Why Must All Christians Die? (2,000 years after Yeshua-Jesus)

Mister Prime Minister Netanyahu, we respectfully ask. Wikipedia says that your Orthodox Jewish voters curse Christians, and every other Jew (besides the Orthodox Jews), 18 times each week! And they [the Orthodox Jews] pray that we [Christian, non-Orthodox sects] are all killed, just as Yeshua (or Jesus) was killed! Why??

If we just plug the history dates in, the prophecy of Daniel chapter 9 verse 25 says Mashiach already arrived back in 3786! That’s 26 CE (back in the first century)!
So, Mister Prime Minister, if grade school math says that the Mashiach came 2,000 years ago, then why does your base pray today that I and every other Christian, and all Jews but the Orthodox be murdered, just as Yeshua was murdered?


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