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29 March 2024, Yom HaNafat HaOmer 5784/2004,, 7ULB 5784/2024, parasha Lech Lecha 2024 Torah calendar

Nazarene Israel News (22 March 2024) gives the most current news updates about praise reports, prayer requests, projects, and current events in Nazarene Israel. In this week’s edition we give reminders for Pesach and Chag HaMatzot for 5784 / 2024, and share the latest parasha study, Parasha Noach 2024 study.

Shabbat shalom, Nazarenes.


a. Pesach 5784/2024 reminder (mid-afternoon 25 March 2024):
The 14th day of the first Hebrew month begins at evening on 24 March 2024 (first day, evening).
The feast of Pesach is mid-afternoon 25 March 2024 (“between the evenings”).
The first day of Unleavened bread then begins at evening, 25 March 2024, and continues to the evening of 26 March 2024.
  • Pesach is a closed feast in which all males of the household must be circumsised in order to partake in the Pesach meal. (Shemote/Exodus 12:48)
  • We eat lamb with bitter herbs, in memory of our bitter bondage to Egypt (the world), and our freedom by Yahweh Elohim.
  • We should have all leaven removed from our houses (property) before evening 25 March (before the beginning of the 15th day of the month and the start of Chag HaMatzot).
  • Pesach studies here!
  • Chag HaMatzot is a feast in which we should examine ourselves in order to remove anything displeasing to Yahweh (sin), and ensure that we are walking out the original faith accurately. Removing leaven from our homes symbolizes removing false doctrine and sin from our lives.
  • We eat unleavened bread for 7 days. (Free recipes here!)
  • We are to do no servile work on Chag HaMatzot Aleph (from evening to evening).
  • Chag HaMatzot studies here!

For more on the Torah Calendar (the Firstfruits Calendar), please see section 3d below.


a. Parasha Noach:Sins of the Sons of Elohim

In parasha Noach, we explain that the sins of the sons of Elohim, man’s wickedness, and the Great Flood foreshadow the Great Apostasy, and HaMashiach Yeshua’s return. Elder Ulices Rodriguez will break this parasha into 3 main parts.

In the first part, he will explain the connection between the wickedness of man in Noah’s generation and the wickedness of man in our current generation. This will help us understand what the Apostasy is and what it is not. In the second part, he will explain the connection between the flood waters and Yeshua’s final coming. Then, in the third part, he will explain how we can find grace [favor] in the eyes of Elohim so that upon Yeshua’s final coming, we can inherit eternal life.

b. Previous Studies:

Previous parashiot videos
Video Studies
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Book Studies

c. Beit Sefer Children’s Publications (Home Page):

(To receive activities in Spanish, please sign up for the Spanish newsletter.)
For Children’s Parasha Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Tanach Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Brit Chadasha Activities, please click here.
For Children’s Hebrew Lessons,  please click here.


a. Rosh HaShanah sameach!

As of 8-10 March 2024, we have a confirmed report from Israel that an omer’s amount of aviv barley will be ready for Yom HaNafat HaOmer on 31 March 2024. Therefore, 11 March 2024 was the confirmed declaration of Rosh HaShanah (the beginning of the Hebrew year). For more details and links to reports from Israel, please visit Torah Calendar News 2024. (More information in 3c.)
Rosh HaShanah sameach!

The new moon of the second Hebrew month is expected to be seen on 9 April 2024.

b. Upcoming Discipleship Meetings: 

All meetings are at 8 AM Colombian time (always UTC-5, but watch your Daylight Savings Time adjustments). The Discipleship Meeting is a discussion between disciples. It is generally 1-hour long but may run longer depending on how the Spirit leads. For more on NI’s description of discipleship, please see NI’s Discipleship program.

26 March 2024- Chag HaMatzot Aleph
31 March 2024- Yom HaNafat HaOmer
1 April 2024- Chag HaMatzot Sheva
10 April 2024 (Expected New Moon day)
19 May 2024- Shavuot

Note: If the monthly Discipleship Meeting coincides with the weekly Shabbat Meeting, the Shabbat Meeting will take precedence, and new moon discussion will be combined with the Shabbat meeting. However, in the case of a Feast Day Meeting coinciding with a Shabbat meeting, the Feast Day Meeting will take precedence.

c. Torah Calender News Updates.

Below is the updated feast schedule for 5784-5 / 2024. Rosh HaShanah and the first month feast dates are confirmed. Seventh month feast dates are “expected dates“. These dates may change by a day or two, depending on when the new moon day of the 7th month (September 2024) is confirmed.

Printable PDF Version

d. Why the FirstFruits Torah Calendar?
Every year we receive questions about the Firstfruits Torah calendar and why it differs from Karaite, Jewish, and Messianic, and Equinox calendars. Whether one is brand new at observing the biblical feasts or has been observing the biblical feasts for years, the different calendars that exist can (and do) cause a lot of confusion.
If we follow Scripture without adding or taking away from Yahweh’s word, we see that there are significant errors in the Karaite, Jewish, Messianic, and Equinox calendars.
We explain these errors in the following studies, as well as why it is important to follow the true Firstfruits Torah calendar in order to observe Yahweh’s feasts at His appointed times only.

The purpose of the Revelation News is to show that the Revelation Timeline is correct (as explained in the study, Revelation and the End Times.) Links on the news page are for the sole purpose of giving updates pertinent to the Revelation news timeline. Nazarene Israel does not necessarily support doctrine shared in outside news sources.

Everything is still 100% on track according to the Revelation Timeline in Revelation and the End Times!

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