WhatsApp Policy

NI’s purpose for WhatsApp chat groups:

Yeshua HaMashiach gave us a charge to “make disciples of all nations”. And while that is NI’s mission, not everyone arrives to NI at discipleship level. People come from all types of backgrounds and generally have questions before choosing to become a disciple in NI. The NI WhatsApp groups are a place where people at different levels can ask questions, ask for prayer and support, and have fellowship with spiritual brothers and sisters in Yeshua.  NI offers some of the following groups to the appropriate body according to NI’s Statement of Faith.

  • NI Prayer Group (For biological brothers and biological sisters)
  • Men’s Group (For biological men)
  • Sister’s Group (For biological women)

You may receive an ivitation to NI WhatsApp group(s) if you:

1. Have offered support of the NI ministry work by donating and/or volunteering for the kingdom work.
2. Show a desire to learn the Original Faith doctrine.
3. Agree to the terms and regulations of NI WhatsApp groups (listed below).
4. Communicate an interest to join to an authorized NI team member.

Are there rules and regulations for NI WhatsApp?

The Torah speaks all about Yahweh’s commandments, which He gives to His people for our own good. Yahweh Elohim found it necessary to give us commandments to keep us walking in His ways. Likewise, NI also sees it necessary for all members to abide by certian rules in order to provide a clean fellowship environment for Nazarenes. Rules include (but are not limited to) the following. We pray that each member will recognize their personal responsibility to keep NI fellowship set-apart, safe, and doctrinally pure, as well as enjoyable.

NI WhatsApp Rules and Regulations:

1. Only NI doctrine may be shared and no outside materials.
2. Communications that have no relation to kingdom topics are prohibited. (For example: conversations about the latest television episode, etc. Conversations should revolve around spiritual things, prayer requests, spiritual support in daily situations, etc.)
3. Disrespectful, argumentive, or any comments discrediting NI doctrine are prohibited. (Genuine, doctrinal questions may be presented to the WhatsApp administrator in a respectful, genuine manner. We are happy to help a spiritual brother/sister who is sincerely seeking understanding.)
4. Disrespectful/inappropriate conversations, emojis, gestures, behaviors, (etc.) are prohibited. Members of NI at any level should be all trying to walk in Yeshua HaMashiach’s character.
5. Use of pagan names, titles, symbols, or anything against NI doctrine are prohibited. (Ex. use of “Lord”, “God”, “Adonia”, “Jesus”, etc, or posting images of crosses, idolic images, etc.) For further information, please refer to the NI studies at nazareneisrael.org.
6. Spam is prohibited.
7. ‘Continuous threads’ of emojis/gifs/images that have no real value to the kingdom are prohibited.
8. Use of NI chat groups as a ‘dating’ source is prohibited. (Please refer to point #9 below for further explanation.)
9. Brothers and sisters are free to contact one another personally for clean fellowship if it is a mutual desire. However, NI reserves the right to dismiss a member if complaints are brought to the Administrator’s attention and a genuine repentance has not been made by the member in error. NI is not responsible for unsolicited contact between members.
10. Inviting other brothers and sisters to join outside chat groups is prohibited unless otherwise organized by an NI leader.
11. Contacting ministry leaders for private chat is prohibited (unless contact is directly related to a work-task or a previously arranged conversation by the ministry leaders). If contact with a ministry leader (other than the WhatsApp administrator) is necessary, please contact leadership via email. (We love our brothers and sisters in Messiah Yeshua. But as leaders, we have to keep focus on the work in order to feed the sheep and build our Messiah’s kingdom. Thank you for understanding!)

Dismissal from WhatsApp.

If a spiritual brother/sister has a genuine concern about another member, we encourage that he/she contact the WhatsApp administrator privately. The administrator will review the concern and offer the appropriate, loving, scriptural correction (and warning) to the violating member. The administrator may address the violating member privately or publicly, depending on the situation’s need. If the inappropriate behavior continues without repentance, that member will be notified that they will no longer be granted access in any NI chat groups. In addition, any NI leadership, administrator, or BDG counsil member who determines a member committing inappropriate behavior not listed in the rules above reserves the authority to correct or dismiss the violating member.

While violation of the above rules and regulations is a rare occurrence, enforcing these rules is necessary in order to provide a doctrinally safe environment for those truly seeking fellowship and growth in NI.

“What if I never knew about the policy until now?

For the convenience of every member, a link to these rules are also posted in the description box of the NI WhatsApp groups. Therefore, the rules still apply. In most situations where a violation occurs, the adminstrator will offer loving correction before dismissal of a member. Some rare situations may require immediate removal. We pray that every brother and sister in Yeshua HaMashiach will choose to produce fruits pleasing to our King and Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach. Amein. Thank you for your help in making fellowship a clean place for His set-apart, Proverbs 31 bride.

Note: Entrance in any of the NI WhatsApp groups is automatic agreement of this policy.

If these works have been a help to you in your walk with Messiah Yeshua, please pray about partnering with His kingdom work. Thank you. Give