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Parasha Bemidbar 2022: Yahweh’s Armies Prepare for War!

Parasha Bemidbar Readings

Bemidbar (Numbers) 1:1-4:20
Hoshea (Hosea) 2
Brit Chadasha
Luqa (Luke) 16-17

In this parasha we want to take several big steps back so that we can take in the big picture, panorama perspective.

Forgive me for noticing. But I have been with the Hebrew Roots movement and the Ephraimite movement, or the Messianic movement (whatever you want to call it) since 1999. And there are differences between those. But from reading Scripture and from what I see, it kind of seems like the big picture perspective is usually what is missing from Ephraim’s half-baked theology, as Yahweh calls it.

Please join us for this parasha. We are going to take some very big steps back and take a big picture perspective like is not normally done in a parasha. But these are the things that are of interest to us if we want to survive the Tribulation. So if that is important to you, then we are going to talk about where we are in the big picture Panorama of things as we enter Bemidbar (or the Book of Numbers). So, please take a moment to pray and then let us talk all about Scripture.

We began this year’s parasha series at the start of Shemote (Exodus). And it seemed like the perfect place for us to start and still seems like the perfect place. Because, at least from where I sit, Ephraim does not understand the need yet for organization. Ephraim seems to have no idea of the benefits in being a nation. But for contrast, let us take a look at brother Judah.

Judah does not lack organization. We will talk about the reasons for that some other time. They lack a right relationship with their Messiah and King. But Judah does not lack organization. So, perhaps we can learn some things from Judah in that sense. Because Judah presently has organization, Judah also has a country! Do you know what I am saying? Let us think about that!

In our studies on Revelation and the End Times, we see that Ephraim is supposed to come back home to the land after Armageddon. And then, after Armageddon, will come the ingathering.

We know that Yahweh is completely in charge, and we are content to let Yahweh do all things by His Spirit. We do not want to do things by our own power and strength as brother Judah is doing. We want to wait for Yahweh’s Spirit. So, we are content with His perfect timing, because His timing is always amazing! We just want to know what our job is so that He will be pleased with us, so that we can escape all the things that are coming upon the Earth in these end times.

So, it seemed to us like Shemote was the perfect place to begin this parasha series. Because Shemote records how Yahweh first helped our forefathers become a nation. We discussed this in detail in the Torah Government study. But everything we have seen from Shemote through Devarim (Deuteronomy) really is one great, big nation-building exercise! And in this parasha, we begin to reach the point where the nation is now formed, and they now have their own correct religious services. And so now, Yahweh is getting ready to build armies.

In fact, some people include Joshua in the Torah, with six books in the Torah (instead of five) because Joshua also deals with nation-building and establishing government, as well as the handling of internal disputes (such as in the case of Achan ben Carmi).

It is critical for us in Ephraim to realize this. Not that there have to be six books in the Torah. That is a separate issue. But the point is that Yahweh is bringing us into another season of nation-building, just like we are reading in the Torah. We are reading about how Yahweh brings us out of Egypt and gives us all the things to help us become a successful nation in Him and in His Son.

As we explain in the Torah Government study, to be recognized as a righteous government in a Biblical sense, we have to pass several tests. We have to manifest several righteous features of our righteous government. And among those things is that we have to have Statutes of Government. We have to have a Code of Law. That is what Elohim gives us.

We also have to have a means of accountability to that law which Scripture gives us. We also have to have a means of resolving disputes, which again, Scripture gives us, for example, in Matthew chapter 18.

Today, in the secular world, we call those means of resolving disputes courts. And that is the same thing we called them back in ancient times as well.

We had three different sets of courts for the nation in ancient times. We had Beit Din Gadol (the Big Court) for the nation. And the Beit Din Gadol was kind of like a Supreme Court for the nation.

Then we also have the Beit Din Katan (the Small or the Smaller Court). There was one Beit Din Katan per tribe, usually in the capital city. And it served kind of like how an appellate or a superior court would today in an intermediary level. And then at the base level we also had the congregational Beit Din (the Council of Elders) for the congregation and would have one of these in each town of a certain size. And they would all report to the Beit Din Katan. And the Beit Din Katanim would report to the Beit Din Gadol.

The thing is, we have rules for administering this both in the Tanakh and also in the Brit Chadasha (the New Testament). We just we need to realize that these two are all different facets of the same thing. And when we realize that they are different facets of the same thing and that Elohim still expects these same principles (precepts) to be carried out under the Melchizedekian Order (which is why it is called an order!), then the thing to do is to give total submission to Yeshua and His Spirit. Because then it is Yeshua in the Father and the Father in Him, Yeshua in us and us in Him! And the connection is reestablished.

Then with that, now we can become His hands and His feet doing His will. Now He is pleased with us once we have given Him that total submission.

It is the next level of the same thing our ancestors went through. The point of our ancestors’ leaving Egypt was to leave Egypt, its rule, and the selfish Egyptian world system behind. Same thing with Babylon. We are supposed to leave Babylon and its Elite, top-down, selfish system behind. But then the second half of that is that we are supposed to submit to Yahweh’s Spirit 100 percent. And in our case, we are supposed to submit to Yeshua’s spirit 100 percent. And it is this overcoming and this spiritual transformation that is what is desired. And short of that, we really do not have a place in Yeshua. And if we are not aware of submitting to Yeshua moment by moment, we really have no place in Yeshua.

People get all excited for the prophetic studies. And I am a prophecy guy, do not get me wrong. But if you want some meat, spend some time in the Beatitudes and let us see if we actually stack up. I mean, that is some meat right there in the Beatitudes!

What Yeshua wants is for us to submit to Him in His Spirit 100 percent and thus reconnect with the Father through Him. And that is when we are called to be His selfless Helper Nation, His Bridal Nation! That is what our forefathers were supposed to do! They were supposed to be glad for leaving Egypt so that they wanted to serve Him and so that they would love to serve Him! That is how we learn to become a set-apart helper bride, His set-apart helper people, a set-apart helper nation unto Him. To sit down and realize this is what Yahweh is saying and this is what we need to do.

And then we see the 99 plus percent that do not want to do it, just like our forefathers did not want to do what they knew how to do. And in like fashion, most of us also did not do what we know we are supposed to be doing.

So, where do we go with all this? It really makes doing the parasha hard. Because we tell the people each week what Scripture says to do. But just like in Scripture, most of Ephraim is not doing it. Most of Ephraim, just like our forefathers, are offering up partial obedience in lieu of obedience. And just like our forefathers we think we are doing great!

We are learning. We are resting. We are reading. But we are not helping! Yet we want to be chosen as His helper bride! Right.

So, we thought we need a new approach here. We thought what we would do instead is that we would address a few who are trying to do everything that Yeshua said. Because that is what Yeshua did.

Yeshua spent the vast majority of His time with the very few (the less than one percent) who wanted to respond and who wanted to give their lives in His service. It is sad. These are people you love. But basically, the majority of us are hearers and not doers. So, what can you do? You know? They are on their own. We try to counsel them, we try to tell them what to do, but they do not want to do it. They call us names. They think we are whatever. Okay. They called the Master of the House Beelzebub, how much more His servants?

So we are going to have to make a change. We really cannot take responsibility for anyone who is not a disciple. And a disciple is defined as people who are trying to do all to help their Husband get the Kingdom He so richly deserves.

I am not really sure how to say this but what we keep hoping and praying for is that, over time, perhaps the Word keeps going in and slowly (like you talk with your children) maybe, possibly Yeshua’s people are going to begin to understand what Elohim is calling all of us to be doing. And only a small percentage, a small, tiny fraction of us are responding. So, we keep teaching every week. But it seems like most of the listeners are missing the whole point of the Parashiot. Because we are supposed to be learning from the mistakes of our forefathers as they came out of Egypt. And again, we are going to see a lot of failures in the wilderness of Paran.

Up until now, Yahweh has brought us out of Egypt. We made a vow. We swore we would do everything. We have not been doing it. He gave us a different kind of a priesthood to accommodate our ignorance, our inabilities to hear, our unwillingness to do. So, then we take a whole year in the Book of Leviticus to set up the new priesthood and set up the Tabernacle. Everything is just right.

Now here we are a year later, and it is time to head out on the road. Yahweh is taking His armies (plural) on the road. So if we can see that, we in the Melchizedekian Order (in Yeshua’s priesthood) have a similar kind of a thing to do. We do not have guns and knives or bombs, or anything like that. but still we have a message to deliver. It is a spiritual warfare.

Our forefathers made plenty of mistakes because they did not truly love Yahweh enough to bear fruit. So, can we read Scripture and understand? So that the few of us (the much less than one percent) can avoid making the same mistakes? And thus we and our children can enter the Promised Land? That is my point, that is what I am going for.

Forgive me if I am direct. But most of the Messianic world (people who call themselves Ephraimites, Messianic, whatever), the way they read the parasha is that they just kind of mimic the mistakes of our forefathers. Because as we spoke about before, the Levitical system was given to us in the first place because we could not just hear and obey His voice! Which is what He really wants! The Levitical system was given to us as a trainer to help point us in the right way. So that in case we ever decide to actually love Him with all of our heart, with all of our soul, and with all of our strength, we have a general idea what to do. But it is a substitute system.

It was never what He really wanted. And we have all these Messianic taking all this pride in parading their Torah scrolls around the room and kissing the Torah scrolls. And people sitting in a room and everyone taking their turn reading the Torah. And they think they have really done it. They think they are really out running Shaul, you know? So we keep playing these silly little games with our Eternal salvation and we keep putting the branch to Yahweh’s nose.

Hear me brothers and sisters. When we say Torah obedience and we say I am Torah obedient, or I am Torah observant, but we are like observing the Torah like bird watchers in the field, right? Okay, no! He wants us to obey the Torah. And when we say we are keeping Torah and all we are really doing is resting and reading on Shabbat. We are doing the easy stuff! We are eating His food! We do not care, it is just Yeshua! But we are keeping Torah!

It is the same message Yahweh says again, and again, and again, and again. The Torah, the prophets, the Brit Chadasha, it is the whole same thing! How can we say that we are His disciples, how can we say that we are obeying Him, and how do we say we are keeping Torah, but then we do not do it?

In Acts chapter 21, Yaakov the Nasi (the president or the prince of the Beit Din Gadol) said to Shaul, “Do you see how many myriads of Jews there are and all are zealous for the Torah?”

Ma’asei (Acts) 21:20
20 And when they heard it, they glorified Yahweh. And they said to him, “You see, brother, how many myriads of Jews there are who have believed, and they are all zealous for the law;

That is what it took to be a Nazarene in Yaakov’s sight. To be zealous to help Yeshua get His kingdom! When we say, “Oh, I am keeping Torah” but we are not helping Yeshua get His kingdom after all Yeshua suffered for us and all the burdens He took upon Himself for us, and we do not think it is worth a spiritual transformation, can we see why Yahweh might take that as a little bit of an insult? Maybe a little bit of a poke in the eye? We all know brothers, sisters who say that we are keeping Torah because of Yeshua’s sacrifice, and we accept that sacrifice and then we do not do it… oh, but we continue to pray to Yahweh, and we continue to ask for His favor, and we continue to “Dear Yahweh, this is what I want! Please deliver us from the snakes! Please deliver us from the enemy! Please deliver us from this… please give us a good life! Please give us this! Please give us that!…”

We are not helping our Military Commander and King get what He wants. We are not helping Him get His objective. We are not helping Yeshua get His kingdom which is what He came to die for!

He came to die for a bride who loves Him so much that she wants Him to get His kingdom! And then we do not want to do it?

Those few of us who care, the few of us who are laying down our lives, how do we reach the masses of Ephraim when we already know from the prophecies that the vast bulk of them are not going to get it? Because they do not care! They have other priorities than Yeshua. Even though they are dead to the flesh, they have other priorities than Yeshua. Hmm.

The big question is, if we know what we are supposed to do and we know what the Torah is, but we are not doing it, we are not helping Yeshua get His kingdom, how do we expect to please Yeshua? When we are not helping Him to get what He wants?

It is like a kind of a madness! It is like biting the hand that feeds you and then expecting to get fed. It is like telling your commanding officer and chief, “Yeah, yeah. Sure. Yes, I am doing everything you said. Yes King! Yes General! Yes, Sir! I am doing everything you said! But I am not doing, I am doing half. I am doing easy stuff. That is everything, right? That is all, right?”

What happens in a military scenario? And yet this is how we treat the King of the Universe who created us! We need to take another breath? That is not trampling on His favor or grace?

Well brothers, here is the point. How many times can we say it? But Yahweh says it again and again. How can we expect His favor when we are not doing what He asks? Our Boss gives us a list of 600 things to do and we do not, we do half of them. How pleased is our Boss? And it like a kind of a madness on the one hand. We are just like making rude gestures to our Boss, to the King above all Kings, and then we expect to keep getting fed. It is like biting the hand that feeds you in a sense. Sooner or later, Yahweh is going to get tired of having His hand get bit.

And if that was not bad enough, it is so intense that you have to laugh, or you have to cry. But if you are going to laugh then you are sure looking for humor in some new places. Because this is us! This is our ancestors. What we read is what we get! And it is so bad, we even have some of us in Ephraim who claim Yeshua’s blood mimicking the ways of the Babylonian rabbis!

I get it. When we first leave the church system and we realize that “Surely, our forefathers have inherited only lies, worthlessness and unprofitable things”, a lot of us can go through an angry phase where we realize we have been lied to by the church. And so it might make some sense to leave the church and go over and imitate the rabbis. But really, in a sense, it is like leaving the left ditch and then ending up in the right ditch! So, maybe you are in the right ditch. But it is not right to be driving in a ditch!

Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 16:19
19 O YAHWEH, my strength and my fortress, My refuge in the day of affliction, The Gentiles shall come to You from the ends of the earth and say, “Surely our fathers have inherited lies, Worthlessness and unprofitable things.”

Where is our loyalty? Do we think of ourselves as Ephraimites or do we think of ourselves as Yeshua’s disciples? Because those are two different groups. Not all Ephraimites are Yeshua’s disciples and not all Yeshua’s disciples are Ephraimites. We have some from Brother Judah also. The thing is, Yeshua came to overthrow the corrupt rabbinical order because it was corrupt. They were not doing the things the Torah says to do. They were making up their own rules, just like Ephraim does today. They are making changes to the Torah in hashem’s name. But what is Ephraim doing? Ephraim is relaxing the Torah.

“Oh, we do not need to do this half. Because we have Yeshua, right? Because just like He ultimately provided for our forefathers in the wilderness and their children entered the land, He will do the same thing for us.”

What do you write? It is like, No, that is what we keep saying! It is a different deal in these End Times. and it is like 99-point whatever percent of the people are not listening and do not want to hear it. They do not want to get it. And these are the ones that call themselves Ephraimites. We are not even talking about the church yet. We will have to talk about the church some other time.

But again, it is looking for humor in new places or else you are back to weeping for our people. Because we just do not get it. Yeshua died to help us get it. It is like we do not care, we do not want to do that, that is too hard.

I have told this story before. But I have one brother who I explained the whole thing to. I explained all the benefits. His wife was jumping up and down in her chair in excitement. And he is like, “Sounds like a lot of work.” No kidding, that is what it was like with our forefathers leaving Egypt. “Sure we want to go to a land of milk and honey! Sure we want to be your set-apart bride! Oh, wait. It is work? Oh, no, no, no. Let us go back to Egypt!”

Can we imagine Yahweh’s frustration? “Oh, no! It is work! Oh, yeah. And You sent Your Son to die for us, but that is work.”

The point is that Yeshua explicitly warned us to take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. That means to avoid all the doctrine of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. It means to avoid the false doctrine of the rabbis and the Karaites.

So, what do we in Ephraim do? We watch talk shows where the host has the Pharisees and the Sadducees on their show, and they even advertises their books for sale to help them financially. Because why? Because they are focused on being Ephraim and not on being Nazarene Israelites. Again, those are two different groups. Father willing, if we ever get time, we are going to do Revelation and the End Times Part Two. And we are going to talk about what happens to the Ephraimites who are disobedient to Yeshua’s rules. And it is a lot like what happened to our forefathers in the wilderness. (For he who has ears let him hear.) Hopefully, Father willing, He will help us stay humble so we can realize we need to be not just hearers of the word but doers also.

Did Yeshua ever have a talk show where He hosted the Pharisees and the Sadducees on His talk show? Or did Shaul? Did Yeshua or Shaul ever tell the people to buy the Pharisees or Sadducees doctrinal works? It is unbelievable how little loyalty the majority of Ephraim shows. And yet they have their talk shows and their other Ministries.

They found a broader easier way, so they are going to follow their broad easier way. And they are going to do maybe half of what Yeshua says to do. And then it is like Scripture says. You can read all about it in the end of Hoshea.

Hoshea is a really good book for Ephraim. The thing is, we have to not just know it, we have to put ourselves in context in the passage. And that is when things really come to life. Because what Yahweh is talking about is the same thing the Spirit talks about in Proverbs. Backslidden people all day long. Are we going to obey? Are we going to respond? Are we going to choose Him? Are we going to choose life? Because times are going to get tough. Whether the Tribulation is coming or not, we are all going to stand in the Judgment.

What the book of Hoshea is about (especially the last part) is that there are going to be a whole lot of Ephraimites in the same situation as was there in the wilderness. They are going to be calling out to Yahweh and Yahweh is not going to answer. Yahweh is not going to be there. Because He sent His Son to die for us. And then we are not there for Him, but we expect Him to be there for us. Is Ephraim a bad fiancé or what?

Yeshua never had anything good to say about the rabbinical order. Never! He warned us against the rabbis because it is a Pharisaic spirit. It is a different spirit. I was in Israel for about a year before it just hit me. It is like this is the same spirit that we see today. It is written in the pages of the first century because it is the same spirit! So why does most of Ephraim want to imitate those who are practicing the same false doctrine that our Messiah, King, Husband, and head warned us against?

These are the questions. We asked these year, after year, after year, after year. Okay, well. You know, make your choice. Make your bed. We are going to have to sleep in it. Can we imagine how many times Yahweh has thrown up His hands with Ephraim?

Yeshua’s heart was to replace the Pharisees and the Sadducees with something clean. Yeshua treated the Pharisees and Sadducees like they were masqueraders and pretenders. He treated them like the liars that they are, which is what Yochanan Bet (2 John) 7 through 10 is all about!

Yochanan Bet (2 John) 1:7-10
7 For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Yeshua HaMashiach as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an anti-mashiach.
8 Look to yourselves, that we do not lose those things we worked for, but that we may receive a full reward.
9 Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Messiah does not have Elohim. He who abides in the doctrine of Messiah has both the Father and the Son.
10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him;

Do we believe Scripture? And with Yochanan Bet, the Pharisees and Sadducees doctrine and behavior, is not that kind of like sleeping with the enemy? Is not that kind of like treason? Yochanan Bet verses 7 through 10 exists for a reason. But most of Ephraim, again, is not listening. Because they do not think they need to do that. Because they have a relationship with Yeshua! That is why they do not need to bear fruit! (Oy!)

Basically, we just have to focus on those of us in for discipleship. We just have to focus on the other disciples and call out to the rest of Ephraim. And just know that most of them are not going to respond. Like they say in Israel, “What to do?”

Okay. Reset. Take the good, avoid the bad. Move forward knowing that Elohim is going to bless His will. We just need to do His will. And that takes doing. So focusing on the less than one percent in this parasha, we are entering the book of the Bemidbar (Numbers). And what we should see is that we are entering a new phase of the operation, basically in nation-building.

Bemidbar means in the things or in the wilderness. But we call it Numbers (in English at least) because it starts out with Yahweh commanding Israel to take a census in order to number their armies. Now, it is easy to miss the significance of what is happening here. So can we see the nation-building aspect?

What we all need to see is that, again, Yahweh is building a nation. First, He sets us out of Egypt and gives us a new form of worship, or in technical terms, He gives us a new form of cultic worship. Do not let the name freak you out. Cultic used to be a good word. They have turned it into something bad. But any different religion, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Nazarenes, those were three different variations of a similar cultic worship. And back in the Torah, this new worship cult that Yahweh leads them to is because they are not ready for the Priesthood of the Firstborn at this stage. They are getting the Levitical Torah.

Yahweh is like, “Okay. You cannot handle this. You can do this. This is ‘check the block’! Just check all the blocks and you should be good to go! Of course, that requires a spiritual transformation. But make sure you check all the blocks, okay?”

This new set-apart culture is what Yahweh wants. That is the Hebrew culture and the Israelite culture. It focuses around the central cult. The Levitical Order is for helping people to consolidate around a blood altar in the land of Israel.

The Melchizedekian Order is different, but still there is a Melchizedekian culture. And today, we have alleged Torah obedient Ephraimites. I will say the same thing over and over like Yahweh is saying the same thing over and over again all through the prophets, all through the Torah, and all through the Brit Chadasha. Today we have these Torah obedient Ephraimites. They do not tithe. They do not want to do anything. They do not want to volunteer time. They do not want to put their money where their mouth is. They do not want to put their time schedule where their mouth is. They do not put anything where their mouth is. And we read how the parasha goes.

But again, and again, and again, and again, and I do not know how to reach people with this, but it is just through prayer. Still people seem to think just like our ancestors thought. It is like we today seem to think that Yahweh is going to give us a pass for partial obedience of His Torah. When we ought to read in the Torah how that is precisely the kind of behavior that Yahweh punishes and promises to punish! It is the exact same kind of behavior that Yeshua says will be punished in the End Times. And we are coming into the End Times!

I just spend hours and days praying about this kind of thing. How do we reach our people? How do we help light a fire so they understand that we are playing games with our Eternal salvation? We need to stop! So I thought maybe this will help to mention this and see if people can wrap their minds around this.

Most of us just want to go back home to the land of Israel, right? I think that is where I was when I first started. It is kind of like we just have to go home. And once we get home then Yahweh will take care of everything! That sounds great but it does not really work. Because what that means is that most of us cannot think of anything farther than the ingathering. Most Christians are just waiting on the rapture bus! They are waiting for a free ticket! They are going to put their Ray-Bans on, fly back the land of Israel in the clouds, they can have a good old time! Whoo, whoo! Theme music playing!

This is not going to go that way! If you wonder how it actually goes, read the Revelation study. Because I had questions, and I wanted my questions answered. So I went through until my questions were answered. With an autistic fervor or zeal I suppose. With autistic people you have to have your questions answered or you are not happy.

But I think the thing is most of us just want to go home and then let Yahweh handle everything else, right? And that is what we think because that is what the church has always taught! Just pray and be good people. And you could keep most of His commandments if you want to. But you do not really need to. Because Yeshua did away with all the requirements and Yeshua did away with everything. So now we can be disobedient all day long! That is not what it says, obviously. But most of Ephraim is still there.

As we show in Revelation and the End Times and in Revelation Simplified on YouTube, Yahweh has a huge job for us to do when we get back to the land of Israel. We also talk about it in the Torah Government study. We are going to be handed Yeshua’s Rod of iron to rule and reign in His stead as His body. And what that means is that we need to begin preparing now! Because why? Because we need to be ready! Read the Revelation study! We need to be ready to accept power and authority on day one of the ingathering!

How are we going to do that? Okay. Imagine this. Just put yourself in this place. Yeshua Himself is going to hand us His rod of iron which He Himself received from His Father. And then, it is our job to apply justice and to rule and reign as His body from day number one! So again, it is one of these situations where it is so bad that you have to laugh, or you have to cry. But again, you are looking for humor in all sorts of new places you have never considered before.

I do not know how much time (days, weeks) worth, I am just praying. “Father, how do we reach Ephraim? How do we reach our people?” I thought about it a lot. And I think that maybe, hopefully this will help. But when I first got called to the Hebrew Roots movement (or the Messianic movement or the Two-House movement, whatever you want to call it), to me it was just all about getting to go back home to the land of Israel. That is all I could focus on. I wanted to leave the Babylonian system, I wanted to leave Egypt behind, I want to go back home to the land of Israel. I could not think anything farther than that.

I knew the rapture bus is not coming. We are not going to go flying back to the land with Ray-Bans on. I knew we had to make our way home because that is what the prophecies say. But I did not understand that the rabbis already know who we are, and they have known who we are all along. and so now they are just trying to separate us out from Yeshua. And that is why they are working with the Ephraimites. Because they see an opportunity to separate so many of them from their faith so as to take their crowns (so to speak).

Anyway, when I finally began to study out Revelation and realized that it is not going to go the way I thought because that force is a different force. You have to reevaluate; you have to think of whatever you are going to do.

Well, what we are going to do what we need to do is to stop thinking of ourselves as Ephraimites and start thinking of ourselves as Nazarene Israelites. Because Jew, Ephraimite, Gentile, does not matter! If we are going to follow Yeshua, then we are grafting into Yeshua.

But Ephraimite? Where is our Salvation? Is our Salvation in Elohim or is our Salvation in our Ephraimite identity, so to speak?

The Ephraimite identity is great! We need it because if we do not know who we are then why do we know we should obey His instructions to us? But most of us cannot see any farther than the ingathering. We just want Yahweh to come pluck us (harpazo) out and take us home. And we know He will handle all the details, right? So that is okay… so we only have to do half the Torah. Because He is going to handle all the details, right? Ouch!

As we show in both Revelation and the End Times and in Torah Government, Yahweh has a huge job cut out for us to do when we get back home to the land. And we need to begin preparing to do this job now! And that is because we need to be ready to accept power and authority on day one of the ingathering. We explain all this in the Revelation study. Because Yeshua is going to hand us His Rod of iron which He Himself received from His Father. And then it is going to become our job to apply justice and rule and reign over the nations from day number one of the ingathering. And in fact, probably before that in the wilderness of the nations.

That is a big thing, and we need to begin getting ready now! Because even though Satan’s going to be locked in the pit for a thousand years, His minions are still going to be running around loose trying to spring him from prison, trying to find ways to live according to the flesh and not according to the Spirit. So the enemy’s forces are still going to be very much active during the millennium. As long as there are humans who have flesh the enemy is still going to be at work. And that is why we need to be ready to actively rule and reign over the goyim nations.

Can we understand why this little, tiny nation of Nazarene Israel is going to have to be so much better trained, so much better disciplined, and so much better organized than the surrounding nations of which it will be our job to control? And can we understand the Melchizedekian network in that? Just like the Chabad serves (as some people believe) as the action arm of the Illuminati, so in like fashion can we see ourselves as the action arm of Yahweh’s form of government of Yeshua’s kingdom?

One thing we need to see here is that not only did Yahweh use Moshe to draw our ancestors out of Egypt, but Yahweh also used Moshe to help us learn to organize. We are going to leave the Firstborn Priesthood apart for the moment. But the Levitical Order was given heads over ten houses, heads of fifty houses, heads of hundred houses, and heads of thousands of households. And we also see Yeshua using the same principle in the Renewed Covenant where He tells the disciples to have the people sit down in groups of 50.

Okay. So we still have organization. And notice Yitro said that the reason it was good for us to organize in that way is so that one, the leadership (meaning Moshe and his helpers) could endure, and also so that the whole nation could go back home to their place in shalom. And is not that what we want? To go back home to our place in shalom? And for those of us in leadership, do not we want to endure?

This is why, for disciples, we are asking them to be disciplined. We are asking them that if you want to help build Yeshua’s Kingdom and understand it for what it is, bring your A game. And then we all need to be willing to suffer discipline. Whatever the needs of the Spirit are, we let the Spirit direct. So those who are here to listen to the Spirit and to do Yeshua’s will, we can work with those. But the rest, it is like there is nothing to work with.

So now, let us back up yet another step so that we can get an even bigger picture perspective. B’reisheet (Genesis) chapter 4 verse 9. Yahweh asks Qayin (Cain) where his brother is. And to this Qayin asked “What, am I my brother’s keeper? What, I am supposed to be looking out for him?”

B’reisheet (Genesis) 4:9
9 Then Yahweh said to Qayin, “Where is Hevel your brother?” He said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

The answer to that is a big, red, flashing neon YES! Big red LED! Yahweh does expect us to watch out for our brothers, especially inside of Israel. We are supposed to care for all of humankind. That is a difference between us and the classic Sabbatean Frankist view. We are supposed to care for all of humankind, but especially those of the household of the faith.

In fact, this is one of the main principles. It is never explicitly said but it is one of the main precepts underlying the Torah. There is supposed to be a brotherhood between Israelites. There is supposed to be a real brotherhood between the heads of Israelite houses. And there is a real matter of duty and a real matter of responsibility. There is a code of honor and a code of ethics. And this brotherhood is critical! There are a lot of aspects of Torah life that do not work without this brotherhood. We will talk about that, Father willing, in some other place and time. But the thing about the brotherhood is that it requires us to think and care about more than just ourselves. And that is something that does not exist in Babylon. We are here in a collapsing world, and we need to think and care about one another. And there are rules for that. And along the way, we need to think about not only our own little community, but we need to think about our nation as a whole.

If we look anywhere in Scripture that is always what the leadership did. They preoccupied themselves with concerns of the nation as a whole. And that is why Yeshua, Moshe, Joshua, Shaul, any of the Apostles, they are laying down their lives in order to fulfill the will of Elohim. And we should be thankful that they have this code of duty. Because they are basically bending over backwards serving an ungrateful, backsliding nation as a whole. So that hoping against hope, long-term believing, someday our nation is going to be a unified, integrated whole again. We just have to do our parts right now. And that kind of sacrifice may be hard for a lot of people. But that is only because we need spiritual renewal.

I remember hearing in church one time. The pastor of a said Methodist Church was saying, “Well, it is better to receive than to give! Any child knows that!” No, it is better to give than to receive, Yeshua tells us. And intellectually we may know it is good to give. But are we giving? Are we helping our Husband?

What we all need to do is to sit down, count the cost, and become integrated. Because Yahweh is One. And the problem is, if we do not take the time to sit down and truly think through: “Am I really doing what Scripture says?” If we do not read the Beatitudes and say: “Am I doing that?”, if we do not read verses and ask: “Am I doing that?” that is how we end up with half-baked Ephraimite theology. Yahweh says in Hosea that we are like a cake that is burned on one side and raw on the other.

Hoshea (Hosea) 7:8
8 “Ephraim has mixed himself among the peoples; Ephraim is a cake unturned.

If we take a step back can we see all the many different signs of nation building going on in Leviticus? So what is happening there in Numbers is that Yahweh is numbering the temporal (or the physical) army. But notice there is more than one army because Yahweh says not to number the Levites with the temporal army. And the reason why is because they are a spiritual army. You have the armies of the people (the temporal army) and then the priesthood is a different kind of army. And you do not really need to number it because it is pointless. Because the point is not numbers of your own physical strength, the point is Yahweh! Count to one and that is all you need to know about the numbers involved in the priesthood. But no matter how many he is, Yahweh is also one. And we can read all about that in our study on “Yeshua Manifestation of Yahweh”.

It has to be all one thing. We are one flesh with Him, it is one body, one bride, one Husband, one Head. And He is in connection with His Father. So an important study: “Yeshua Manifestation of Yahweh”.

Brothers and sisters, if we are going to use equal weights and measures, and if it is a good thing for the Levitical priesthood to be ordered, and if the Levitical priesthood is a spiritual army, then what about the Melchizedekian priesthood? Is that a spiritual army and also Yeshua’s priesthood?

In the Levitical Order we have 12 tribes, the priesthood, and Moshe, who is effectively a judge serving in the kingship role for the nation at that time because he directs the temporal army. Now, in the era of kings, the leader of the temporal army would be an actual king. And in the coming millennial reign that we are going to see, it is going to be the Nasi of Ezekiel 44. The Nasi (the prince, or the president, so to speak) is a constitutional prince.

But in the dispersion, we do not have a separate office of the kingship per se. Rather, we have a combined Melchizedekian Order. King, priest, and prophet in the Melchizedekian Order, we have manifestations of all three because we do not have our own separate nation at this time. So we do not need a separate national government. When we relocate to the land that will all change. We talk about that in Revelation and the End Times. But right now what we have is the congregations with their elders and deacons. And then we also have the priesthood which connects everyone.

Now this brings us to our Haftarah prophetic portion and right now we are in Hoshea (Hosea) chapter 2. And Hoshea is a very good book for anyone in Ephraim anyone who is thinking about Ephraim. And because Yahweh tells us that He is not going to deliver the ones who are hearers only. He is only going to deliver the doers.

We explain the history of Hoshea and his wife Gomer (not Gomer Pyle) and also the prophetic names of all their children in the Nazarene Israel study. And I only recommend that study for people who want to survive what is coming in the End Times. In context Yahweh is talking here about our times, right now, today. He is talking about the lead up to the Tribulation and the lead up to Armageddon here in chapter two. And just to summarize what He is saying, we are going to get our pathways closed up. As if suddenly the way that we are traveling on the Babylonian way becomes overgrown with thorns.

All the Patriots in the United States of America, they are waving their Trump flags and their Trump signs. And that way is going to become overgrown with thorns because we have sold ourselves into democracy and democracies are of the Red Horse Esau hate the White Horse. So what is Yahweh going to do? He is going to hedge Ephraim in. This may be specifically to Ephraim in the United States but also to Ephraim everywhere.

He is going to hedge the great body of Ephraim in and basically leave them nowhere to turn to but Him. And sadly, at least judging from the Torah, this is what it seems to take for most of our people to respond. Is to have nowhere to turn but Him. We do not respond to Him in good times. We only respond to Him when we are in pain. So finally, He is going to have to break Babylon. You can read all about that in Revelation and the End Times. It is called Revelation Simplified on YouTube.

The point is that things are going to begin to get progressively harder, and harder, and harder for Ephraim. Not just those from the United States but also for those of us in other parts of this version. And we are going to have nowhere to turn but Yahweh our Elohim. We are going to have a choice. We are going to have to break down. We are going to have to cry out to Him for support. Because our lovers (the Lord God, Jehovah, Jesus, see our study on the names) they are not going to help her anymore.

Yahweh has been providing all those things all that time. Just like our forefathers were disobedient in the wilderness, our forefathers and our fathers are disobedient right now, today, in the church. Some are disobedient right now in the Messianic movement. In the Ephraimite movement. If you hear what I am saying! In the last part of Hoshea, Yahweh is saying that He is going to stop answering to those names. If you want to get help you are going to have to call Yahweh by His name from now on.

And Ephraim is like, “Oh, trial of trials! We have to obey the ten commandments! To get answers to prayer we are going to have to actually be doing something for Him! We are not going to get any answers!” Ephraim is crying: “Oh test of tests!”

What it means is that we cannot keep taking Yahweh for granted anymore! It means we cannot keep trampling on the grace or the favor or we are going to die! It is that simple.

It is like Proverbs 8. The Spirit tells us that She is calling out! She is crying out from the high mountains! From the head of the streets! She is trying to wake us all up! But if we do not listen to what she is saying, in time, calamity will overtake us, and she will laugh!

Mishle (Proverbs) 8:1-4
1 Does not wisdom cry out, And understanding lift up her voice?
2 She takes her stand on the top of the high hill, Beside the way, where the paths meet.
3 She cries out by the gates, at the entry of the city, At the entrance of the doors:
4 “To you, O men, I call, And my voice is to the sons of men.

So remember, Yahweh is One. Yahweh is integrated. He tells us in the last part of Hoshea that He is the one that does both good and evil.

Yeshua came to give us a mission. we talk about that in the Nazarene Israel study and also in all the rest of our studies. I recommend to anyone who loves Yeshua that we get going now. I recommend reading all of Hoshea with understanding. Because this the story for Ephraim. And the story in Hoshea is how Yahweh finally runs out of patience with our rebellion after 6,000 years. Or at least after 3,500 years in dispersion or after 2,000 years when we are supposed to have Yeshua’s Spirit, He is tired of this. It is time for the Harvest. Are we wheat or are we chaff? Are we the good fruit or are we wood, hay, and stubble?

Basically, the message of Hoshea is that we need to begin obeying Him to save our lives. So, will we begin obeying Him to save our lives? Time will tell. Scripture says that we have a tiny minority of us that are going to make it home. It is going to be a terribly sad time coming up. We need to make sure we are on Yahweh’s team. That is the message of Hoshea.

In the second half of Hoshea chapter 2, that is basically talking about Armageddon. And how the big masses of Ephraim are not going to wake up until after the big death coming in Armageddon. And finally, Ephraim will get it. Finally, Ephraim will understand. We explain all this in Revelation and the End Times.

What do we need to be doing? We need to be taking part in this work so that when the truth finally catches up with Ephraim, when Babylon has fallen and Ephraim cannot ignore the truth anymore and the blinders come off, he is going to need direction. And that is our job to prepare for that right now.

Just like Joseph provided a way of escape for all of his brethren, so those of us who understand the message need to be getting involved right now. Just like in the parable of the minas (talents). Invest your minas with us now and work! You are going to get a great big return. But let us not be doing it for the return, let us not be doing things for the reward. That is the physical, that is not really saved if you are doing it for the reward. Let us do it because it is going to please our Husband so much! How much is He going to love a bride who loves Him enough to help Him sit on His throne?

We have one life to live for Him. And he who is faithful in little is ultimately trusted with much. So word to the wise is sufficient.

Briefly, in our Brit Chadasha portion in Luqa (Luke) chapter 17 and verse 5. The apostles asked Yeshua to increase their faith. Let us read Yeshua’s response in verse 10.

Luqa (Luke) 17:10
10 ‘So likewise you, when you have done all those things which you are commanded, say, ‘We are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do.’ “

Yeshua says that when we have done all we have done, everything which we are told to do (in context that means immersing the whole nation of disciples in Yeshua’s name worldwide, in every nation, every tribe, every tongue, teaching them to do all that is), then we should say that we are unprofitable servants. We have done only that which it is our duty to do.

Amein. Selah.

What does that mean for us today in real terms? It means the same thing as “He must increase, therefore I must decrease.” That is the basic message that we get right there.

Yochanan (John) 3:30
30 He must increase, but I must decrease.

With that, what do we do brothers? Disciples, brothers, sisters? What do we do with all these Ephraimites? They are Torah obedient, they are Torah observant, but they do not want to donate time? They do not want to donate work? They do not think they need to obey? They do not think they need to help Yeshua get what He wants? And they can be chosen as His helper even though we did not help Him get what He wants? How does that work?

There are a lot of people who are just like our forefathers were. Trying to leave Egypt, but a lot of them still had one or maybe both feet in Egypt, in their hearts. And it is the same kind of thing for us. There are a lot of people who are coming out of the church. And some people are leaving a foot or two back there. Eight, nine, ten toes still in the church. There are a lot of people that would never say this. But by their actions these are those who say in their hearts, “Yeshua and His disciples already did everything back in the first century. So now we do not need to. We do not need to tithe. We do not need to do anything. Great Commission, Great Omission, same thing! Just rest and read. And just wait for Yeshua to come and drive the rapture bus and take us home. It will be great!”

Ultimately, we can maybe let a little bit of air out of our heads! And realize that this is precisely the same kind of fatal error that our forefathers always made when coming out of Mizraim (Egypt). And we are going to see this again in future portions. Problems in the wilderness of Paran. Problems in the land of Moab. We are going to read it every week.

Yahweh promised our forefathers a new and better life with Him. Of course, our forefathers said yes! I mean, who would not, right? We are slaves in Egypt! Sure we would like a nice life in the land of milk and honey! Sure! Sign me up! Right? Who would not? But they did not realize it was work. They did not realize that Yahweh was looking for a Proverbs 31 bride who works so He can sit in the gates and rule and reign.

He wants a Proverbs 31 helper who is faithful! He wants a helper who wants to help Him! That is the point of the whole exercise! This is a great, big bozo filter! He is trying to weed out everything except the wheat. He does not want the chaff. The wood, the hay, the stubble, anything that can burn up by fire is going to burn up.

So what does that say to us? Do we need to be as gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones?

Let us see. Ephraim is thinking. “Hmm, you know, Yahweh wants to take a helper. Maybe I should make myself of some help to Him?”

You know, that dawns on much less than one percent of our people. So the question and the big self-reflection that Yeshua wants from us here is whether we are going to say to ourselves, “Now wait a minute, Yeshua wants a helper. Am I helping Him? And am I like the Proverbs 31 woman? Am I doing all that He says? And am I doing it for a reward or am I doing it just out of love?”

Because we should not expect a reward. We are supposed to say, “Let your gifts and your money be for yourself. We are unprofitable servants. We have done only that which is our duty to do.”

How many of us have bad attitude, brothers and sisters? In Ephraim, have we paid all three tithes? Have we offered Yeshua our help? Have we asked Yahweh if He would like our help? If He has something for us to do? And have we thought of this as our duty? Are we expecting something in return? Some kind of gift? Some kind of reward for doing our duty? What kind of bride does Yahweh want to take for His Son? Is it all about sitting back, being queen, and enjoying a life of luxury? That is Babylon. That is what we are supposed to be leaving.

And that is what we are saying. A lot of us still have one foot in Babylon. We do not see ourselves as servants, we see ourselves as the queen. Well, the queen needs to see herself as a servant or she is going to be unqueened before she is taken as queen.

The message, brothers and sisters, is do we expect a reward? Are we expecting something special for doing what is our duty? Mah Qara? What do you call that? Mah Qara?

The lesson basically is not to think more highly of ourselves as servants and slaves than what we ought. We need to let a little air out of our heads. We are overblown. We need to recognize that humility is fitting for servants and for soldiers. We need to endure hardship as good soldiers of Yeshua Messiah. Because the reward is to those who are seeking to serve selflessly.

Timotheus Bet (2 Timothy) 2:3
3 You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Yeshua HaMashiach.

Yahweh promises to help us survive the Great Tribulation if we love Him and we love our brothers. And there are rules for that. And what it takes in sum is that we go to war with ourselves. We go to war with our own flesh. We humble ourselves to realize this is about spiritual transformation. This is not about resting and reading on Sabbath and feasts. This is about humbling ourselves to do everything that we can for Him. So that His reign might finally reach the ends of the Earth. So that we can see our Love and our Husband realize His dream, sitting on His throne, ruling and reigning over all the Earth.

Only it is not going to be Him here. As we explain in the Revelation study, Yeshua is going to be sitting on His throne in the heavens as our Head. And we will be His body, His hands, and His feet acting out His will here on Earth. So that the prayer might be fulfilled “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven”.

That is what we are going to need to do, brothers and sisters, for a thousand years. Is to serve Him in that way. And if that is not in our heart and all we want to do is go back home, rejoice, and make merry on the hills of Samaria, and rule and reign over the nations… okay. If service is not in our heart, then the fruit is not going to be there.

We are not given to judge another man’s heart. Only Yahweh only Elohim can do that. But we are told to judge the fruit. So brothers and sisters, can we inspect our own fruit? Because this is the whole point of the exercises. One gigantic bozo filter operation. And if we do not bear good fruit then the axe is going to be laid to the root of the trees. And Yahweh will not be mocked. As we sow into Yeshua’s spiritual Kingdom and as we sow into Yeshua’s kingship, so shall we reap.

Galatim (Galatians) 6:7
7 Do not be deceived, Elohim is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

The end of Luqa 17 is also about Armageddon. We explain that in the Revelation studies as well. But what we need to remember as Ephraimites, with all this history and all this emotional baggage, and however many toes we might have stuck left in the world or in Babylon, we need to remember what Yeshua tells us in Luqa chapter 17 and verse 33.

Whoever seeks to save his life in this world (in Babylon or in Egypt) will lose it. But whoever loses his life in Egypt and Babylon for Yeshua’s sake will preserve it for everlasting life.

Luqa (Luke) 17:33
33 Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.

But we have to do it all, brothers and sisters. Not just sit around like our forefathers, thinking we are doing all when really are not. May Elohim please help increase our faith so that we do not think more highly of ourselves than what we ought. May Yeshua come quickly.

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