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Rosh HaShanah 2022: Recognizing the Head of the Year!

Rosh HaShanah 2022: Recognizing the Head of the Year!

Head of the Year

“Rosh HaShanah 2022: Recognizing the Head of the Year” is the ‘head’ study of the video series Feasts of the First Month. In this video, we will show how the priesthood determines (or recognizes) the Head of the Hebrew Year. We will see why it is important to declare Rosh HaShanah at the correct time, based upon the Aviv Barley Calendar (or the Torah Calendar), using the stage of barley and the new moon witness from the land of Israel.

This is the same calendar as taught to Israel by Moshe (Moses) in the wilderness of Sinai, which was still practiced in the first century, in the time of Yeshua (Jesus). And while we will be using 2022 as the example in this study, the method of determination for Rosh HaShanah applies equally to any year.

We will also incorporate some studies on the Passover (Pesach) into this new video series as well, so that we will have all the feasts of the first month together. And while Shavuot (Pentecost) does not occur in the first Hebrew month, we are including Pentecost in this series because the Pentecost is effectively an extension of Yom HaNafat HaOmer (The day of the Wave Sheaf Offering).

Ancient Hebrew Marriage and Yahweh’s feasts

We will also take a look at why Yahweh’s feasts effectively serve as dates between the Bridegroom Yeshua and His bride, Nazarene Israel. And how Yahweh wants to train us up in how to be a Proverbs 31 bride for Him and His son, Yeshua. And for more details on this, we hope you will also read the series Ancient Hebrew Marriage.

Once we understand the significance paired to each of Yahweh’s feasts, we will understand why it is so important to declare Rosh HaShanah (the head of the Hebrew year) at the correct time. And why following the wrong calendar does not work. We will see that, if we declare Rosh HaShanah at the wrong time, then we will end up keeping every one of Yahweh’s feasts at the wrong time as well. And that is a serious problem, because it effectively means missing our appointed meeting times with Elohim, the King of the Universe! Something we do not want to happen!

Rosh Hashana 2022

Since keeping Yahweh’s feasts at the correct time (at His appointed times) is so very important, we need to know how to declare Rosh HaShanah at the correct time. We talk about how to do this correctly in many studies, such as Establishing the Head of the Year and The Torah Calendar. And in this video, we want to give specific examples from Rosh HaShanah 2022.

We will talk about the barley reports from Israel which give us the necessary witness for Rosh HaShanah, 2022. And later in this segment, we are going to take a look at some photographic evidence from a believing sister (Becca Biderman) who lives in the land of Israel. We will see that that there is plenty of barley that will be aviv (medium dough) on Yom HaNafat HaOmer, the Day of the Wave Sheaf Offering, thus determining the time for Rosh HaShanah 2022.

Determining Rosh HaShanah correctly

We will also take a look at the calendars kept by certain calendar groups, and why these calendars do not keep Yahweh’s feasts at His correct appointed times. And for more information on the specific errors to these other calendars, we recommend the following segments in our video series Establishing the Head of the Year.

Aviv Barley Simplified” explains the basics and is a good place to begin learning about the correct Torah calendar.

“First fruits? or False Fruits?” is going to show the true definition of aviv barley and how this definition effects the entire calendar.

Let’s Not Break Deuteronomy 16:9” explains how the Karaite calendar violates Deuteronomy 16:9.

“Where is Spring Commanded?”  and “Where is the Equinox commanded?” point out that there is no requirement in Scripture for the equinox.

Josephus, the Talmud, and the Omer” gives a deep understanding as to why the Karaites secretly do follow the Talmud, contrary to their protestations.

The Error of Harvestable Fields” shows why the Karaites are misunderstanding and misinterpreting Joshua chapter five.

Did Ancient Israelites Qualify Their Barley Fields?” show how some calendar groups require non-scriptural antics such as bird migrations, the Equilux (while condemning an Equinox), and these kinds of things.

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