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Safe With Him

Safe With Him

Sometimes bad things happen to us in life. How can we feel safe with Him (Elohim) when past experiences are causing us fears and anxietites? How can we hear His voice when these things disrupt our shalom in Elohim?

In this video series on Spirituality and Heart Matters, we take a look at how bad experiences can often hinder Renewed Covenant believers in their walk with Elohim. And we want to talk about how to receive Yahweh’s true healing from past, difficult experiences. So that we can truely be Isra-El (overcomers of Elohim), and become the faithful servants that He wants us to be, connected with Him and His Son at all times, walking safe with Him.

Fears and Anxieties steal our peace in Elohim

Yahweh commands us to hear and obey His voice. And as we will see in our later segment on “Hearing Yahweh’s Voice“, in order to obey Yahweh’s voice, first we must be able to hear His voice.

The list of bad things that happen in the world today can be long. People get robbed, raped, physically or psychologically abused, orphaned, abandoned or neglected, decieved, or experience some other type of trauma. Most of us experience something horrible at some point in our lives. Sadly, people do not always get the necessary healing after such events. And oftentimes, even Renewed Covenant believers can go years without dealing with the stresses and anxieties these experiences are known to cause. And sadly, these leftover, unresolved issues can prevent us from dwelling in Elohim and steal our peace.

The problem is that we are commanded to hear and to obey Elohim’s voice. And if we cannot hear His voice because of our anxieties or fears, then we certainly cannot obey it. And it is hard to dwell with Him (and be safe with Him) when we are not aware of Him, because we are more aware of our fears and anxieties instead…

Yahweh’s plan for Isra-El

Yahweh has an amazing plan for Israel (Isra-El, the “overcomers of Elohim”). In this video, we will talk about how Yahweh plans to give the nations to Yeshua HaMashiach’s body (us, Israel). And that after Armageddon, we will have a job to do for Him. Psalms 2:8-9, Revelation 2:26-27, Daniel 7:27 all show us that we who overcome in Elohim will be responsible for ruling His kingdom with a Rod of Iron during Yeshua’s Millennial rule on earth.

However, we also know that things on earth are going to progressively become worse until after Armageddon, when the kingdom is handed over to the saints of the Most High. And if we want to be prepared for that day, and to be a part of that promise, then we need to be real “overcomers of Elohim”. And we need to start by overcoming our own anxieties and fears, and learning to remain safe in Him. So that we can remain connected and echad (united, one) with Yahweh and His Son at all times. So that we can rule righteously, in His Spirit, and do the things He wants us to do for Him.

Immersion and rebirth

Once we come to faith in Yeshua HaMashiach, we are then immersed (or Baptized) in Yeshua’s name. It is important to understand that immersion is not just a bath or a one-time cleansing. Rather, symbolically, we are dying to our old selves. And when we are raised up out of the water, symbolically, we are raised up as new creatures with a newness of life in Him. We are reborn. And we are meant to walk safe with Him from that day forward.

The mistake that sometimes happens is that a Renewed Covenant believer will get immersed, but instead of letting go of old life experiences, traumas, and wounds, they do not really let go of those old problems. Instead, he or she will continue reliving those past experiences time and time again, preventing them from walking in the newness of life that Yeshua wants for us. They are not really ‘safe with Him’.

Safe with Him, dwelling with Elohim

So, how do we get to the point that we can let go of past experiences, and walk as new creatures in Yeshua? How can remain connected with Him, and therefore, connected with Yahweh, at all times? Do we want to become true ‘overcomers of Elohim’, walking safe with Him, and forsaking old traumas? So that we can become His faithful servants and inherit the things that He wants for us? If that sounds like something you want for you and your loved ones, join us for “Safe With Him”.

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