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Parasha Balak 2022: THE ERROR of Balaam!

Parasha Balak Readings

Bemidbar (Numbers) 22:2-25:9
Melachim Bet (2 Kings) 5, (Micah) 5-6
B'rit Chadasha
Yehudah (Jude)

In this week’s Parasha, we are going to see what is called the error of Balaam. We are going to see just how prevalent this error was back in the days of our forefathers in the wilderness, how prevalent it was in the first century during the days of the great falling away, and we will also see how prevalent it is in the Ephraimite movement today. We are going to see how those who allow themselves to fall into this very simple error will probably not make it through the tribulation. All that is coming up.

In Parasha Chukat, we saw that even though our forefathers were grumblers, complainers, a bunch of whiners, Yahweh still helped them to conquer. Even though our forefathers were not faithful, He was still faithful.

Bemidbar (Numbers) 21:24
24 “Then Israel defeated him with the edge of the sword, and took possession of his land from the Arnon to the Jabbok, as far as the people of Ammon; for the border of the people of Ammon was fortified.”

Well, so in Bemidbar or Numbers chapter 21, Yahweh helped our forefathers to destroy the king of Arad. Then He helped our ancestors defeat Sihon, king of the Amorites. And then after that, He also helped us defeat king Og, also king of the Amorites.

Bemidbar (Numbers) 22:2-3
2 “Now Balak the son of Zippor saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites.
3 And Moab was exceedingly afraid of the people because they were many, and Moab was sick with dread because of the children of Israel.”

Then in chapter 22, we see that the king of Moab, Balak (the annihilator), the son of Zippor, saw everything that our forefathers had done to the Amorites. And Moab was exceedingly afraid of our forefathers because they were many and Moab was sick with dread because of our ancestors.

So Moab said to the Elders of Midian: Now this company is going to lick up everything around us like an ox licks up the grass of the field. If you have ever seen cows, that is exactly what they do. They wrap their tongues around the grass, and they just lick it up and consume it.

Balaam  בִּלְעָם Probably from H1077 and H5971; not (of the) people, that is, foreigner; Bislama, a Mesopotamian prophet; also a place in Palestine: Balaam, Bileam.

So, King Balak sent Messengers to Balaam the son of Beor. Strong’s tells us his name probably means something like “not one of the people”. So then the Annihilator said to “not one of the people”, look a people, Israel, our forefathers, has come up from Egypt and see, they cover the face of the earth, and they are settling in next to me. Therefore, please come at once and curse this people for me because they are too much for me. Perhaps I should be able to defeat them and drive them out of the land for I know that he whom you bless is blessed and he whom you curse is cursed.

So from our point of view, Balaam is effectively an independent minister. He is not truly part of our organized Nation. He is not attempting to build first the kingdom of Elohim. He just uses the good spiritual gifts that Elohim gives him to make his own independent money. Does anyone know any independent ministers or ministries like that in the Ephraimite movement?

They are not trying to build upon a single foundation of Apostles and Prophets according to a five-fold Ministry protocol. They are just trying to make money for themselves. And then, yeah, I don’t know how many of these guys I have talked with over the years, but they always say, what is wrong with that? The worker is worthy of his hire.

Brothers listen, wait 30 or 40 years and we are going to see what is wrong with that, but I would think if we value our lives, we are going to make changes first. Such that what we are preaching and teaching and walking and talking looks like the book of Acts and not like something else.

Bemidbar (Numbers) 22:7
7 “So the elders of Moab and the elders of Midian departed with the diviner’s fee in their hand, and they came to Balaam and spoke to him the words of Balak.”

Verse 7. So the elders of Moab and the elders of Median departed with the diviners’ fee in their hands. That is the key point. People say I do not understand what this passage means. They have forgotten that the elders departed with the diviners’ fee in their hand because they know they are going to pay, right? So they bring it right up front.

And they came to Balaam and paid him the diviners’ fee, up front, because that is how you do it, right? if you are a diviner, a fortune teller, or any kind of information-based business or service, you have to ask for the fee up front because if you do the divination and he does not like what you said, why is he going to pay you? Even if he likes what you tell him why is he going to pay you? Because why buy the cow when the milk is free right? Okay, so you have to charge him the fee for divination up front and that is why they came with the fee for divination in their hand.

So they came to Balaam, paid him the fee, and told him what Annihilator, the king of Moab wanted. After they have already paid their fees, Balaam said lodge here tonight, Elohim is probably going to speak to me in a dream and I will bring back word to you but whatever Yahweh speaks, that is what I am going to say to you.

Because you already paid me the fee, I am just going to tell you whatever He says. It is a straight information deal. So the princes of Moab stayed with Balaam and Elohim came to Balaam and said, who are these men with you? Balaam then said to Elohim, Annihilator the king of Moab has sent to me saying, look, a people has come out of Egypt, and they cover the face of the Earth. Come now curse them for me perhaps I should be able to overpower them and drive them out.

Elohim said to “not one of the people”, you shall not go with them, and you shall not curse the people for they are blessed.

Now, let us notice also what Elohim did not say here. Elohim did not say anything about the need to bring more money. Elohim did not say, what? that is all they paid you? I am insulted. If they bring you more money then you can go with them, but only if they bring you more money. He did not say that.

Bemidbar (Numbers) 22:13
13 “So Balaam rose in the morning and said to the princes of Balak, “Go back to your land, for Yahweh has refused to give me permission to go with you.”

So the independent Minister rose in the morning and said to the princes of Balak, go back to your land for Yahweh has refused to give me permission to go with you.

Bemidbar (Numbers) 22:14
14 “And the princes of Moab rose and went to Balak, and said, “Balaam refuses to come with us.””

Okay, now so far so good, no sin no foul up to this point. It is a very simple transaction. They paid the fee for divination, Elohim said no, done deal, it is all done. But in verse 14, what happened? The princes of Moab rose and went back to the Annihilator and said, you know even though he is not one of the organized nation, he refuses to come with us. So what does the Annihilator do?

Bemidbar (Numbers) 22:15-16
15 “Then Balak again sent princes, more numerous and more honorable than they.
16 And they came to Balaam and said to him, “Thus says Balak the son of Zippor: ‘Please let nothing hinder you from coming to me;”

Verse 15, he again sent princes more numerous and more honorable than before probably with more divination money in their hands. They came to Balaam with more fees for divination in their hands. More money. And they said to him, thus says the Annihilator, please, let nothing hinder you from coming to me. I will certainly honor you greatly. I will give you whatever you want. I will do whatever you say to me but therefore please come and curse this people for me so that me and my people do not die.

Balaam, he said, you do not understand how this works okay hold up. How this works is, okay, this is an information service. You give me the money up front then I consult Elohim and I tell you what he says okay? That is it. I am not a false prophet. I am not making things up. I am not saying anything Elohim does not say. You are paying me a fee, I am just telling you what Elohim says okay? That is all I am doing. I am passing information. You know any Messianic ministries like that?

Bemidbar (Numbers) 22:18
18 “Then Balaam answered and said to the servants of Balak, “Though Balak were to give me his house full of silver and gold, I could not go beyond the word of Yahweh my Elohim, to do less or more.”

Verse 18. And even if king Annihilator were to give me his whole palace full of silver and gold, gemstones, precious pearls, stocks and bonds, 401K plans, cushy pillows, potato chips, whatever, I cannot go beyond the word of Yahweh my Elohim to do less or to do more.

And he probably believes what he is saying and at least in his own mind he probably believes he is being a faithful mercenary seer and a faithful prophet of Yahweh. He is just using the good gifts that Yahweh gave him to make his own money. What is wrong with that?

Well, now we are going to see what is wrong with that. We are going to see he is going to make a big mistake. He is going to make the decision to let money play a part in his decision-making process and that is because Balaam is double-minded. That means he is making decisions based on more than just Elohim and His Word alone.

Now in this case, he is making decisions based on Elohim’s Word and money. In other words, he is making decisions based on Elohim and Mammon. That is what is wrong with that, but he thinks he is cool. How many of us know of such Messianic ministers? They are just using the good spiritual gifts Elohim gave them to make money, but they think they are cool.

Bemidbar (Numbers) 22:19
19 “Now therefore, please, you also stay here tonight, that I may know what more Yahweh will say to me.”

In verse 19 he says, well you know, if you put it that way, that is quite a diviners’ fee you have brought there in your hand. Well now therefore please stay here tonight and let me ask Yahweh again because you are giving me a new diviners fee and that is what I do, I consult Yahweh. You are asking me again, so let me consult again you know, because that is a mighty fine diviners’ fee brought there in your hand. You know, I mean Yahweh, he did not say anything about you needing to bring more money the last time I asked Him, but you know I make my living based on diviners’ fees and I sure do not want to turn your fee away you know. So if you stay here again tonight and let me ask Him again. You know He already said not to go with you because He has already blessed the people but let me ask Him again. We will get a second opinion and maybe Yahweh changed His mind, what do you think?

Bemidbar (Numbers) 22:20
20 “And Yahweh came to Balaam at night and said to him, “If the men come to call you, rise and go with them; but only the word which I speak to you—that you shall do.”

Verse 20. Elohim is thinking, hey you turkey, what, did I tell you that I would change my mind if the Annihilator sent more money? I did not say anything about more money uh, I do not know what I am going to do here but I can see this mercenary prophet, this for-profit prophet, this mercenary seer here, he is not thinking about Me. He is not thinking about what I want you know nothing about the kingdom I am trying to establish here on the earth he is just using the good spiritual gifts I made him to make his own independent Minister money. All right so what am I going to do here? How are we going to deal with this man?

So Elohim comes to Balaam at night and He says to him, okay look, here is how it is. If the men have come to call you and you want to go, okay rise and go with them but if you go, only the Word that I say to you, that you shall speak. Nothing else. You are not going to seek what I want, you are not dedicated to Me, you are not trying to help My people Israel, sure, I am going to let you wear yourself out on this thing. I am going to use you for my purposes just like with king Nebuchadnezzar. It is going to end badly for you just like it ends badly for all the independent mercenary ministers, for all the independent for-profit prophets. Because Yeshua says, he who does not gather with me scatters abroad.

So what happens? Balaam makes his choice. He rises in the morning, saddles his donkey, and he went with the princes of Moab. He did not have to. Then Elohim’s anger was aroused because Balaam chose to go. And a lot of people again, they find this passage very confusing. Sometimes people say I do not get it. Why does Elohim get angry? He said it was okay to go, what is the problem? Elohim told Balaam, if the men have come to call you, rise and go with them and that is what he did. So why is Elohim getting upset?

Let us think about it again from Elohim’s point of view. It is not enough to use His gifts for our own purposes. He wants us to use our gifts for His purposes. Elohim wants us to be one of His people. And what is the alternative, not one of His people? Elohim wants us to want what He wants. That is what it means, when we love Yahweh our Elohim with all of our heart, with all of our soul, with all of our strength. It means if we love Him, we should want to know what He wants us to do.

That is not what Balaam is doing. That is not what most independent mercenary Ministries are doing. They are not building Yeshua’s Kingdom. If we want something other than what Yahweh wants for us, He does not like it so much because He created us to serve Him. We are His slaves. We have a job to perform. The thing is, Yahweh is such a gentleman, He is never going to make us do His will but He is always going to note the difference whether or not we do His will. And if we choose that we want to be disobedient, He is going to turn us over to the desires of our heart. He is going to give us over unto our reprobate unclean desires. It is a simple relationship really, if we love Yahweh, and we ask Him and then we do what He says, do what He wants, everything is going to go very well for us. It is like Shema or bust.

But Balaam did not want that. Balaam wanted to be independent. He was not seeking what Elohim wanted. He was not trying to be part of Elohim’s unified people. He did not love Elohim, that is the problem. Or if he did love Elohim, why did he not do what Elohim wanted? Nothing more nothing less, that is the real question. That is a question for us today.

We can see very easily Balaam was for hire. If there was more money in the offering, Balaam was going to ask Yahweh if he could take it. Balaam thought he was doing good. He probably thought he was receiving the blessings for being a faithful for-profit prophet and a faithful mercenary seer of Yahweh. Anyone know any Messianic ministries like this? Not seeking Elohim’s heart? Not attempting to preach according to the book of Acts? Not helping people conform to Yeshua’s example? Just teaching people to adore Yeshua and not pattern their worship after Yeshua, not seeking Elohim’s heart and thinking they are doing good?

Well, then we have various sundry and silly episodes. If we had more time, we would talk about how Balaam basically tries to please Balak to justify his diviners’ fee. The problem is that he is not trying to please Yahweh Elohim because he is not doing what Elohim said. Elohim already told him not to curse the people because Israel was blessed. It has nothing to do with money, but do we not have a lot of Messianic ministers, Ephramites, Orthodox rabbis saying a whole lot of things Elohim’s Word never says? Why is that? Are we doing these things to please Elohim or are we doing these things to justify our salaries?

Well, double-mindedness is not just a problem in the Torah because we will see the same kind of double-mindedness in our Haftarah prophetic portion so let us come to Melachim bet or second Kings chapter five.

Melachim Bet (2 Kings) 5:1
1 “Now Naaman, commander of the army of the king of Syria, was a great and honorable man in the eyes of his master, because by him Yahweh had given victory to Syria. He was also a mighty man of valor, but a leper.”

Here we meet Naaman the Aramian. He was a mighty man of valor working for the wrong team. He was on the Assyrian side of things, and he was a leper.

Tsaraat צָרַעַת Probably from H6879; A primitive root; to scourge, that is, (intransitively and figuratively) to be stricken with leprosy: – leper, leprous.

In Hebrew leprosy is called Tsaraat or Tsaraas if you have an Ashkenazi speech defect. That is Strong’s Hebrew concordance H or OT 6879. In Scripture, Tsaraat refers to any kind of infection or skin problem that they do not really know what causes it. Sometimes there is a kind of an angry red infected hair situation or not but generally it is this some kind of angry red inflammation to leprosy.

Now the back story is that the Assyrians would go out on raids and attack our ancestors in the land. Now a young Israelite girl was carried off into Assyria and taken into slavery, in the service of Naaman the Aramian, the leprous warrior.

Now notice something special here, even though she is a slave, notice the Israelite girl still has the humility and the love for all people to tell her evil captor master how to get healed. Now let us remember that as the Sabbatean Frankist slowly bring the Great Tribulation down upon us. We as Israelites, we do not fight fire with fire.

Our duty is to love all people regardless of what they are doing to us. Think about the Beatitudes, if we love only those who love us, what reward do we have? Though even the Gentiles do the same. And this is where some of our brethren go off the rails as they forget to love all mankind. They think, oh no, we are just the genetic Jews so that is all. And no, it’s not about that, it’s not about our flesh, it’s about our spirits.

We are called to love everyone even while they are still sinners, even while they are still sinning against us, we are still called to love them so we fight fire with the waters of the Spirit, at least wherever we can, trusting and praying that Elohim is going to make everything work out all right.

Fast forward, the Israelite girl tells Naman that if you will go see the prophet Elisha, he can be healed. So he does, he goes there to see Elisha and Elisha serves him without any thought of pay whatsoever. Nothing, no money is involved, and he says nonetheless, let Naman come to him only so that he will know that there is a prophet in Israel, meaning, that he will know that there is an Elohim in Israel and that is exactly what happens.

Elisha serves Naman without any thought of any pay, of any kind. What is he doing, he is heaping coals of fire on Naman‘s head. He is heaping coals of fire on someone who took an Israelite girl captive and is holding her as a slave.

He tells Naman to wash seven times in the Jordan, and he does, and he is clean. He is amazed his skin is soft and supple like that of a child, and it worked.

Melachim Bet (2 Kings) 5:15
15 “And he returned to the man of Elohim, he and all his aides, and came and stood before him; and he said, “Indeed, now I know that there is no Elohim in all the earth, except in Israel; now therefore, please take a gift from your servant.”

In verse 15 he says, indeed, now I know that there is no Elohim in all the earth except in Israel. So his strategy worked and Naman says, now therefore, please take a gift from your servant, please take a gift from my hand, I should give you something.

But Elisha refuses money, he refuses Naman’s gifts even though Naman urges oppresses him offers repeatedly. What is the point? The point is Elisha is not even interested in something Yahweh did not give him. He is not interested in Mammon. He is not interested in taking anything Yahweh Elohim does not say to take.

Oh but what happens, his serving Gehazi sure is. So the leprosy clings to Gehazi because Ghazi was double-minded. Because gehazi did not glorify Elohim. Ghazi did not say, you know what, look at this wonderful miracle that has been wrought. We have an Assyrian who is in service to the king of Assyria and now he knows there is no Elohim in all the earth except in Israel. What a wonderful moment and to mess with that, to mess with the glorification of Elohim, ouch that is double-minded.

Mikah (Micah) 1:1
1 “The word of Yahweh that came to Micah of Moresheth in the days of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, which he saw concerning Samaria and Jerusalem.”

From here, let us go to the Book of Micah. Let us drop quickly to chapter one and verse one. We are going to see that Micah was a prophet to both the houses of Israel. Both to Samaria meaning Ephraim and also to Jerusalem meaning the southern Kingdom of Judah.

Let us jump to chapter six, and here we see Elohim pleading with Israel because he has a complaint. What is his complaint? His complaint basically is his people are double-minded, just like Balaam. I wish we had time to go through the whole book systematically but basically Elohim says His people are not doing things His way. Rather, they are doing things their own way, basically because there is more money in it for them. His people are double-minded.

Mikah (Micah) 6:5
5 “O My people, remember now What Balak king of Moab counseled, And what Balaam the son of Beor answered him, From Acacia Grove to Gilgal, That you may know the righteousness of the Yahweh.”

Well what was it? What was it that Balak counseled and what was it that Balaam answered him? Balak’s council paying a profit to pervert Yahweh’s will, as if that was even possible. The problem is, Balaam went along with it just in case there might be something in it for him. Is that how Elohim wants a prophet to act? He is going to give a prophet good spiritual gifts and the prophet is going to act like that?

You know, we could also remember how it was when Elohim first called us out of Egypt. How He gave us the first-born priesthood. In those early days, we did not have Commandments for animal sacrifices, we covered this earlier in the series. At that time, all Elohim wanted was that we would obey His voice and be diligent to do everything that He said, including all of His written Commandments, because those also are just things that the Spirit has said to do. We are responsible for all that.

It was only after the sin of the golden calf, when we failed, that is when Yahweh gave us the animal sacrificial system because we had already proven that we were too rebellious, and we do not care. We were just plain too stupid to hear and obey His voice and decide to be diligent about doing it.

We have talked about this all through the series. That is why Yahweh, brother Judah, that is why Yahweh gave us the animal sacrificial system in the first place, was as a trainer until we should learn how to discipline ourselves to do what He wanted in the first place, which is to hear His voice and do everything He says. That is what He has wanted all along. That is why He gave us the temple system, was as a step because what He really wants, He is really trying to restore, is that relationship that was lost and broken in the Garden of Eden, but we severed our trust with Him. We behaved incorrectly.

Now we have a situation where our Orthodox brethren are getting ready to put together a third temple dedicated to their anti-mashiach. We are going to see this happen. This will not be the millennial temple of Ezekiel chapters 44-46. It is a different temple than that. The next temple we are going to see is going to be the anti-yeshua or the anti-mashiach temple of second Thessalonians chapter 2.

Let us ask ourselves the question. Yahweh is speaking to both houses in Micah, what are we going to be teaching? What are our Orthodox brethren going to be teaching in that coming temple? Are they going to be teaching the whole world to hear and obey Yahweh’s voice and to be diligent about doing everything that He said to do, including all of His written Commandments? Are they going to teach the world to submit to the Talmud because that is the commandments of men? Which one are they going to try? Are they going to try and teach people to bring an offering to them just like Balak promised honor Balaam, if he would corrupt Yahweh’s word and teach something other than what Yahweh said to do?

Let us hear the word of Yahweh, verse 6. Yahweh says:

Mikah (Micah) 6:6
6 With what shall I come before Yahweh, And bow myself before the high Elohim? Shall I come before Him [to honor Him] with burnt offerings, with [the soft juicy flesh of] calves only a year old would?

Will Yahweh be pleased with thousands of rams with ten thousand rivers of oil?

Or hey, I know, if I transgress, yeah, I just bring in my firstborn son in an offering for my transgression, yeah I can give the fruit of my body for the sins of my soul because Yahweh does not want obedience to His voice, He just wants blood right? He just wants us to give the rabbis our tithes and gifts and offerings, right?

Yahweh forbid brothers. Yahweh has always wanted us to hear and obey His voice including all His written commands. That is what He wants. He wants us to be a blessing like that to the whole world. Why are we setting up to do something other than that? Yahweh wants that we learn to pay attention, hear and obey His voice and pay attention to Him with each breath. With each to be thankful for each breath and to let His will guide our will so that we can be guided away from sin and into His righteousness by the gift of His Spirit.

He has shown us brothers, what is good. What does Yahweh our Elohim require of us but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our Elohim. Taking care to listen to what He says and to obey His voice in each moment. What does He want but for us to restore the original trust-obedience relationship that existed in the garden, that we severed by our disobedience because we did not want to hear and obey His voice, because we had other things that were more important to us. The lust of our eyes, the lusts of our flesh, and our pride. We saw the fruit. We thought it looked good. We thought it would taste good. We thought it would make us wise, boost our ego.

Well, sometime when Elohim gives us time, we hope to have time to talk about the sins of Omri. He was in the wicked system of Omri that still exists, has been adopted both in Judah and in Ephraim. We will talk about this some other time but briefly, our ancestor, our Ephraimite King Omri, came up with a totally different system to replace Yahweh’s inheritance laws. These laws of Omri are the foundation of what today we call the fee assembly state system. The modern-day banking and the mortgage industry, they are all based on that. And Yahweh says, that is not right, that is not what I told you to do. Hear the rod because His punishment is coming, because He does not like us altering His words. He does not like us replacing His system with the system of our own.

Brothers, we have not made things any better, we have made things far worse. And why do we do this? Yahweh says because there is more money for us in this system. So once again we have exchanged the inheritance of Yahweh from man-made system because there is more money. Just like Balaam or going around thinking everything is just fine, even though we are using the good spiritual gifts He gives us to do something other than to establish His son’s Kingdom and we think it is going to go well for us.

So now we come to our renewed Covenant portion so let us go to the book of Yehuda or Jude. We are going to see it is the same problem as in the wilderness, it just takes on a different aspect. Here we have Israelites and in this case, we have believers in Yeshua, we have Nazarene Jews, but they are wanting to worship Yeshua their own way. They do not want to do what Yeshua said to do, they want to worship Yeshua their own way and is not that just like our ancestors? The problem is, in the first century, our forefathers being disobedient looked like the great falling away and they did not recover. In fact, we are that recovery beginning now beginning in 1996.

As we explain in the Nazarene Israel study, outside the land of Israel, where the Torah was not understood, the torahless Christian variation of the faith, the broad easy road version of the Faith began to flourish and grew much more rapidly than the Torah obedient Nazarene Israelite Faith. So then three centuries later, the Roman variation of the Faith stamped out all the other variations of the faith including the original first century Israelite sect of the Nazarenes.

Yehudah (Jude) 3
3 “Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.”

Now here, Yehuda or Jude is warning everyone. In verse 3, there is a specific Faith that needs to be contended for and adhered to. There was a specific Israelite sect of the Nazarenes that the people needed to adhere to that doctrine. They needed to walk according to that Halachah.

But of course our ancestors said, we do not want to do it Elohim’s way, we want to walk our own way. And we can just see the whole great falling away developing reading the Epistles and Jude was considered to be a uh. Well Yeshua’s brothers, none of them believed in him while he was alive, but they saw him after he had been resurrected so Jude was one of the brothers who believed. It was believed he was a traveling Apostle or traveling missionary out in the dispersion, outside the land of Israel, where the Gentile nations held the Torah to be worthless, they held it in contempt.

So again we can see how the original first century Israelite sect of the Nazarenes would fall by the wayside as this eclipsed by the Christian torahless variations of the Faith. Jude is complaining about all these things, once again, just like our forefathers in the wilderness. We are seeking after the blessings rather than seeking the blessor. We are seeking the gifts rather than the giver.

Well, as we explain in Revelation and the End Times, or Revelation Simplified on YouTube, now is the time for everyone in the body of Mashiach, both Judah and Ephraim, to begin coming together in the right order in these last days. The right order is known we need to be ordering ourselves according to the commanded order so that we unify on a single foundation of Apostles and Prophets, according to the five-fold protocol.

This is especially important in that we are facing two very important, you might call, phase markers in the progression. We talk about this more in the Revelation study, Father willing, we will get the opportunity to do Revelation and the End Times, Part Two. The thing is, the Ephraimite movement (generally acknowledged) began around 1996-1998-2000. Now notice that is 2,000 years after Yeshua’s birth in 4 BCE.

Hosea (Hosea) 6:2
2 “After two days He will revive us; On the third day He will raise us up, That we may live in His sight.”

That is just as it says in Hosea, after two days He shall revive us and in the third day He shall raise us up so that we live before Him in His sight. Now, if two thousand years after Yeshua’s birth was when we began to see the restoration of the House of Ephraim 1996-1998-2000, what do we expect to see 2,000 years from the start of Yeshua’s ministry that is coming up in 2026?

There is another major time point 2,000 years after Yeshua’s death, burial and resurrection. That is coming up around 2029 2030, depending on how you count. Now, that is also about the time they expect to bring agenda 2030 to full fruition and full power. That is a huge time of change.

We believe it will also be a huge time of growth for the original Nazarene Faith because He says, after two days He shall revive us and the third day He shall lift us up so that we live before Him in His sight. We Believe it is going to be a huge time of growth at these time points and it makes sense because as our people begin to experience pain, finally we begin to listen. When things are going too good, we are not listening to Yahweh. It is only when things go badly when we get rebuked, that is when we finally start to wake up so let us get prayed up and let us get ready because Yahweh’s true restoration is in process brothers and sisters.

There are some important things we need to be doing for Him right now to get ready for these important prophetic time points at 2026 and that 2030. Now we do not know the exact dates, we just know the sequences. You can read all about those sequences in Revelation and the End Times, or Revelation Simplified. Again, Father willing, please pray He will give us time to do Revelation and the end times part two even part three.

There are some really great stuff I would love to show you all but the very first things we need to do are the things Elohim commands us. Everyone wants all the revelations everyone wants all the knowledge of Prophecy. We all want the gifts but how many of us want to serve Him the way He wants to be served?

Regarding Balak and Balaam as we read this epistle from Jude, as you read it at home, read it from the eyes of the Nazarene Jew or the Nazarene Israelite who wrote it. He is telling us we need to contend earnestly for the original Faith. He is talking about a fight. What kind of a spiritual army are we for Him if we cannot even fight and contend for the original Faith? Then we read the list of complaints that Jews levels against our ancestors in these assemblies that are out in the dispersion as the great falling away begins and this is in the first century.

Yehudah (Jude) 8
8 “Likewise also these dreamers defile the flesh, reject authority, and speak evil of dignitaries.”

Verse 8 he says there are dreamers in the body or maybe some sons of Joseph, there are dreamers in the body and they are dreaming that their salvation allows them to defile the flesh, to eat unclean meats, to do things the Torah says not to do, to do things that Torah says will defile us, so they ignore those kinds of things just like Christianity.

There are others they say that we should reject authority, we can even speak evil of dignitaries. Anyone know anyone in the Ephraimite movement like that? Then he tells us that the true role of the biblical prophet in the first century, it is already given way to the for-profit prophet. Now we have for-profit prophets with a profit motive inside the body of Meshiach. This is in the first century. Just like Balaam they are using the good spiritual gifts for their own benefit and their own gain rather than using the giftings to build the body of mashiach worldwide to bring things together in the right order. Anyone see just like our ancestors in the wilderness, they are seeking the gifts of Yahweh, not the Giver.

And today as we go through the Revelation study hopefully, we have more time to talk about this in the future, we have inside the body of Mashiach, we have Balaam, we have Ahab, we have Jezebel, we have the Nicolaitan spirit, we have the Laodicean spirit, we have all kinds of demons inside the body of Mashiach. We are not immune to discipline and punishment.

Yehudah (Jude) 11
11 “Woe to them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished in the rebellion of Korah.”

Verse 11 Yehuda says woe to them for they have gone in the way of Qayin (or Cain) and they have run greedily in the error of Balaam the for-profit Prophet. They have perished in Korah’s rebellion because our forefathers were just plain rebellious, just like us.

Yehudah (Jude) 16
16 “These are grumblers, complainers, walking according to their own lusts; and they mouth great swelling words, flattering people to gain advantage.”

Verse 16, he says that there are grumblers and complainers just like our forefathers in the wilderness and the reason we are complaining, he says, is we are not seeking what Elohim wants. Oh no, we are seeking our own desires. We want what we want and Yehudah calls this walking after our own lusts.

Yehudah (Jude) 24
24 “Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, And to present you faultless Before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy,”

Brothers, sisters, verse 24 tells us that if we will dedicate ourselves to His cause and repent and walk according to His Spirit, He is able to keep us from stumbling. He can present us faultless, spotless, without blemish before the presence of His glory at the day of the Judgment as we stand before that awesome great white throne. He can bring us faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding Joy. All we have to do is to make a commitment to want only what He wants. We have to make a commitment to renounce double-mindedness which is wanting what we want in addition to what He wants for us. It is the only way to please Him which is the only way to survive the Great Tribulation. Let us pray for it brothers and sisters.

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30Behar05-10-2024Leviticus 25:1-26:2Jeremiah 32Luke 13
31Bechukotai12-10-2024Leviticus 26:3-27Jeremiah 16-17Luke 14-15
32Bemidbar19-10-2024Numbers 1:1-4:20Hosea 2Luke 16-17
33Nasso26-10-2024Numbers 4:21-7:89Judges 13-15John 11
34Beha’alotcha02-11-2024Numbers 8:1-12:15Zechariah 2-4Luke 17-18
35Shelach09-11-2024Numbers 13:1-15:41Joshua 1-2Matthew 10
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36Korach16-11-2024Numbers 16-181 Samuel 11-12John 19
37Chukat23-11-2024Numbers 19:1-22:1Judges 111 Peter 4
38Balak30-11-2024Numbers 22:2-25:92 Kings 5
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41Devarim21-12-2024Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22Isaiah 1Mark 14
42Va’etchanan28-12-2024Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11Isaiah 40Luke 22
43Ekev04-01-2025Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25Isaiah 49-51John 13-15


Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17Isaiah 66Ma’asei (Acts) 15
45Shoftim18-01-2025Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9Isaiah 51-52Matthew 26-27
46Ki Tetze25-01-2025Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19Isaiah 54Luke 22-23
47Ki Tavo01-02-2025Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8Isaiah 60Luke 22-23 (again)
48Nitzavim08-02-2025Deuteronomy 29:9-30:20Isaiah 61-63Luke 24 (all)
49Vayelech15-02-2025Deuteronomy 31:1-31:30Hosea 14
Micah 7
Joel 2
James 1-2 (all)
50Ha’azinu22-02-2025Deuteronomy 32:1-32:522 Samuel 221 Corinthians 1
51Vezot Haberakhah01-03-2025Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12 Matthew 5-7
 52Our Commission08-03-2025  Galatians 1-6
 53Month Thirteen15-03-2025  1 Timothy

First Month FeastsRosh Hashanah11-03-2024Ex.12:1-2, Num 28:11-151 Samuel 20 (all)Colossians 2:16-17
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