Video 2:

Testifying Yahweh’s Forgiveness

In Testifying Yahweh’s Forgiveness, we see that oftentimes people will come to the faith, be immersed, confess their sins at the time of the immersion, and think that it all ends there. Because of this, they hide their sins and shortcomings in darkness, instead of exposing their sins and shortcomings to the light, to get other disciples’ help in improving their walk. But that is not what Scripture says to do! And as a result, we have a large number of people who never confess their sins, and who never learn to overcome their weaknesses and fears. As servants of Elohim, we should not hide our faults. Rather, we should confess our faults, one to another, and help each other to walk better. That way we become living testimonies to Yahweh’s mercy and forgiveness. This also helps us all to experience His healing.

Video 7:

The Two Types of Prophecy

This video describes the two different types of prophecy: foretelling (where Yahweh speaks through a prophet to predict what will come to pass), and forthtelling (where a prophet speaks Yahweh’s words, but without predicting anything). It also shows how important the gift of prophecy is for Yeshua’s disciples, and how to tell when one is listening to a false prophet.

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