Hiring Policy

Nazarene Israel’s team consists of dedicated brothers and sisters all seeking to help build Yeshua’s kingdom the way He desires it.

Different types of positions may be offered to different members, based solely on the needs of the ministry, as determined by the Nasi (President) and the BDG council.

Some position statuses that may be offered (depending on the situation) include:
1. Volunteer (Non-Paid) positions
2. Paid, part-time positions
3. Paid, full-time positions

Additional roles exist upon an invitation-based offers made by the Nasi or authorized BDG council members. Examples include invitation into Moshav level discipleship, Kibbutz level discipleship, and council member roles. Entrance into any of these roles does not guarantee permanent status in such role. For further information regarding these topics, please see the corresponding policies.

The position of “Nasi” (President) is filled by the enacting apostle responsible for all Nazarene Israel ministry functions. This is a permanently filled position except in the situation that the enacting Nasi violates NI doctrine without repentance (Yahweh forbid). Or until such time the enacting Nasi is no longer available for the position. The Nasi position is otherwise permanent and non-negotitable.

All positions offered by Nazarene Israel (through the Nasi, the BDG council) are “temporary status”, regardless of pay agreement. All positions are subject to termination if/when determined necessary by the Nasi and the BDG council.

Possibly causes of termination of position in NI include but not limited to the following:
1. The Nasi/BDG team determines that a position is no longer needed for the ministry.
2. Ministry funding no longer supports a position.
3. A rearrangement of positions occurs.
4. The team member is unable to perform the necessary functions of the position.
5. Non-discipleship behavior is committed by team member without repentance and correction.
6. Violation of NI doctrine committed by team member without repentance and correction.
7. The Nasi and/or the BDG council determines a need for the termination of a position.

In the situation of a termination of a paid position, the Nasi (with the help of the BDG council members) will determine whether any further compensation is to be given to the team member in question.

Note: Acceptance of any NI position is automatic agreement of this policy.

If these works have been a help to you in your walk with Messiah Yeshua, please pray about partnering with His kingdom work. Thank you. Give