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      Parenting is one of the most difficult things we can do, we have to completely give our lives to do it because even when they are 25/50 years old we are still concerned about their well being and only want, what we see as being best for them.

      Then we have those children who give us the most heartache and don’t seem to want to walk in the Ways of Yahweh. I didn’t want to until Yeshua touched my life and corrected my behavior, I was very much the wayward child. Praise Yah for His Kindness in allowing me the grace to stumble my way back to Him. I know that my youth was very troubling and heart wrenching on my parents but the power of prayer from the heart is very powerful so don’t ever stop praying for that child who is running.

      May Yahweh bless your heart and give you the strength to keep your hands up to bless your family.

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      Oscar Obando

      Praised be Yah for that beautiful testimony, thanks for sharing brother

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