Video 2:

Talking About the Barley with Messianic Sister Becca Biderman

In this video we dialogue with Messianic sister Becca Biderman, who is the only qualified aviv barley witness that we know of, in the land of Israel. We also respectfully discuss the errors that the other barley groups are making in their declarations of Rosh Hashanah, or the Head of the Year, and their errors with the Aviv barley and the Wave Sheaf.

Video 4:

Becca Biderman: SHATTERED Barley in Migdala

This video shows how the Karaite Wave Sheaf Offering date of 04 April 2021 is impossible, as there is already shattered barley in the land of Israel, 16 days before the Karaite Wave Sheaf Offering date. With the Nazarene Wave Sheaf Offering date of 28 February 2021, this barley could have been harvested as it came ripe.

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