Video 4:

Safe With Him

This video is a reminder of how we should all place our trust in Yeshua Messiah, and not lose sight of Him, ever.

Many things happen in our lives, and these can distract us from our abiding relationship in Messiah Yeshua. However, no matter what happens, or what has happened in the past, the most important thing is to always keep our eyes fastened upon Yeshua, our Savior and King. Many different situations can come upon us; family troubles, financial stresses, and past burdens. No matter what happens, we need to remain “in Him”, remembering that He is our strong tower and our fortress and our shield, and that everything else is outside the fortress walls (and need not affect us). By abiding in Him at all times, we can face everything else with trust and confidence, because He is with us and will take care of all our needs.

Video 7:

The Two Types of Prophecy

This video describes the two different types of prophecy: foretelling (where Yahweh speaks through a prophet to predict what will come to pass), and forthtelling (where a prophet speaks Yahweh’s words, but without predicting anything). It also shows how important the gift of prophecy is for Yeshua’s disciples, and how to tell when one is listening to a false prophet.

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