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The Torah and the Testimony

This study on the Torah and the Testimony is part 5 of the Spirituality and Heart Matters series. In this video, we will show the true definition of the Torah and the true definition of the Testimony, and why it is crucially important for Yahweh’s people to understand the big-picture scenario of the Torah and the Testimony in order to both hear and obey Yahweh’s voice.

The true definition of the Torah

To understand the Torah and the Testimony, we first need to talk about what the true definition of the Torah is. Most people who say the word Torah do not really know what it means, and that is because most people have derived their definition from the Orthodox. For instance, most Messianic, Ephraimites, and Two-House believers have inherited their understanding of what the Torah is from our Orthodox brothers. We will explain in this video why the Orthodox definition of the Torah is incorrect, and how, by default, most Messianics, Ephraimites, and Two-House believers also hold the incorrect definition. And why it is important to correct this error.

More than one Torah?

We will also explain why there is more than one Torah and what the relationship is between these different Torot (plural form). With this understanding, we will then understand the relationship between the Torah and the Testimony (the manifestation of Yahweh’s Spirit). And all this will prepare us for the next segment in this series on hearing and obeying Yahweh’s voice.

Where does Scripture speak of the Torah and the Testimony?

In Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 8:20, the prophet Yeshayahu speaks Yahweh’s words to the people, saying that if one does not speak according to the Torah and the Testimony, there is no light in them. In context, Yahweh is saying that if someone does not know the true definition of the Torah or they do not manifest the Testimony of Yeshua, it is because the daylight has not dawned on them yet. In other words, they are still in darkness, and we should stay clear of their teachings.

Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 8:20
20 [Yahweh says] To the Torah and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

Strong’s H7837: שַׁחַר
Shachar (shakh’-ar)
From H7836; dawn (literally, figuratively, or adverbially): -day (-spring), early, light, morning.

This is something very important to consider when listening to a spiritual teacher. Because if that teacher cannot speak to the Torah and the Testimony, it is like the blind leading the blind. And as Yeshua says in Mattityahu (Mathew) 15:14, if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch.

Mattityahu (Matthew) 15:14
14  Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.”

What does the Torah and the Testimony mean?

The Torah

We will see that the term Torah is often translated as law, as in the Laws of Moshe, or instructions. And this is not a bad translation seeing that the Torah is Yahweh’s instructions (commandments, statues, judgments, ordinances, and laws). What people usually miss is that Elohim’s desire is not for His people to follow a ‘checklist’ routine. Rather, He desires for His people to learn His precepts and to be transformed into His Son’s likeness (character). We will talk about what a precept is, and why this is what Yahweh wants His people to learn.

The Testimony

Most often, people use the term testimony to refer to their story about getting saved. That is part of the definition. However, the Testimony, in truth, is how we manifest Elohim’s Spirit. Or in our case, how we manifest Yeshua’s Spirit and allow Him to transform us into His character and likeness. (Many people write testimonies of when they came to Yeshua, but are not ever transformed in their walks with Yeshua. And that is a big problem if we are testifying of His effect upon our lives!)

We will talk about all of these things and more in this study on the Torah and the Testimony. This is a very important thing for you and your loved ones to understand, as well as the next topic in this series on “Hearing Yahweh’s Voice“.

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