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Nazarene Israel News (23 Feb 2024)

Nazarene Israel News (23 Feb 2024) gives the most current news updates about praise reports, prayer requests, projects, and current events in Nazarene Israel.

Shabbat shalom, Nazarenes.


1a. New NI Website! Registration Reminder!
If you have not had the opportunity to view the new NI website yet, we hope that you will visit soon. And as a reminder, if you were previously registered on the former NI website, it will be necessary to re-register on the new NI website in order to have full access to studies and the Revelation News.
Register for the new NI website here!
Log-in to the new NI website here!

1b. Upcoming Doctrinal Studies
Norman is currently working on several studies that we hope to release soon. He has been working on a large documentary-style video for brother Judah. This is a large project which we expect to then lead into a video series of topics.
Also, we have some older studies on specific topics which need to be updated and put to video. And it seems important to update and release these studies prior to releasing the documentary video. For that reason, Norman is currently preparing to release updated versions of “The Set-apart Names”, “Forbidden Images”, and “Yeshua: Manifestation of Yahweh”.
We have a lot of upcoming studies planned for the Kingdom work. With Yahweh’s help, we hope to release some of these studies soon (in His timing and order). Thank you for your prayers as we continue the work.

1c. End of parashiot cycle
This Hebrew year is coming to a soon end. We are currently in a 13th Hebrew month and we are waiting upon Yahweh timing to declare His Rosh HaShanah. (For updates about Rosh HaShanah, please view NI’s Torah Calendar News.)
Each year, the parashiot schedule is broken down into a 12-month Hebrew year cycle. In years that we surpass the 12-month parashiot schedule, we determine topics to teach on for the remaining weeks, according to how the Spirit leads.
Until Rosh HaShanah and the start of the next parashiot schedule, our elders (Ulices Rodriguez-English, and Mihael caetano-Espanol) will complete this parashiot cycle by teaching on specific topics, as led in the Spirit. We pray that these topics will be a blessing for you as we end this Hebrew year.

2a. About Predestination
We have several written studies which have not yet been put to video. Some of our subscribers prefer to read studies (which can be translated into any language), while others prefer to watch and listen to videos. And it has been a long-term goal to make video versions of all written studies.
This week, join elder Ulices Rodriguez as he teaches on “About Predestination”. In this video, we explain the paradox between free will and predestination, and how everything that has happened or will happen is not by chance. Yahweh is completely sovereign over His creation.
The written version by Norman Willis can be found in Nazarene Israel Scripture Studies, vol. 1.

2b. Previous Studies:
Parashiot videos (2023-4)
Video Studies
Video Shorts

Book Studies

2c. Beit Sefer Children’s Publications (Home Page):
(To receive activities in Spanish, please sign up for the Spanish newsletter.)
For Children’s Parasha Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Tanach Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Brit Chadasha Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Hebrew Lessons,  please click here.

3a. New Moon of the 1st Hebrew month (Rosh HaShanah) or 14th Hebrew month:The next new moon is expected to be visible on 11 March. 2024. We are currently watching reports from Israel that will determine whether the new moon in March will be Rosh HaShanah, or the beginning of a 14th Hebrew month. For more details and links to reports from Israel, please visit Torah Calendar News 2024. (More information in 3c.)

3b. Upcoming Discipleship Meetings: All meetings are at 8 AM Colombian time (always UTC-5, but watch your Daylight Savings Time adjustments). The Discipleship Meeting is a discussion between disciples. It is generally 1-hour long but may run longer depending on how the Spirit leads. For more on NI’s description of discipleship, please see NI’s Discipleship program.

12 March (expected)- New Moon meeting of 1st Hebrew month (Rosh HaShanah) OR 14th Hebrew month.

Note: If the monthly Discipleship Meeting coincides with the weekly Shabbat Meeting, the Shabbat Meeting will take precedence, and new moon discussion will be combined with the Shabbat meeting. However, in the case of a Feast Day Meeting coinciding with a Shabbat meeting, the Feast Day Meeting will take precedence.

3c. Torah Calender News Updates.

Below is the possible schedule for Yahweh’s feasts for year 5784-5 / 2024, if the 11 March Rosh HaShanah (Possible Scenario) is later confirmed. We emphasize that the schedule below lists expected dates only. Scripturally, we cannot make an official Rosh HaShanah declaration until the time of the new moon sighting in the land of Israel, with a coinciding report that the barley will also be ready (in its aviv stage) within the 15-21 day time frame after the new moon sighting (in time for Yom HaNafat HaOmer, or the Day of the Wave Sheaf Offering).

Currently, cold, wet weather has returned to Israel. And as of 23 February 2024, we have not received any reports of barley nearly the aviv stage. (And cold weather slows down barley’s growth rate). Therefore, it should be noted that a 14th Hebrew month remains possible. (And we cannot predict what Yahweh will do, we must watch and wait upon His timing.)

While we cannot confirm a March Rosh HaShanah until the day of the new moon, we also understand that many Nazarenes living in the dispersia hold jobs in the Babylonian system, where it is necessary to submit time-off requests in enough time for Yahweh’s celebrations in which He commands no servile work to be done. We hope this 11 March Rosh HaShanah (Possible Scenario) will be helpful for our Nazarene brothers and sisters in planning for Yahweh’s special days, whether Rosh HaShanah is declared in March, or whether we will have a 14th Hebrew month. (In the instance of a 14th Hebrew month, a new schedule will be posted for a Rosh HaShanah declaration in April.)

3d. Why the FirstFruits Torah Calendar?
Every year we receive questions about the Firstfruits Torah calendar and why it differs from more well-known Karaite, Jewish, and Messianic calendars. Whether one is brand new at observing the biblical feasts or has been observing the biblical feasts for years, the different calendars that exist can cause a lot of confusion.
If we follow Scripture without adding or taking away from Yahweh’s word, it becomes apparent that there are significant errors in the Karaite, Jewish, and Messianic calendars. We explain these errors in the following studies, as well as why it is important to follow the true Firstfruits, Torah calendar in order to observe Yahweh’s feasts at His appointed times only.
To know more about why you and your family should be observing the FirstFruits Torah Calendar, please view the studies below.

Video Studies:Where is Spring Commanded?
Aviv Barley SimplifiedWhere is the Equinox Commanded?
Did Ancient Israelites Qualify Their Barley Fields?
The Error of Havestable FieldsBook Studies:
Feasts of the First MonthEstablishing the Head of the Year
Feasts of the Seventh MonthThe Feasts and the Ancient Hebrew Wedding
Feasts of YahwehFeasts of the First Month
First Fruits or False Fruits?Feasts of the Seventh Month
Josephus, the Talmud, and the OmerNazarene Israel Passover Study
Let’s Not Break Deuteronomy 16:9The Torah Calendar

I encourage you to check the news each week, to follow the trends of the four horses. Also, if you have never gone through the permanent links, we urge you to read them. Click here to read the Nazarene Revelation News on the website. (You must be logged in to view.)

The purpose of the Revelation News is to show that the Revelation Timeline is correct (as explained in the study, Revelation and the End Times.) Links on the news page are for the sole purpose of giving updates pertinent to the Revelation news timeline. Nazarene Israel does not necessarily support doctrine shared in outside news sources.

Everything is still 100% on track according to the Revelation Timeline in Revelation and the End Times!

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