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Christianity: The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
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Yahweh's Heart in Marriage
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Welcome to Nazarene Israel. We are in the process of rebuilding the website in a new discipleship website format, to serve you better.

Nazarene Israel is the original apostolic faith, called the sect of the Nazarenes in Acts 24:5. It is also called a sect (part) of Israel in Acts 28:22. If you want to practice the original apostolic faith, then welcome home to Nazarene Israel, the faith once delivered to the saints.

The English and Spanish newsletters are the most active. We publish translations to other languages as Yahweh gives translators. We normally post just before the Sabbath (English), or early on the Sabbath (Spanish). If you do not get the email posts, please check your SPAM folder, or ask your ISP to whitelist us.

In addition to the weekly newsletters, please check the Nazarene Israel YouTube page for videos explaining the original faith. There is also a Nazarene Israel Español YouTube page. For registrants, the Revelation News is updated each week, just prior to the Sabbath. It shows how the weekly headlines fit into the Revelation timeline (as explained in the Revelation study).

We pray that this discipleship site will serve your needs much better. If you sign up for the newsletter now, you will receive all of the necessary notices.


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