Chapter 15:

The Cup Judgments

While the seals play out over hundreds of years, and the tribulation takes approximately seven years, the bowls are poured out in about 30 days. We might visualize a fireworks display which starts slowly, builds, and finally peaks in a grand finale at the end. We can also apply the parable of the pregnant bride […]

Chapter 3:

About Righteous Judgment

In John 7:24, Yeshua tells us not to judge according to appearances, but to judge with righteous judgment. Yochanan (John) 7:24 24 “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.” There is both righteous and unrighteous judgment, and we have to be careful which one we use. In Matthew 7:1-6 Yeshua teaches […]

Chapter 9:

Judges and Judicial Authority

Both Jewish and Christian organizations claim to hold judicial authority. The Papacy seeks to re-conquer all of Christendom via the Ecumenical Movement, and the Orthodox Jewish Sanhedrin also lays claim to judicial authority over Israel. However, as this study will show, their claims to authority are illegitimate, as these institutions were appointed not of Yahweh, […]

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