Video 7:

The Two Types of Prophecy

This video describes the two different types of prophecy: foretelling (where Yahweh speaks through a prophet to predict what will come to pass), and forthtelling (where a prophet speaks Yahweh’s words, but without predicting anything). It also shows how important the gift of prophecy is for Yeshua’s disciples, and how to tell when one is listening to a false prophet.

Chapter 17:

What is Torah Really?

Yahweh is following a methodical plan to restore fallen mankind. The first step was to find a man who would obey His voice and save his family from a flood. The next step was to find a man who was willing to leave his home and his kin, and sojourn in a land that he […]

Chapter 2:

Keeping Elohim’s Torah (Not Ours)

In Nazarene Israel we saw that there are two houses in Israel, Ephraim and Judah. In overly-simple terms, the house of Ephraim generally refers to the Christians, while the house of Judah generally refers to the Jews. (For more details, see Nazarene Israel.) In Nazarene Israel we also saw how Yahweh gave Israel His Torah. […]

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