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Nazarene News (as of 09-02-2024)

Nazarene News (as of 09-02-2024) gives the most current news updates about praise reports, prayer requests, projects, and current events in Nazarene Israel.

Shabbat shalom, Nazarenes.


1a. IMPORTANT! New Website Announcement!
Over the past months we have been working on several large projects. One of those projects was constructing a new website. Thanks to Yahweh, (and for help of our Administrator Moises), we are ready to officially launch!

If Yahweh wants it, we plan to launch the new website early next week (11 Feb-17 Feb). At this time, the website will be unoperational for 2-4 days during launch. And then things should be up and running well by the latter part of the week (by preparation day 16 February). 

Once the new website is fully launched, our registered users will need to register again. This will give our registered users full access to the Revelation News and other restricted Nazarene Israel studies. Those who do not re-register will still be able to access most of the Nazarene Israel studies. But as before, a few specific studies and the Revelation news will be unavailble to unregistered users. (Registration is free.)

The new website has much faster operation speed than the current website. And we feel that the organization of the website is much better. We hope that everyone will enjoy the new look and organization. 

Thank you for your patience during the new launch. Please pray with us for a successful launch next week.

2a. Parasha Ha’azinu: The History of the Gospel.
Did you know the gospel has been proclaimed since the earth’s foundation was laid? As we go through the song of Moshe in Parasha Ha’azinu, we will study and analyze mankind’s history according to scripture and discover the clues that Yahweh left for us to find to bring us back into right relationship with Him.

2b. Beit Sefer Children’s Publications (Home Page):
(To receive activities in Spanish, please sign up for the Spanish newsletter.)
For Children’s Parasha Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Tanach Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Brit Chadasha Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Hebrew Lessons,  please click here.


3a. New Moon of the 13th or 1st Hebrew month:
The moon is expected to be at a 0.82% illumination on 10 Feb. 2024. (It is is near impossible to see the moon with the naked eye at this percentage of illumination.)
The new moon of the next Hebrew month is expected to be visible from Israel on 11 Feb. 2024.
Note: The 12th Hebrew month began at evening on 12 Jan. 2024. Since a Hebrew month cannot extend beyond 30 days, the evening of 11 Feb. is the latest time for declaring the beginning of the next Hebrew month. 
We are currently watching reports from Israel that will determine whether this next new moon with be the new moon of Rosh HaShanah, or the beginning of a 13th Hebrew month.
For more details and links to reports from Israel, please visit Torah Calendar News 2024.

3b. Upcoming Discipleship Meetings: All meetings are at 8 AM Colombian time (always UTC-5, but watch your Daylight Savings Time adjustments). The Discipleship Meeting is a discussion between disciples. It is generally 1-hour long but may run longer depending on how the Spirit leads. For more on NI’s description of discipleship, please see NI’s Discipleship program.

12 February (expected)- New Moon meeting of 13th Hebrew month OR Rosh HaShannah.

Note: If the monthly Discipleship Meeting coincides with the weekly Shabbat Meeting, the Shabbat Meeting will take precedence, and new moon discussion will be combined with the Shabbat meeting. However, in the case of a Feast Day Meeting coinciding with a Shabbat meeting, the Feast Day Meeting will take precedence.

3c. Torah Calender News Updates.
Please remain attentive for the next Hebrew year’s feast schedule, early 2024, once Rosh HaShanah is declared. For more on how the Biblical Hebrew new year is determined (and how it is not determined), please watch Establishing the Head of the Year

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