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      “The Nazarene Israel website and forum is intended only for Nazarene Israel disciples who want the doctrine and materials of Nazarene Israel for themselves and their families. This is why we allow others to use the website and forums as a courtesy, but we need to maintain a family and sanctuary environment.

      We have a protocol (a list of what is due and what not to be done) to make our discussion forums stimulating and friendly for anyone.

      As in any type of discussion (by any means), discussion forums through the network also have their “etiquette rules.” The following points will help guide the participants of the discussion forums, allowing all users to enjoy a pleasant experience.

      1. About compliance with the rules.

      1. The user has the obligation to read and accept them at the time of registering for the first time. Ignorance of them will not be a valid reason for breaching them.
      2. The user has the obligation to reread them frequently, as they can be modified without prior notice.
      3. Any user who does not obey them will be immediately expelled from the forum, by blocking their user / IP.
      4. The forum rules cannot be questioned or discussed by the participants. Any suggestions for improvement should be sent by e-mail to the administrator, to the address
      5. The moderator will be the one who, based on his good judgment, will decide when a participation means a violation of the rules and has the right to delete, edit or block the user who infringes them.
      6. It is prohibited to question the moderator’s decisions in the forum. Any complaint, doubt or claim about the application of the rules should be directed to the director of the forums, to the address

      2. About the participants in the forums.

      1. The forums have been conceived as a space for Nazarene Israelites (or Hebrew roots) for dialogue with other brothers of the same faith.
      2. For this reason, our Christian brothers, evangelicals or other religious denomination who wish to participate, should try to dialogue seeking the truth. It is prohibited to use this dialogue space for religious proselytism or to attack the Nazarene Israelite faith or Israel. It is also forbidden to make links to sites contrary to the Nazarene Israelite faith. Violation of this rule will imply immediate expulsion from the forum.
        1. “Ice Law” to offensive people. In the event that any person directly attacking the Nazarene Israelite faith, or their representatives, arrives at the forum, the rest of the foristas must report it to DO NOT respond directly to any single message from this person. Nazarene will be responsible for deleting offensive entries and, if there is a response to them, they will also be deleted. Therefore, they should not use time or make an effort to respond and defend the Nazarene Israelite faith, when the person arrives in violation of the rules of the forum, because all these complete conversations will be erased.
      3. Participations of people who have registered on our website in the External Atrium will be accepted, even if their current particular beliefs do not fully agree with Nazarene Israel, as long as these users, enter the web and forum with the desire to ask , learn, clarify, dialogue and never with the desire to criticize, defame, slander or destroy. Always using the scriptures to defend the correct points and no documents outside the separate texts (Tanakh and Renewed Covenant).
      4. The name (nickname) and password is personal and non-transferable. It is forbidden to lend it to people who have been expelled from these forums. In case it is detected that several people are using the same username, the rights to participate in the forums will be automatically withdrawn.
      5. The Nickname can never be used to usurp the Section Name, in any way. This means that it is strictly forbidden to use as nickname the words: Yahweh, Yehovah, Messiah, Messiah Yeshua, The Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth, Spirit Apart, and all that corresponds only to Elohim as nickname. If anyone dares to use an inappropriate nickname, the moderator can change it and if there is recidivism, the visitor will be expelled from the forums.
      6. It is forbidden to impersonate another person, that is, to assume a false identity.
      7. It is not allowed to use several “nicks” or multiple identities, by the same person, to deceive, hide bad behaviors or to appear that many foristas support their own ideas, when he is the only one who supports them. If for any reason someone needs to use several nicks, or several foristas are connected from the same machine, this should be notified in the forum in a public way.
      8. It is not allowed to reveal the real identity or any other personal data of another user, nor to reveal nicknames used by users in other forums.
      9. The moderators reserve the right to interpret these rules and determine which conversations, discussion topics and guests are acceptable.
      10. Any activity considered as spam will be immediately deleted by the moderators when it is reported or noticed. Any user can report to moderators if they consider a type of participation as spam, to keep the sanctuary clean of predators.
      11. It is strictly forbidden for any adult user to incite or contact privately or publicly with children or minors within the forum for any activity that is not seen and controlled by the parents of the minor. At this point it is the responsibility of the parents of the minors to protect the integrity and safety of their children, in every way, and Nazarene Israel is not responsible for the carelessness of the parents in the activities of minors within the forum. In any case, any suspicious activity of this type will be immediately moderated.

      3. About the topics to be discussed in these forums

      1. This is a Nazarene Israelite forum, open for people to express their opinion on spiritual, doctrinal or moral issues that refer to the life of man submitted to the Word of Yahweh Elohim and his Son, Yeshua the Messiah, as the maximum authority of the universe, within the Nazarene Israel and society.
      2. It is not allowed to discuss political issues, unless they are closely related to the faith or the news of the last days, and exclusively in the forum for discussion of apocalyptic news, for example: the lack of religious freedom in some government regime, laws contrary to biblical morality, the right to life and the dignity of the person, etc.
      3. It is not allowed to advertise for or against any political party or character. Nor is it allowed to use these forums to mention political personalities, living or dead as well as specific political issues when they have no specific and direct relationship with Nazarene and Moral Israel. In any case, these contributions, as well as the conversations that contain them, should always be placed in reference to the religious or moral issue or news to which they are responsible. It is agreed that all contributions of this nature, as well as the conversations that contain them, are subject to elementary respect and the rules described in this document.
      4. It is not allowed to open issues that express racism, xenophobia or sexual, racial, cultural, religious, economic, nationalist or political discrimination. The communication in the forums is with real people of diverse cultures, with dignity and feelings; you have to respect them and take care not to hurt them in their cultures, ideologies or nationalities. (This point must be well written, I leave it to you, since it is delicate)
      5. It is not allowed to open topics with news or scandalous topics that discredit Nazarene Israel or its members.
      6. It is not allowed to copy and paste texts from authors who have been reprimanded or forbidden for being blasphemers of the Nazarene faith of the first century, or recognized as open Satanists or sexual predators, or some type of death sin described in the Torah. The Nazarene Israel Forums will not serve as a window for teachings contrary to the Nazarene Israelite faith. If any of the participants in the forums, communes with the ideologies of any of these authors, they must assume them as their own and express what they want in their own words, but never copying the author’s full texts (and will be moderated without fail).
      7. It is strictly forbidden to advertise or advertise commercially and neither can links to other websites that are not related to the subject of the message or that lead to sites contrary to Biblical morality and the Nazarene Israel Doctrine.
      8. It is forbidden to “Copy & Paste” exaggerated excerpts of text without explaining what you want to comment on them and then not entering to discuss the subject or issues that have been pasted, turning these texts into simple propaganda, or spam. These will be moderated and / or eliminated.
      9. Spamming is strictly prohibited, that is, multiplying a response in different Forums / topics / headings that do not have to do with the subject or open several simultaneous headings with the same subject. Contributions will be made within the subformer corresponding to the topic and if it is desired that participants from other subforums also participate, they can be invited within each subforum. If it is detected that someone enters the forums to open many headings, only with the desire to create conflicts and controversies and then not return to participate in them, they will be deleted and the user blocked. The Webmaster may close or delete the different open epigraphs that although they have different titles, the content or subject is already being treated at that time in another previously opened epigraph.
      10. Any message that diverts the content of the main topic from the topic will be considered [OffTopic] (off topic), so it can be deleted without prior notice. For the proper functioning of the forums, instead of diverting a topic, it is preferable to open a new conversation with the new topic.
      11. It is prohibited to transmit any content (information, data, graphics, text, files, links, software or other material) that may be considered illegal, immoral, dangerous, abusive, annoying or defamatory.
      12. It is not allowed to plagiarize the ideas of others or violate copyright. It is prohibited to transmit any content (information, data, graphics, text, files, links, software or other material) that violates any intellectual property. When copying a text, the author and the original source must be written.
      13. Sexual issues should be treated in a serious, respectful and responsible manner, avoiding obscenities, vulgarities, double meaning, and so on.

      4. About the language and style that should be used in conversations.

      1. The golden rule of these forums should be Mercy, Love and Respect, which is the hallmark of the Nazarenes. Therefore, discussions should always be conducted in a kind, patient, responsible, delicate tone, with the aim of helping the other and never destroying it.
      2. It is not allowed to use these forums to judge people. The ideas should be discussed and they may be in favor or against them, but they will never be allowed to make a judgment about a particular person. For example. you can say “what you say is a lie”, but you cannot say “you are a liar”, because only Elohim knows the inside of people’s hearts, their intentions and the circumstances that move them to act in this or that way and it is only for Him to judge.
      3. It is not allowed to use these forums to criticize, defame or slander any person, work, movement, organization, government or Institution.
      4. You should always use correct language, without rudeness, obscene or loud words. Aggression should be avoided and differences managed by dialoguing with respect, kindness and sense of humor, always respecting the different ways of thinking. Remember that we are all different and we can have different ways of looking at the scriptures. This is why the most important thing is respect for the opinions of others when they have established biblical bases and scope for interpretation.
      5. Any type of insult is prohibited among the same foristas and especially towards the directors or moderators of the portal. It will be the moderator who determines the severity of the insult and not the affected parties, even if they can claim by email.
      6. Any personal controversy has to be solved through the private emails of the foristas and not publicly in the forum. In addition, it is forbidden to resume any past personal debate under any heading. It is also not allowed to bring lawsuits from other forums to this space.
      7. Messages with all uppercase letters will not be allowed, as this makes it difficult to read and write in this way is rude, because according to the rules of “Netiquette” and chat, writing in uppercase means “shouting.” Messages must have a readable and “normal” typeface. It is better to be brief and concise, avoiding the excess of styles, colors and graphites of emotions: smile, anger, and so on.

      5. About the use that Nazarene Israel can make of the participation in the fórums

      All conversations held through our forums can be used by Nazarene Israel for any subsequent purpose, under the Creative Commons license. Nazarene Israel is committed to protecting the identity of the participants by changing the names and modifying personal information or using the pseudonym selected in any public use of the information, unless it is legally required to do the opposite or the author requests their express recognition. In any extensive use that Nazarene Israel makes of the contributions, it undertakes to seek the opinion of the author (through the same forum and with a reasonable time limit) regarding the credit he wishes to obtain (by pseudonym or express).

      The participants undertake to give the corresponding attribution and appointment of sources in the case of non-original participations. All non-original entries must indicate the source from which they were extracted.

      Welcome to the Nazarene Israel forums. We hope you enjoy fellowship and studies, and that this space becomes one of your favorite places to talk, dialogue and express your concerns and knowledge.

      Questions? Comments? Send us an email to

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