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This New Video Series about Nazarene Israel Scripture Studies is a collection of important detailed studies that show how we are to walk and to worship today. Read these after the Nazarene Israel study, to understand specific topics.

Chapters of Nazarene Israel Scripture Studies Vol One:

predestination, preordination, forordained, prophecies

About Predestination

In About Predestination, we explain the paradox between free will and predestination. Everything that has happened or will happen is not by chance. Yahweh is completely sovereign over His creation.

Ulices Rodriguez – 23/02/2024

tree of life

Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Life

In this video, we will examine the two special trees in the Garden of Eden. The Tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the Tree of life. We will see the significance in each tree…

Ulices Rodriguez – 01/03/2024

About Sacrifices, animal sacrifices, burnt offerings, atonement for sin, first century faith

About Sacrifices

“About Sacrifices” explains the symbolic representation of the animal sacrificial system, and how it pertains to our walk of faith today, and in the future.

Ulices Rodriguez – 08/03/2024

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