection were through the Levitical priesthood (for under it the people received the Torah), what further need was there that another priest should rise according to the order of Melchizedek, and not be called according to the order of Aharon?
12 For the priesthood being changed, of necessity there is also a change of the Torah.

The Torah Goverment

Now, there is an old saying that if you do not know where you are and you do not know where you have come from then you are for all practical purposes lost. So, if you really want to know where we are now, where we have come from, and where we are going then I would encourage you to get a copy of the study The Torah Government. This book will help you see the trends.

But some of the things that we saw in The Torah Government is that there have been several priesthoods and several changes of priesthoods contained in the Torah of Moshe. There are plenty of instructions for the Levites from Exodus onward, specifically Leviticus onward, but it is more than just that because we also have other priesthoods contained in the Torah.

What changes happen when priesthoods change?

As we show in other studies, Yahweh’s precepts and specifics to commandments are two different things. And while Yahweh’s precepts never change, the specifics of the commandments can change, depending on the type of priesthood we are under. We are going to see several examples of how the specifics of the Passover have changed during each of these times:

  1. The first Pesach of Exodus 12, in Eygpt, with no priesthood.
  2. Under the Levitical priesthood while there was a Tabernacle
  3. Since Yeshua’s renewed Melchizedekian Order, when there is no cleansed Temple and the sacrifical law is dormant.

True purpose of the Torah

Yahweh is gives us His Torah to raise us up as His spiritual children the way we should go so that when we are older, we shall not depart from it. That is what the Torah really is. And what Yahweh wants from Torah is a Proverbs 31 bride who is going to help His son get the kingdom that He wants. And the way we do that is to fulfill the Great Commission by going into all nations and immersing disciples in Yeshua’s name (meaning, in His character), helping people become like Yeshua. And then we are to teach them to do all that He said, which effectively is the Great Commission according to the Five-Fold ministry.

That is what that really means. That is the truth. That is the Torah. The Torah’s purpose is that Yahweh is pointing the way for us at different junctures in Israel’s history. When we reach different junctures, we sometimes need a different priesthood. Because one of the functions of the priesthood is to teach people the difference between the set-apart and the profane, but it is also to teach people the importance of becoming Yeshua’s Proverbs 31 bride and how to do so.

In the next chapter on the no-priesthood Pesach, we will talk about the specifics of how the Pesach was held in Exodus 12. And for that, we want to show the specifics of how Pesach was held in Levitical times, specifically with regard to Yeshua’s sacrifice in the first century. Then, after that, we will finally be ready to talk about how Yahweh wants us to keep the Pesach today under Yeshua’s renewed Melchizedekian Order. So if you would like to know how to keep the Pesach today under Yeshua’s renewed Melchizedekian Order, so as to please Yahweh, then you will want to keep going with this series.

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