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Shalom, I am Mihael Caetano, servant of Yahweh our creator.

I was born in Caracas Venezuela in 1979 and raised in a Catholic family (not very devout), during my childhood I struggled with my insecurity in myself, and when I reached adolescence, not feeling valuable, I became a teenager with little discipline, I liked to call attention to myself because I believed that in that way people would take me more into account and value me.

After my adolescence, I fell in love and with that I thought I had found the meaning of life. Growing up, getting married, having a nice and beautiful family. I had no idea of the changes that were to come in my life.

I can’t remember the exact date but before the age of 30, with a nice family and happy according to my emotions, but I started to notice that my spirit was not right. I mean, I started to seriously question myself if really the meaning of life would be only to look for my happiness and the happiness of my family. (Could that be the meaning of life?) But, if there is something that no one can avoid (that is death) how could life have meaning focused only on happiness.

Which led me for some years to search for a lot of information about the existence of a creator. The answers did not come quickly, and I also had to humble myself in the spirit in the hope of receiving an answer from the creator. And although the answers were not as quick as I would wish, nor as clear, in time I could understand that He was slowly guiding me. And for a while I stopped at what I thought was the right faith. But as time went by, I began to notice that even when I was sure of my experience with the Creator the way I understood things, I was not sure of the Creator. The way I understood things it seemed that they were not entirely coherent. So at one point in my life, I made the decision to tell the Creator (Yahweh) that even knowing that the Scripture tells us not to stop congregating, I could not continue to congregate based on a faith that was contradictory, basically emotional. And it was in that process that I met Israel Nazarene. And although we are imperfect, life seems to finally begin to make sense.

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