Video 29:

Parasha Pinchas 2022: Israel Worships THE LORD (BAAL)!

In Parasha Pinchas we read about the heroic act of Phineas when the men of Israel errored with the Midianite women. But why was it such an error for Israel to mingle with the Midianite women (who worshipped false deities)? And in what way did that make our ancestors guilty of spiritual adultery? And as the House of Israel, are we remaining set apart unto Yahweh our Elohim today? Or might we have fallen into the same error of our ancestors? Allowing spiritual influences from those outside the faith and committing spiritual adultery against Yahweh Elohim? Join us to find out.

Read: Parasha Pinchas 2022: Israel Worships THE LORD (BAAL)!

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