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Nazarene News (as of 26-01-2024)

Nazarene News (as of 26-01-2024) provides the latest updates for praise reports, prayer requests, projects, and current events in Nazarene Israel.

Shabbat shalom, Nazarenes.


1a. Prayer Request and Documentary Update:
Norman wanted to give you a brief update on his activities. 
About seven months ago, Yahweh gave Norman what he describes as a series of three visions. He says that the three visions together were perhaps 15 or 20 times as extensive as the vision Yahweh gave him in 2016 (which was right before the Sanhedrin contacted him about the Mashiach ben Yosef role).
Norman has also been very busy with some very big projects that we hope to begin rolling out soon. These have been part of preparing for the growth we expect to see when the second big wave of Ephraim’s return begins, from 2026 thru 2030. (We hope to explain everything in the upcoming documentary.)
Norman has also been finishing a tremendous amount of “behind the scenes” government paperwork (with multiple countries)–but praise Yahweh that is now done, and Norman has been able to return his focus to the videos. He thanks everyone for their prayers.
The first video is a long documentary (hours) about when the Orthodox rabbis contacted him about the Mashiach ben Yosef role. Norman asks for your prayers that we write the script in a way that we speak the truth in love, and that it gets people’s attention, but that we do not get cancelled.
After that, Norman plans to put all of the studies on video, presenting everything to Judah (but in such a way that Ephraim can also easily understand it). He plans to expand and re-order all of the materials, to bring in the material from the latest series of three visions.
Thank you for your prayers for the success of this grand vision (which Norman feels came from Yahweh). He says he hopes that we will be able to begin publishing videos again soon. May Yahweh please bless you all for your prayers and support.

2a. Parasha Nitzavim: The Choice Between Life and Death! 
In Parasha Nitzavim, we see that Yahweh presents His people with a choice between a path that leads to life or a path that leads to death. What path will you choose?

3a. New Moon of the 13th or 1st Hebrew month:
The first Barley heads were seen in the land of Israel on 11 January 2024 by Becca Biderman. In her FirstBarley2024 video, Becca explains that these barley heads have just exited; the barley has not had much sunlight, has not begun to bloom yet, and is in a very early stage. 

The next new moon is expected to be seen on 11 February 2024. Whether this new moon will mark the beginning of the new Hebrew year (Rosh HaShannah) or a 13th Hebrew month depends on the barley and Yahweh’s timing. (We must wait upon Yahweh to see when He declares His new year and feasts.)

Significant Torah Calendar news updates will be shared in the monthly newmoon newsletter. Also, you can find the most current Torah Calendar News 2024 here  any day of the week. For specific studies explaining the FirstFruits Calendar and the timing of Yahweh’s feasts according to Scripture.

3b. Upcoming Discipleship Meetings: All meetings are at 8 AM Colombian time (always UTC-5, but watch your Daylight Savings Time adjustments). The Discipleship Meeting is a discussion between disciples. It is generally 1-hour long but may run longer depending on how the Spirit leads. For more on NI’s description of discipleship, please see NI’s Discipleship program.

12 February (expected)- New Moon meeting of 13th Hebrew month OR Rosh HaShannah.
Note: If the monthly Discipleship Meeting coincides with the weekly Shabbat Meeting, the Shabbat Meeting will take precedence, and new moon discussion will be combined with the Shabbat meeting. However, in the case of a Feast Day Meeting coinciding with a Shabbat meeting, the Feast Day Meeting will take precedence.

I encourage you to check the news each week, to follow the trends of the four horses. Also, if you have never gone through the permanent links, we urge you to read them. Click here to read the Nazarene Revelation News on the website. (You must be logged in to view.)

The purpose of the Revelation News is to show that the Revelation Timeline is correct (as explained in the study, Revelation and the End Times.) Links on the news page are for the sole purpose of giving updates pertinent to the Revelation news timeline. Nazarene Israel does not necessarily support doctrine shared in outside news sources.

Everything is still 100% on track according to the Revelation Timeline in Revelation and the End Times!

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