Property and Assets Policy

Nazarene Israel may temporarily assign ministry owned property/equipment to team members for Nazarene Israel ministerial use. In these instances, such property remains in the ownership of Nazarene Israel at all times. This includes items purchased and delivered to team members via the internet. Such property/equipment is only “lent” to serving disciples/team members for ministry related tasks.

Such property may include (but is not limited to):

  1. Equipment (electronics, appliances, office supplies, ministry vehicles, machinery, etc.)
  2. Land and/or housing (when applicable).
  3. Farming equipment, livestock, SAS supplies, etc.
  4. Access to any Nazarene Israel accounts or programs (software).

Circumstances requiring immediate return of NI property may include (but are not limited to):

  1. Position termination.
  2. Change in position or role.
  3. Decision by team member to leave NI or to cease service.
  4. Misuse, damaging use, or unsafe use of property/equipment as determined by Nasi/BDG council.
  5. Any reason as determined by the Nasi/BDG council.

In the situation that any Nazarene Israel property in the pocession of a team member is lost or damaged, the team member should immediately notify an authorized member of NI leadership so that the appropriate actions may be taken to prevent loss or harm to ministry functions.

Upon dismissal or any request made by the Nasi and/or BDG council member, property of Nazarene Israel Ministries is to be returned to the headquarters or to the location otherwise stated by the Nasi/authorized BDG team member (with exception to other arrangments NI leadership agrees upon during dismissal process).

Note: Use of Nazarene Israel owned property, equipment, assets is automatic agreement to this policy.

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