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Shabbat shalom, Nazarenes.


1a. Upcoming Rosh HaShanah? Or Thirteenth Hebrew Month?
The beginning of the next Hebrew month is expected to be visible from Israel on 11 February 2024. And some of you (we hope everyone) are probably eager to know whether this next new moon will be Rosh HaShanah (the head of the new Hebrew year) or a 13th Hebrew month. 

In several studies we explain why, in order to declare Rosh HaShanah, it is necessary to have an omer-quantity of firstfruitsaviv barley for Yom HaNafat HaOmer (the Day of the Wave Sheaf Offering) ready within the 15-21 day time period after declaring Rosh HaShanah. And as of 2 February 2024, we have not received any reports from the land of Israel of barley nearing the aviv stage. Due to this, at this time, a 13th Hebrew month is looking like the probable (but NOT confirmed) outcome.

However, it is important to emphasize that the land of Israel is in the desert region, and that the growth of barley in Israel can change quickly as weather patterns change. And that a Rosh HaShanah declaration at the next new moon is still possible. And because Yahweh wants us to faithfully wait upon Him to declare His Rosh HaShanah and His appointed feasts, it is important that we do not make our own forcasts outside of His perfect timing. 

Therefore, we encourage everyone to check the Torah Calendar News 2024 page on a daily basis, as we faithfully wait upon Yahweh for His Rosh HaShanah and for His first month feasts.


2a. Parasha Vayelech: A Plea to Return to Yahweh!
Parasha Vayelech: can be summarized as a plea for us to return to Yahweh. For all of mankind has sinned and fallen short of the glory of Elohim – Romans 3:23.

2b. Beit Sefer Children’s Publications (Home Page):
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For Children’s Parasha Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Tanach Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Brit Chadasha Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Hebrew Lessons,  please click here.

3a. New Moon of the 13th or 1st Hebrew month:
The beginning of the next Hebrew month is expected to be visible from Israel on 11 February 2024. We are currently watching reports from Israel that will determine whether this next new moon with be the new moon of Rosh HaShanah, or the beginning of a 13th Hebrew month.
For more details and links to reports from Israel, please visit Torah Calendar News 2024.

3b. Upcoming Discipleship Meetings: All meetings are at 8 AM Colombian time (always UTC-5, but watch your Daylight Savings Time adjustments). The Discipleship Meeting is a discussion between disciples. It is generally 1-hour long but may run longer depending on how the Spirit leads. For more on NI’s description of discipleship, please see NI’s Discipleship program.

12 February (expected)- New Moon meeting of 13th Hebrew month OR Rosh HaShannah.

Note: If the monthly Discipleship Meeting coincides with the weekly Shabbat Meeting, the Shabbat Meeting will take precedence, and new moon discussion will be combined with the Shabbat meeting. However, in the case of a Feast Day Meeting coinciding with a Shabbat meeting, the Feast Day Meeting will take precedence.

3c. Torah Calender News Updates.
Please remain attentive for the next Hebrew year’s feast schedule, early 2024, once Rosh HaShanah is declared. For more on how the Biblical Hebrew new year is determined (and how it is not determined), please watch Establishing the Head of the Year

I encourage you to check the news each week, to follow the trends of the four horses. Also, if you have never gone through the permanent links, we urge you to read them. Click here to read the Nazarene Revelation News on the website. (You must be logged in to view.)

The purpose of the Revelation News is to show that the Revelation Timeline is correct (as explained in the study, Revelation and the End Times.) Links on the news page are for the sole purpose of giving updates pertinent to the Revelation news timeline. Nazarene Israel does not necessarily support doctrine shared in outside news sources.

Everything is still 100% on track according to the Revelation Timeline in Revelation and the End Times!

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