Video 5:

Where is the Equinox Commanded?

This video explains why many Karaites and Messianic believers are unwittingly practicing sun worship by “waiting for spring” before keeping the Passover, even when the barley is aviv (medium dough). It also explains how, if you believe the Passover cannot take place in winter, or if you feel you must “wait for spring” before celebrating the Passover, then you are unwittingly practicing sun worship, as “waiting for spring” or “waiting for the Spring Equinox” is not commanded anywhere in Scripture. (Version 1.1, removes a Talmud commentary that we thought was a Talmud quotation.) [Note 2022: We recently learned that the equinox was discovered even earlier, by the Babylonian astronomer Kidinnu circa 379 BCE, thus antedating Hipparchus by about two and one-half centuries. However, the point is that the equinox was discovered by the Babylonians and the Greeks (who are all a part of the Babylonian system). It has nothing to do with the Torah of Moshe.]

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