Why Nazarene Israel

This series focuses on why Nazarene Israel is the original faith once for all given to the saints by Yeshua HaMashiach and why it is crucially different from Catholicism or Christianity.

Introductory Series (Start Here)

These are introductory videos, to help Christians, Jews, and other seekers of truth to find truth in the Hebrew Bible, both in the Tanach (Older covenant), and the Brit Chadasha (Renewed Covenant).

Parashiot 2022-2023

These video publications cover parasha topics for 2022

Calendar and Feasts

These videos explain the Torah Calendar, and the feasts. These cover not only the technical issues, but also how the Torah Calendar relates to the ancient Hebrew wedding ceremony.

The Two Houses of Israel

These videos explain the Mystery of the Two Houses of Israel (Ephraim and Judah). It explains how Christians and Jews are estranged brothers in the covenant, and how they are to unite in Messiah Yeshua.

Feasts of the Seventh Month

In this series we explain how the Shabbat and the Feasts of Yahweh symbolize the ancient Hebrew marriage model, and the wedding and the process of the union of the bride (Israel) with the groom (Yeshua).

The Feasts and the Ancient Hebrew Wedding

In this series of videos we will look at the relationship between the feasts of Yahweh and ancient Hebrew marriage, and how it is related to the prophecies of the end times.

Torah Government and Commandments

These videos pertain to how we are to govern ourselves, both in the land of Israel and in the dispersion. Pertains to relationships in the land and in the dispersion, and leadership matters.

Spirituality and Heart Matters

These videos cover matters of spirituality and the heart, as they pertain to Nazarene Israelites today. Covers matters on relationships, marriage, divorce, and relationships in the body of Yeshua.

Discipleship the Kingdom and You

This series talks about what it means to be a disciple in Yeshua's united, global kindom that He wants us (His bride) to build.

Interviews – Broadcast – Podcast

This section is a collection of assorted interviews with various persons, both religious and secular, on topics that pertain to the life of Nazarenes. Not arranged in any particular order.

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