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Our New Discipleship Website

Welcome to the New Nazarene Israel discipleship website. This is a temporary video, which will be replaced after we populate the front page of the website with the rest of the planned videos.

Video Script

Welcome to the new Nazarene Israel website.

If you are seeing this video, it is probably because the new website is still under construction. Right now there are some older videos on the front page, Essentially as placeholders, but eventually the first six videos on the home page will all be new, and will explain our new discipleship program. The reason for the new discipleship program is that it is one of the things the Renewed Covenant (or the New Testament) calls for.

When we read the Book of Acts carefully, we see that it calls for a separated priesthood, which was to own nothing, as we see in Luke 14:33. The separated priesthood was to ordain (or perhaps recognize) the congregational elders, as we see in Titus 1:5. There is also a need for qualified congregational deacons. The priesthood, the elders, and the deacons need not only ordination, but also training, and certification, according to clean standards, to provide the people with the safest, best, and most Scriptural guidance. And sectarian division (as is so common in the Messianic movement) is forbidden in 1 Corinthians 1. Book sales is forbidden in other places. The new website is therefore designed to provide a venue for those who want to do what Scripture says. And as time progresses, there will also be an online Yeshiva, and certification courses for those who want to improve their walks.

Scripture does not tell us only to educate ourselves about Yeshua,  or even just to adore and worship Yeshua. Passages such as 1 Corinthians 11:1 make it clear that we need to imitate Yeshua, and become like Him, and to learn to walk even as He walked. Scripture also tells us to become part of Yeshua’s body. This refers to a real organization, with a clean doctrine, with real rules for participation and membership.

We also recognize that people will be called to different levels of involvement, so the new website is set up to handle that. If you don’t want to become Yeshua’s disciple, then you are free to read the free resources under the Books tab, and watch the free videos, and participate in the free events Nazarene Israel will be hosting on social media. But if you want to become a disciple, or be a supporting friend of Nazarene Israel, there are more resources and fellowship available on the inside of the website.

The reasons for these things are explained in all our studies. Or check back as we complete the videos on the front page, and they will explain as well.

Congratulations on finding the headquarters of the restoration of the original faith of the apostles.


If these works have been a help to you in your walk with Messiah Yeshua, please pray about partnering with His kingdom work. Thank you. Give