Video 2:

Parasha Shemote 2022

In Parasha Shemote, we begin to see how Yahweh would form Israel as a nation after leaving Egypt (symbolic of the world system). And we show the parallels to how Yahweh is also calling His bride (Nazarene Israel) out of the Babylonian world-system today, to restore the northern house of Ephraim’s (Israel’s) status as His set-apart Nation.

Video 6:

Parasha Yitro

In Parasha Yitro, we learn from the historical accounts of our forefathers in the wilderness, and talk about how we can prevent ourselves from making these same mistakes, today, in these end times. And the key to this all is simply to make the active, conscious commitment to obey Yahweh in all things, and “do as Yahweh says”. And we also talk about how vital such 100% submission and obedience will be in the years ahead, as Yahweh Elohim pours out His righteous judgment upon the nations who refuse to obey His authority.

Video 8:

Terumah 2022: That it be ONE Tabernacle!

Parasha Terumah 2022: “That it may be ONE Tabernacle!” talks about what He requires of us vis-a-vis unity, if we hope to survive the Great Tribulation (let alone the Judgment). We look at the parallels between how Yahweh (Yeshua) commanded the pattern of the tabernacle in the wilderness, as compared to today, now that we are restoring Yeshua’s Tabernacle of David.
You only need to watch this video if you want you and your children to survive the Great Tribulation and the Ingathering.

Video 9:

Tetzaveh 2022: Keeping HIS Commandments!

“Tetzaveh 2022: Keeping HIS Commandments” shows us how Yahweh says His commandments are for all generations, and that keeping His commandments is still a life-or-death decision today! And we see how breaking Yahweh’s commandments often ended in death for our ancestors, both before and after Yeshua’s resurrection! Please join us to know what Yahweh wants, and how you and your children can be found pleasing in Yahweh’s eyes, so that you may escape His righteous judgment that is coming upon the earth.

Video 10:

Ki Tisa 2022: Allegiance to HIM

What role does ALLEGIANCE play in Scripture? In “Ki Tisa 2022: Where is Your Allegiance?” we show how our forefathers (sadly) have a history of listening to Satan rather than hearing and obeying Yahweh! In this video we explore the “Golden Calf Rule”—that we should never do to Yahweh our Elohim as our ancestors did unto Yahweh—but we have to know what our ancestors did, so we can avoid making the same mistakes! Watch this video and learn how we can all give our full allegiance to Yahweh our Elohim, so that we no longer build Satan’s (Babylonian) kingdom.

Video 14:

Shemini 2022: What Would Yeshua Eat?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many diseases today? And why do so many Christians, Jews, and Messianics suffer from disease, even when they profess faith in Yeshua HaMashiach, and obey the dietary laws? Is He not Yahweh Rophé (our Therapist, Who heals us)?) Or did we somehow drift outside His will for our physical and spiritual health? Or what happened?
And what is Yahweh REALLY trying to tell us about food? Join us for Parasha Shemini 2022: What Would Yeshua Eat?

Video 15:

Teruah 2022: Here Comes the Groom!

Yom Teruah (The Day of Trumpets) 2022 is expected on 28 August 2022. And Yom Teruah represents the day our Bridegroom (Yeshua) will send His Messenger to announce that He will be coming for His bride that night! That means, tonight is the wedding! Now we take the one final immersion, to wash ourselves clean, and get ready to begin our new life in our Husband’s Father’s house! And now we are taking that one last final look in the mirror before we meet our Groom face to face, and begin our new life with Him! Are we READY)? Join us for Teruah 2022! Here Comes the Groom!

Video 16:

Parasha Tazria/Metzora (Yom Kippur) 2022

In Parasha Tazria/Metzora 2022, we learn that the standards Yahweh has for physical cleanliness are more than just “skin deep”! Our Elohim not only wants us to “make the outside of our cup clean,” but He wants us to “clean the inside of our cups” also! And in this video, we show how “cleaning our cup from the inside out” until it sparkles is “Job #1” for all prospective brides.

Video 17:

Acharei Mot 2022: Until Death Do Us Part!!

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors took a vow that we would love, honor, and cherish Yahweh our Elohim with all of our hearts, all of our souls, and all of our strength! Only, we have been breaking our vows ever since! But what happens to those who don’t keep ALL of His commandments, in the Day of His Coming? And do we understand that the purges of the Tribulation and Armageddon come before our wedding? The time to consider this is now, before it is too late!

Video 18:

Parasha Kedoshim 2022: Are We Setting Ourselves Apart?

Most Christians and Messianic think they already have the Set Apart (Holy) Spirit–and many of them do (but they are quenching it without realizing it). But let us ask ourselves: do we genuinely know what it means to set ourselves apart from the world, and dwell in Yeshua, and walk in Yeshua’s Spirit? Join us for Parasha Kedoshim 2022, as we look at what it means to manifest Yeshua’s Spirit.

Video 19:

Parasha Emor 2022: She Shall Teach You All Things!

Some ask, “How do we hear Yahweh’s voice?” Also, they ask, “How do we abide in Yeshua’s Spirit 100% of the time?” Those may sound like hard questions to answer, but in truth the answer is very simple! (It just takes discipline!) So, for the answer to these questions and more, join us for Parasha Emor 2022: She Will Teach Us All Things!

Video 20:

Parasha Behar 2022: Restoration as His Bride!

In Luqa (Luke) 21:36, Yeshua said that we need to watch and pray always that we might be counted worthy to escape all the things that will come to pass in these end times, so we can STAND before the Son of Man! And those few who DO choose to pray always, and who DO choose to give Yahweh their first and finest, THEY are the ones who will be chosen! Will we be among them? Join us for Parasha Behar 2022: Restoration as His Bride!

Video 22:

Parasha Bemidbar 2022: Yahweh’s Armies Prepare for War!

In Shemote (Exodus) we learned how Yahweh brought our ancestors out of Egypt with the calling to become one nation under His commandments, and obeying His voice. Now, after some 3,500 years, will we choose to hear Yahweh’s voice, and obey “ALL” of His commandments? Join us for Parasha Bemidbar 2022, to see how we can reclaim our calling as His Set-apart bridal nation!

Video 23:

Parasha Nasso 2022: The Brotherhood and the Nazirites!

Today, in 2022, there is a growing amount of confusion concerning the roles of men and women in society. Even Christians and Messianic can easily misunderstand what Scripture says about these roles. Join us for Parasha Nasso 2022 as we take a look at what true Brotherhood (Patriarchy) is according to Scripture, and why it is so important for the structure of the family and for the entire nation of Israel. And we will also take a look at the Nazirite vow.

Video 24:

Parasha Beha’alotcha 2022: Increase Humility, Increase Faith

In Hebrew, the term Beha’alotcha means “when you step up!” Only, our forefathers did NOT “step up” when Yahweh called them! Their lack of faith and commitment cost them everything (and their children also suffered because of it)! Join us for Parasha Beha’alotcha as we learn from our forefathers’ mistakes (so that we can avoid the same punishment)!

Video 26:

Parasha Korach 2022: Democracy in Action!

Joining Yahweh’s army is a team effort. And when we join, we need to ACCEPT the position He assigns us, RECOGNIZE those whom He appoints (or anoints) over us, and then SUPPORT the team effort! But doesn’t it seem like no matter WHOM Yahweh appointed, our forefathers always REJECTED them? And is Ephraim truly doing what Yeshua tells us to do? And are WE perhaps following in the same errors today, without even realizing it? Join us for the answers to these crucial questions, so we can PLEASE our King!

Video 27:

Parasha Chukat 2022: Have We Made A Commitment?

Some 3,500 years ago, Yahweh Elohim made a great commitment to us! And HE has remained committed to US ever since! But what about His bride? Do we really need to commit to Him in return? Does He actually expect us to be His Son’s ‘helper bride’? And to help Him by doing all that He commanded us to do? (Including the Great Commission?) Was that all part of the deal of becoming His Proverbs 31 bride? Or can we just sit around and enjoy the ‘helper’ role without actually having to help our King? If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, join us for Parasha Chukat.

Video 28:

Parasha Balak 2022: THE ERROR of Balaam!

What is THE ERROR of Baalam? And does it still occur today, even in Judaism, the Ephraimite movement, and Christianity? And do we realize that the error of Balaam is a serious error that can (and likely will) lead to death!? Join us for Parasha Balak as we take a look at this serious error and at how we can (and must!) prevent ourselves from making that same dangerous mistake today!

Video 29:

Parasha Pinchas 2022: Israel Worships THE LORD (BAAL)!

In Parasha Pinchas we read about the heroic act of Phineas when the men of Israel errored with the Midianite women. But why was it such an error for Israel to mingle with the Midianite women (who worshipped false deities)? And in what way did that make our ancestors guilty of spiritual adultery? And as the House of Israel, are we remaining set apart unto Yahweh our Elohim today? Or might we have fallen into the same error of our ancestors? Allowing spiritual influences from those outside the faith and committing spiritual adultery against Yahweh Elohim? Join us to find out.

Video 30:

Parasha Mattot/Massei 2022: Are WE Our Brothers’ Keepers?

When asked what the greatest commandment was, Yeshua named both the first and the second commandments. If Yeshua saw it just as important for us to love our brothers as we love ourselves, do we find it important to love our brothers and sisters in the faith? And do we actively walk that commandment out today? Join us for Parasha Mattot-Massei as we see our struggle with keeping this commandment throughout our history.

Video 31:

Parasha Devarim 2022: FAITH as a Mustard Seed!

Today, millions of people claim faith in an Elohim. But the question is, do we see REAL FAITH in Yahweh today as described in Scripture? Or have we fallen into the error of taking our salvation for granted, claiming to “believe” without actually “doing”? Join us for Parasha Devarim as we take a look at how to grow into the kind of “mature” faith pleasing unto Yahweh.

Video 32:

Parasha Va’etchanan 2022: “Does HE Matter to Us?”

In Devarim (Deuteronomy) chapter 4:2, Yahweh tells us NOT TO ADD ANYTHING to or take ANYTHING AWAY from the word which He commands us, that we might KEEP (SHOMER) the commandments which HE commands us!  And interestingly, Yeshua HaMashiach began His ministry with the same exact message!
Join us for Parasha Va’etchanan as we give just some examples of how both the house of Judah and the house of Ephraim are guilty “picking and choosing” what parts of Yahweh’s word to keep, that we may repent of this error and become pleasing unto Yahweh our Elohim.

Video 34:

Parasha Shoftim 2022-23: Leading by Example!

In parasha Shoftim, we read about the system that Yahweh our Elohim gave our Israelite ancestors to resolve civil and criminal disputes. But how does Yahweh’s system of governing apply to us and our families today in Nazarene Israel? Does biblical leadership have an important impact on spiritual reform? Join us to find out!

Video 35:

Parasha Ki Tetze 2022-23: Love that Runs Deep!

Yeshua summarized His Father’s commandments into two main concepts. To love Yahweh above everything else, and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. But how do some of Yahweh’s strictest commandments show love for Him or for our neighbor? Is our understanding of love today the same as Yahweh’s? Or did we somehow gain a false perception of what true love really is? Join us for Parasha Tetze as we examine how Yahweh views our love for Him and for one another, according to His Word.

Video 36:

Parasha Ki Tavo 2022-23: Spiritual, Righteous Discipline!

Like any loving parent, Yahweh has certain ‘house rules’ for His children to follow when we are part of His house. He has punishments (curses) for when we disobey Him. And rewards (blessings) for when we do obey Him. Join us for Parasha Ki Tavo as we see how Yahweh disciplines us, and why His discipline is really a show of His love and Salvation for His people.

Video 38:

Parasha Vayelech 2022-23: Are We A Worthy Bride?

In Parasha Vayelech, we will see why Yeshua is called the Husband of the assembly, why Yahweh calls Himself the Husband of Israel, and what the difference is between ‘faith’ and ‘belief’. Please join us as we study Torah, Israel’s marriage contract with Yahweh Elohim.

If these works have been a help to you in your walk with Messiah Yeshua, please pray about partnering with His kingdom work. Thank you. Give